2016 EGSA Meeting Minute Archive


EGSA Meeting Minutes - December 1st, 2016

4:00pm, Dec 1, 2016. EGSA meeting AMS dial-in: 5704921.Phone dial-in: passcode: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 04921.

Moved to approve minutes

  • Unanimous approval
  • Next time briefly list bullet points, only relevant items.

Treasurer Updates:

31 bottles left for honey. Net profit of $600 on honey sales after cost of speaker. Set aside honey as a gift for Dave C. (advisor) and Mary B. (SCS)

Honey Update:

Eli sold some honey to pesticide office, seems our marketing did not reach them. Honey is starting to crystallize, may need to sell soon or warm it in a nice hot bath.

Committee Updates:

Socialization (Olivia):
  • Went to Rico’s got free fries! Donuts and coffee tomorrow (Dec. 2). December happy hour? Potentially organize social hours in upcoming Herma memorial area.
BUGSS (Abigail):
  • No organization of UI students. Asked for a list of their names, and have been in communication with a few students from plant insect interactions.
    • Plan for now is we each pick a couple names and then we have a vote on the final person.
    • Final choice will be given to UI students for them to host.
  • Calendar almost done, finalizing captions, should be to the printers soon. Printing at CougPrints
Herma memorial:
  • Presented two options to faculty. They will support either! Gave preferences to faculty based on committee.
  •  Memorial either be on a hall corner on the second floor
  • have it on the ground floor in atrium with Ferdinand bull memorial. Told faculty we want it on the ground floor due to being open. Things are progressing!
Faculty meeting (Emily):
  • Have not addressed pioneer symposium contributions due to lack of time.
  • Very large pot of money in GPSA for professional development events, over budgeted by about $30k could potentially use for Pioneer Symposium funding.
Linnaean Games (Alix)
  • Had our first meeting Monday, discussed general rules
  • Have 9 students interested in participating!!
  • Had our first practice Wednesday,
  • Last practice of semester next Wednesday. We will be meeting once/week next semester
GPSA (Emily+Joseph): Applications to be a senator due Jan 13th
  • Special election which opened today, there are still 20 seats GPSA needs to fill
  • Preference for seats go to departments which don’t have representatives yet
  • If you are really interested in completing the entomology overtaking of GPSA please apply.
  • Excellence award nominations are accepted until Feb 15th, teacher, research assistant, graduate student RSO, and academic advisor.
  • CougDay at the capitol application is open, due Dec 9th, event Feb 19-20th.
  • Ice Cream Dec. 7th @ Ferdinands, 1-3pm
  • Writing workshop: reference management software Dec. 8th 1-3:00pm
  • GPSA winter social Dec 16th 1:00pm at Banyans
  • Maybe reworking SCS to make it more professional development themed to get some of the GPSA over budgeted $30k. This would include more events besides the talk. Perhaps teaching short workshops?
    • Could be used for another event, need to know more details on when money can be used. May have to be used by May. Perhaps invite someone else as a PDI worker. Robert will email Pioneer about this opportunity.
Outreach (Rachel): Sold enough honey to not do another honey sale (~20 bottles left). Door to door business sales potentially.

Event updates:

  • Insect Expo will be March 18, 10AM-2PM, in Emsinger. Reserved ensminger pavilion for insect expo. Currently day after spring break, need to change the date!
  • GPSA research expo March 31st and PBESA April 2-6th
  • Pioneer symposium: No Updates

Discussion items:

  • Dave Crowder requests student feedback on PhD prelim exam expectations. Faculty idea is to have a rubric with different categories to make decisions more objective and have clearer expectations. (Robert explain)
    • Categories such as statistics, ecology, etc that they can give a rating to.
  • The way the prelims work right now is that questions are asked based on specialties of committee and nature of your research. This change would be dramatic.
  • Prelims are supposed to encompass all of entomology and not just your specialties.
  • Prelim is supposed to show other departments that the current student knows enough of broad entomology. It’s not supposed to be defense.
  • Right now the questions are very inconsistent, this would help categorize what students are expected to know.
  • Main change should follow graduate school policies- Only committee members can ask questions and vote. Should be brought up to faculty meeting.
  • Dave should send out an email looking for feedback to include students who aren’t here.
  • Anonymous feedback can go through Robert
ICCC plan for next semester (Robert): It is in our best interest to have Robert contact Dr. Sheppard to begin planning as soon as possible.

