2014 EGSA Meeting Minute Archive


EGSA Meeting Minutes - December 2nd, 2014

Thank you notes are on the fridge in the graduate offices for people to sign. These are to thank various people/groups that have helped EGSA this semester. Merchandise Committee
  • ESA sales summary
Sold $180 of department merchandise $300 of cozies, need $23 more to break even, 40 coozies left to sell $38 of wood crafts, need $18 more to break even
  • Will continue to advertise the sale of these items
Sign in the elevator of FSHN Glass case by the office
  • Will also sell them at Wiley Expo, Insect Expo
  • Please send all ideas for new items to Eli
  • Request from the committee for photographs of insect sex for the “Insect Kama Sutra” Calendar
Please send photos to the committee by September 2015 Consider this during your field season Photos will be compiled into a calendar to be sold at future events
  • Consider joining this committee next year, they would like to be a small group of 5 or less
BUGSS Please send ideas for new speakers to Cami, Lizz or Alix if you have anyone in mind. Upcoming items Buy honey bottles to replace those we used this year (Alix, Brandon, Jenny) Book Ensminger for Insect Expo – Alix will discuss potential times with Rich Zack Start finalizing SCS with Dr. Bozkurt – need to book a hotel once his visit time is scheduled GPSA Updates
  • WSU has a Tumblr account “WSU Discoveries”
  • Call is out for Wiley Expo abstracts, check your email or GPSA website for details
It will be more competitive this year to enter (25% fewer spots) Undergraduates will be allowed to compete for scholarships (funded by a different group, not GPSA) There will be an exhibit hall at Wiley, EGSA will have a table
  • Affiliate funding for EGSA approved: $1,200
Faculty Meeting Updates None. Eli will send out an update before our first spring semester EGSA meeting Spring EGSA Meetings Alix will send out a survey in January to determine the best time to hold EGSA meetings Reminders Eli is giving the colloquium talk this week, Matt will be presenting next week

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - November 4th, 2014

  Honey Sales – November 12th, 2014 in Lighty from 9am-we run out
  • Digital Fliers have been sent to Dory to disperse via email
  • Permission granted by Lighty Café Manager
  • Flash Flushes will be taken to Union Marketing after this meeting and will be displayed for one week before our event
  • Honey labelled early next week – Monday or Tuesday
Will be near Alix’s desk area, come in as you can to label Entomological Society of America – November 2014
  • Copyright infringement concerns with the “Bug Lite” and “Gnatty Ice”
  • But should be ok because it is parody
  • The scale at which we are selling them should be ok
  • Student legal services has been contacted to check, waiting on a response
  • The company making the prints should also be able to determine if it is ok
  • Voted at the meeting to submit all three designs, if the printing company rejects the two “controversial” ones, we will then only sell “Mad Hops”
  • Bringing t-shirts – need to contact Steve/Dory about selling old shirts
  • Wood impression craft party – Saturday 6:00 pm, Courtney will send out an email
  • Bring snacks!
  • Sign up for tabling slots! Sheet on fridge after this meeting
  • One hour slots, please sign up for at least two slots
  • Priority is to fill in the middle of the day slots
  • Will take table cloth, brochures to advertise department
  • Will ask Rich if we can sell the stickers or bring some to give away
  • March 12th – Evan Priesser BUGSS event
  • April 22nd-23rd – Mary Gardener BUGSS event
  • Please note your favorite speakers from ESA 2014 – these will be used to nominate new BUGSS speakers
    • We will get your feedback at our December 2nd meeting and vote shortly after
Insect Expo
  • Alix will book Ensminger as soon as possible
  • Will avoid spring break, Easter, etc
  • Also be careful to avoid Pullman school district breaks
Student Choice Speaker is still in the works E. Paul Catts Clare Clemen event: April 8th Purchase thank you notes?
  • Alix will purchase and bring them to next meeting to sign
  • Entomology Department for paying for our ESA carpool
  • Elinor for hosting the CV Workshop
  • Laura for kegs
  • Any others
GPSA Updates:
  • More money  ($173) in assistantships to pay for residual tuition fees
  • GA available working in the Center for Civic Engagement
  • Free bowling night Nov 14th, Zeppo’s
  • Excellence award nominations are due this Friday (Nov 7th)
  • Complete your “what to do with the old Bookie” survey – because some of your tuition/fees will go to the construction (consider that an auxiliary rec will be more expensive than a yoga studio, study center…)
  • If you win GPSA football tickets, DO NOT SCALP THEM. These tickets are assigned numbers, so the university has noticed them appearing on Craigslist, etc. When you pick up free tickets now, you will have to sign a document indicating you won’t scalp them and you will be punished in some way if you do (this prevents GPSA from getting in trouble).
Faculty Meeting Updates: none Reminders
  • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 354. This week’s presenter is Tom Unruh from USDA-ARS. He is presenting on “Gut content analysis of common predators of codling moth: what are we missing?”  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!
  • The last EGSA Meeting of this semester is December 2nd. Look for a BUGSS survey shortly after, and an EGSA survey for next semester’s meeting schedule before the semester starts.
  • We will not meet November 11th (Veteran’s Day) 18th, or 25th

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 28th, 2014

  Thank you for everyone involved in the following events!
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic – Great turnout!
  • ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ mom Marcia Strassman passed away from cancer on Friday Oct. 24th.
  • Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute – Went well!
  • Bug Appétit – Dr. Lavine thanks all the volunteers!
Honey Sales – November 12th, 2014 in Lighty. 9am-Noon or until we run out.
  • Send feedback on digital fliers to Alix
Entomological Society of America – Merch Committee
  • They will be ordering koozies by November 4th. Winners: Bug Light, Mad Hops, and Gnatty Ice.
  • Courtney will be hosting a wood impression party soon. Keep an eye out for her email about it.
BUGGS will be meeting soon to talk about choice speakers for the Fall 2015. Start thinking about some potential speakers. We have 124 pints of beer donated by Dr. Laura Lavine! Eli is contacting Paradise Creek to potentially have a get together there. Will send updates soon. Projected date is this Thursday, Oct. 30th. GPSA Updates:
  • Graduate students are getting a 4% raise starting in January.
  • Are you interested in our Health Insurance? You can join the Health Insurance Task Force and have your voice be heard.
  • Please fill out graduate student surveys sent to you, these are issues that affect your grad life.
Faculty Meeting Updates:
  • The department is paying for our carpool to ESA.
  • ENTOM 102 is now a 4 credit lab and will have 4 TA’s.
  • Travel Awards will be announced tomorrow!
  • EGSA Meetings for the rest of the semester are as follows:
    • November 4th
    • December 2nd
  • We will not meet November 11th (Veteran’s Day) 18th, or 25th
If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at dory.lohrey-birch@wsu.edu. If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (November 4th) please email Alix at alix.crilly@wsu.edu

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 14th, 2014

Insect Cinema Cult Classic – October 24th, 5pm setup, 5:30pm event starts, Todd 276
  • Movies:Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Men in Black
  • Preorder shirts with Jenny ($15)
  • Prizes – bottle of honey, candy, donation of gift cards from Moro, Ferdinand’s vouchers
Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute – October 24th, 5-8pm in Moscow
  • Rebecca and Robbie will run this event
Insect Feed – October 25th, 9am – 3ish pm at Ensminger’s Pavilion
  • Please sign up to help (sign up sheet on grad student fridge)
  • Wear a polo or nice shirt, preferably WSU or Entomology related (then it be a t-shirt)
  • Polos are for sale in the office for $20!
  • Volunteers will take museum displays to Ensminger
Honey Sales
  • Honey sales will be November 12th, from 9 – noon or until out of product
  • Alix will be responsible for advertising and confirming that our presence is ok with the sandwich shop manager
  • Prices this year will be $6 and $12 (a $1 increase per pound over last year)
  ESA 2014 Merchandising Updates
  • Courtney has wood impression art that she can make
  • Considering mugs
  • A calendar of mating insects (likely will be an idea for next year)
  • Cosies: see email from Eli
    • Please vote on your favorite ideas to be drafted in full and put onto the product
    • Respond to the survey by October 21st
GPSA Updates:
  • GPSA will advertise our events at the upcoming meeting
  • Get your flu shots and H&W, these are fully paid for by our insurance
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • None
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
  • Because several of our upcoming meetings will fall during holidays or finals, the remaining meetings will follow the following schedule:
      • October 28th
      • November 4th
      • December 2n
We will NOT be meeting: November 11th, 18th, or 25th

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 30th, 2014

  Merchandise Subcommittee
  • Volunteers: Jake, Courtney, Jenny, Liz, Robert
  • Will make drink cozies with entomological puns/jokes for ESA
  • Also will design t-shirts for ESA with general appeal
Honey Sales – Fall 2014
  • Meg and bee lab folks have already bottled the honey
  • Alix will announce when bottles have been moved to FSHN building, come in as you are able and help with labelling
  • Consider increasing honey price, to be decided next meeting
Insect Cinema Cult Classic – October 24th, 5pm setup, 5:30pm event starts, Todd 276
  • Chosen movies: Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Men in Black (sci-fi theme)
  • Runner up: Mimic (in case we need a third movie)
ICCC Subcommittee (responsible for advertising, t-shirts, and coordinating with Steve): Jenny and Liz Insect FeedPlease sign up! October 25th, 9am – 3ish pm at Ensminger’s Pavilion
  • Food science club will also be helping, as well as selling “Dad-themed” aprons and beer mugs
  •  Proceeds go to the Humane Society
Food Science Competition
  • Guest: Katie Smoot
  • This is an annual product development competition – this year’s theme is “Bugs”
  • Bugs must be the main ingredient in the product
  • Alix and Robbie are involved, contact Alix if you would also like to be on this team
If the team advances far enough, they will receive a small stipend to go to the meeting in Chicago Ideas: rearing crickets or mealworms, or purchasing premade insect ingredients Student Choice Speaker
  • Dr. Bozkurt returned Alix’s email, he will be our guest speaker
  • Working on scheduling details
Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute – October 24th, 5:00-8:00 pm, in Moscow
  • Rebecca and Robbie will be representing WSU at this event
  • Please contact Rebecca if you are interested in participating
Potential exhibits: Live crickets, Live whip scorpion, dried emperor scorpion (black light demo), light trap demo, live codling moths, “song of the insects” CD GPSA Updates
  • Affiliate funding application is coming up
  • Will keep general details the same as last year
  • February 14-16 is Coug Day at the Capitol Can lobby for important grad student issues: tuition, health benefits, etc Funding available for travel/lodging
  • Travel grants to meetings are becoming increasingly competitive Still only offered once per person per degree It is now only likely you will get one if you are speaking at the meeting
  • Wiley is down to 100 speakers More stringent pre-selection process Prize money for winners will increase
  • Reminder: extension students do not have to pay Rec fees (and others, like bus) Check your student account to make sure you are not paying these fees Talk to Dory or Adam if they appear on your statement More difficult petition process if you are in Pullman and do not use Rec
  • DOLA Paid lobbying position You do not have to be a GPSA senator
  • Problems with BBQ Running out of food, poor vegetarian option Senators will mention it to events committee chair
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • None

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 16th, 2014

  • Beginning of the Year Potluck
Please sign thank-you note for Dr. Kimsey – he provided the curry spices
  •  Honey Sales – Fall 2014
Alix will discuss scheduling and protocols for how to do this with Jason We have 200lbs of honey for sale this year Bottling and labeling should happen before the end of October To do: 1) Filter x2, 2) Heat, 3) Bottle, 4) Label. Signups will be on the fridge – look for an email from Alix
  •  Insect Cinema Cult Classic – October 24th, 5pm setup, 5:30pm event starts, Todd 276
Vote on movies will begin soon Send Alix movie suggestions ASAP Kids movies discussed: Beetlejuice (too adult), Honey I Shrunk the Kids, James and the Giant Peach A t-shirt has been designed, Alix has emailed the design out Need to begin advertising: Flash Flushes, Evergreen, digital signage
  •  Insect Feed – “Bug Appetite!”: October 25th 9am-2pm, Ensminger Pavilion
6+ people need to sign up at all times, signups on fridge Each sign up period is for 2 hours Duties include checking and handing out wristbands, collecting $$, and running stations/displays. Dress nicely to serve: at the very least nice jeans and button down or polo shirt
  •  Other Insect Feed – Rich is happy to have the original Insect Feed event combined with our Insect Expo in the spring. This will be one of the tables we have.
  •  Student Choice Speaker: Moving on to Deane Bowers
  • Letter of support for Taxonomy Hire – will be available for signatures shortly
  •  EGSA was invited to host a nocturnal insects exhibit during a “nocturnal animals” event for the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute. However, most felt that doing two events in one day (ICCC) would be too much prep work.
GPSA Updates Faculty Meeting Updates
  • Kim Kidwell is currently working on the issue of cooperative credits from U of I being assigned GPA values
  • Enrollment in the new courses this semester was high enough
  • Ice Cream Social: September 25th, 1-3pm at Ferdinand’s !!!
  • GPSA Bowling Night:  September 26th, 6-8pm at Zeppoz
  • Entomology Colloquium: Erin McCullough and her topic ‘Elaboration and diversification of rhinoceros beetle horns’. Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 103/155.  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 2nd, 2014


Welcome, Courtney and Robert!

Overview of Events for New Students

CAHNRS Fall Festival – September 11th, 4-6pm, Spillman Plaza
  • This is an excellent opportunity for us to advertise our department; we will have a table with live insects, brochures, and other information
  • There is a sign up sheet on the refrigerator on the 3rd floor offices for those who were unable to attend this meeting, please come help for at least one of the slots listed if you are available
  • Free food and a scholarship drawing for those present
Beginning of the Year Potluck – September 12th, 5pm at Natalie and Dan’s
  • 155 NW North St., Upper
  • Curry feed – bring your own meat/tofu, bowls/silverware, and beverage. Curry sauce (vegetarian) and rice will be provided.
  • The curry sauce will be mild, so bring your own spices if you would like to make yours hotter.
Honey Sales – Fall 2014
  • Alix will contact Steve to determine how much honey his lab is donating for EGSA to sell
  • Sales will take place before the holidays (November)
Insect Feed – Changes
  • Laura Lavine is planning on instituting changes to this event
  • Previously, it was coordinated by Rich Zack for his Entom 101 class and EGSA served as volunteer food servers and answered questions. The menu items were cricket chili and mealworm tacos. It was hosted in a casual manner as a way for the class (and their guests) to experience entomophagy in a potluck/buffet style. Information about insects and food (honey, mead, and as main dishes) was provided at a series of tables.
  • Laura would like to host the event as a formal affair (similar to the way UC Davis does it). It would serve as a fundraiser, with a set cost per plate, and be a sit-down meal.
  • While this is a great way to raise money and generate interest, it may also exclude the previous audience (students who are unwilling to spend money, but whom we would like to expose to entomophagy).
  • Alix will contact Rich and Laura about potentially hosting two separate events – one formal and one informal.
Insect Cinema Cult Classic – Spring 2015, but possible October date
  • This event has involved hosting 2-3 movies around a central theme (bees, giant insects, flies, to name a few) for the general public, free of charge
  • This is co-hosted by EGSA and the Sheppard lab
  • Alix will approach Steve and ask about a potential switch to October
  • We may get a better turnout if we place the ICCC close to Halloween
  E. Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This event is hosted by the department
  • EGSA members are expected to attend and act as volunteers (serving alcohol) when necessary
  • A guess speaker is invited and gives a lecture that is available to the public
Faculty Appreciation Lunch – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This event is hosted by EGSA
  • We provide a main dish ordered with EGSA funds (Subway sandwiches in the past)
  • Students bring side dishes/desserts
Student Choice Speaker – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This event is hosted by EGSA
  • Candidates are nominated in the spring of the previous year; the most popular candidate is contacted first, and then so on
  • The first candidate that agrees to speak is flown in for a ~3 day long stay
  • Three major events occur during the speaker’s stay: 1) evening meal with the graduate students (usually at Banyans) where an informal lecture is given, 2) a formal lecture for the public, 3) breakfast prepared by the graduate students in one of FSHN’s kitchen-classrooms
  • Sign ups are available to meet with the speaker throughout their her/his stay, as either 30 minute talking sessions or meal times
  • All of the speaker’s meals, lodging, etc are paid for by EGSA
Insect Expo – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This is an event geared toward Pullman and Moscow area families
  • Tables are set up with a variety of activities: paper plate hats, coloring, roach races, live insect exhibits, and more
  • Students are encouraged to design their own activity
BUGGS – March 13th 2015
  • Guest speaker hosted by both U of I and WSU
  • Lizz, Alix, and Cami are WSU’s student reps for this committee
Student Choice Speaker: Tentatively Dr. Alper Bozkurt, Date TBA
  • Some difficulty in getting him to commit to a date
  • May need to move to the next nominee, Deane Bowers
GPSA Updates: Robbie CAHNRS District Rep, Liz M.S. Representative, and Karol Ph.D. Representative à none yet, first meeting of GPSA is next week Faculty Meeting Updates: Eli Graduate Course Restructuring – Current, Pending and Future
  • Taxonomy is the first priority, as Ding Johnson will teach this next semester, but no potential instructors after (both prior instructors, including Ding, are retired)
  • Because taxonomy is not considered modern or interesting enough to WSU, the candidate hired for this position will be a molecular biology/genomics/systematist
  • Eli has generated a letter and sent it to all department students for input – this letter will be included in the hiring request submitted by the department
  • We should emphasize the need for both research in systematics/genomics as well as someone skilled in traditional taxonomy
    • Importance of entomologists in training to learn how to site ID and also use keys
    • Having expert confirmations and advice regarding IDs relevant to our research
    • Other courses in the works (pending new hires): Tree Fruit Entomology, Urban Entomology, Applied Ecology
    • Medical and Veterinary Entomology is no longer offered. If you are interested in this course, talk to Jeb about independent study. He will arrange a seminar type article discussion, with a research component.
Undergraduate Course Restructuring – Graduate Teaching Assistantships and UCORE:
  • New undergraduate courses and restructuring of old courses are currently ongoing
  • Old courses were all 3 credit hours, which do not satisfy the new UCORE requirements of 4 hours
  • An undergraduate-level Medical and Veterinary Entomology course is in the works
  • Hopefully, some of the restructuring will increase money available for teaching assistantships
Graduate Student Handbook – Changes that EVERYONE should know about:
  • Read your handbook, know your handbook
  • Some of the requirements may be confusing, clarify what is expected of you with your advisor and other committee members
    • What you need to do to satisfy your teaching requirement
    • The form and deadline of your research proposal
    • When you should give your proposal presentation
    • The reduction in required credit hours should go into effect this spring
Hiring – Current, Pending and Future
  • Taxonomy (Systematics/Genomics)
  • Applied Ecology
  • Urban Entomology
  • Tree Fruit Entomology
EGSA – Questions Posed by Students and Answers from Faculty
  • Currently, credits taken as cooperative courses from U of I show up basically as “pass/fail”, despite being assigned a letter grade
  • This means that grades in these courses do not affect GPA, which is unfortunate since we would like future employers to know we did well in courses like Taxonomy, Insect-Plant Interactions, Insect Ecology, and Host Plant Resistance
  • Steve is currently discussing this problem with one of the deans
Reminders CAHNRS Festival: September 11th 4-6pm Spillman Plaza  Entomology Dept. Orientation: Was 29 August, 11:00-2:00 (FSHN 164). See Dory if you missed anything – also, Adam sent out a revised Graduate Student Handbook. Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 103/155.  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!   If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at dory.lohrey-birch@wsu.edu. If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (September 16th) please email Alix at alix.crilly@wsu.edu

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - April 3rd, 2014

  • Thanks Natalie for putting in our nomination for President’s Leadership Award that our club won!
  • April 27th is a banquet 5pm-7pm in CUB senior Ballroom.
  • Thank you everyone that helped with the Insect Expo!! Great turnout and success!
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic: TOMORROW, April 4th, 6:00 pm
  • Please meet in front of the office tomorrow around 5:00pm to help with setup. There will be pizza for the volunteers!

EGSA Elections

                Our New 2014-2015 EGSA Officers are: President – Alix Whitener Vice Prez – Robbie Zinna Treasurer – Jenny Finitzer Secretary – Rebecca Schmidt GPSA Senators – Karol Krey and Lizz D’Auria Faculty Liaison – Elias Bloom SCS Nominations
  • Vote for your favorites by the next meeting (April 17th)
  • Use Survey Monkey to vote: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Y7V73MW
  • Alix will begin contacting them by order of choice after a decision has been reached
Pullman Community Garden Spring Fair: May 17th, 10:00am-2:00pm               Is anyone interested in setting up a table for this event?? Contact David Wheeler (WSU Plant Pathology), david.wheeler@email.wsu.edu GPSA Updates: GPSA Town Hall Meeting: TONIGHT 5:00-6:30 pm, Ensminger Pavilion. Light snacks served; chance to win a Kindle Fire! BUGSS Updates – The winning vote was for May Berenbaum. She will be contacted to see if she will attend.   Reminders Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 354.  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5702026.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Grant Writing Workshop: April 5th, 9am-5pm. $20 for student registry. Go to: http://www.ogrd.wsu.edu/workshops.asp  

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