Final meeting of 2016?

Last day of classes is Dec 9, finals ends Dec 16, next EGSA would be Dec 15. This will be the last meeting of the semester, discuss and decide yes/no
  • Discussion: Probably fine if we don’t have a final meeting.
  • Decision: No need for a meeting, people who need to communicate can do so outside of a meeting.

Upcoming events/reminders

  • Honey to buy (20 bottles left)
  • CAHNRS Holiday Party! Dec. 8th, 4-6pm. Foods, drinks, and prizes (random)!
  • Register for GPSA student showcase (win monies)! Google it.
  • Register for PB-ESA (let’s sell merch there? Have more merch by April? Merch needs to think about it).
  • Perhaps have a few extra calendars, patches, drink cozies, master seed mix, etc.
  • Robert will reserve a table for our club.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - November 24th, 2016

(Sixth meeting of Fall 2016, 4:00pm)

New updates (Robert introduction)

  • Approval of Nov 3 minutes
  • Minutes were approved
  • Treasurer’s Report
    1. Going through how much money we got from honey sales. Sold more than last year. Still have   73 bottles to sell.
    2. Expense so far was for Halloween. $53. SCS still coming.
    3. Right now we have over $3500 available funds
    4. Has already factored in: insect displays, calendar funds, farmers market expenses.

Business item: discuss Pioneer Symposium

  • Josh Wemmer will start discussion
    1. Wants feedback and opinions from students.
    2. There is a poster presentation session for students. It can be on research or potential start up ideas.
    3.  Most people seem interested in at least attending the symposium.
      • They need to know by Thanksgiving on our decision.
  • Vote 1. Should EGSA formally support the Pioneer Symposium by “somehow” producing a monetary donation? Vote: Yes
  • Vote 2. Should EGSA donate $100 from our coffers. Vote: Yes
  • Vote 3. Should we ask the Department for a donation? Vote: Yes
Josh is the point person for future communication with Gina (organizer).


Socialization (Olivia) - Social TONIGHT! Rico’s! Half off drinks and specific foods! Come at 6:30pm. Email Olivia so she can save a seat! Next coffee hour is Friday December 2nd (last for semester) It gets Cray! Merch: Chose final photos for calendar. Also received captions and attributions except for Megan. Strategy for getting it ordered to Pullman before break.
  1. 1st deadline is tomorrow for cheapest shipping. 2nd deadline is next Friday which is the   second cheapest. (Hoping to receive them by Dec. 9th if not by finals week)
  2. Decided to make desk calendars instead of wall calendars. (cuter, and works better with photos)
  3.  Looking to order 50. Should be under $10 after mark-up.
Herma memorial (Jake): No updates (Upon faculty approval will be working on getting in touch with facilities people) Reminder: two proposals
  • upstairs = couch + picture
  • downstairs= picnic table
Faculty meeting (Emily): Next meeting is November 29th GPSA (Emily+Joseph):
  • Grad student night at Rico’s tonight at 7pm
  • Poverty awareness week from now to Nov 27th. Seeking clothes and supplies for babies and toddlers, drop of CUB 308 ( go towards women's resource center)
  • Nov 29th Networking Workshop
  • Dec 8th Writing workshop
  • Dec 16th winter social @ Banyans 6-9pm
  • Cancellations of journal subscriptions: libraries canceling $500K of journal subscriptions. If you are upset: notify administration through writing on the Drive to 25 website.
Application for CougDay at the capitol closes Dec. 9th includes a trip to Olympia and lobbying state representative. Linnaean Games:
  • Introductory meeting Nov 28th in FSHN 164.
  • Talk about goals of team. Even if you just want to check it out please join us
  • Dr. Zack will be coach again this year.
Outreach (Rachel): Thanks everyone! Creatures of the Night saw over 200 kids. 500 people at trick or treat event. Megan and Rachel spoke with science club at Lincoln Middle schools and they want us back! No more events this semester. Gearing up at beginning of next semester for Insect Expo and Insect Cinema Cult Classic??

Honey sales:

Comments/reflections for next year? Honey sale was today. Mis-informed about all advertising outlets. Newsletters did not pan out. Did not sell out, 73 bottles left. We sold around 200 today. Looking to do it again on Dec. 9th. Gives time for submitting paperwork again. Potentially get EGSA card reader for phones to facilitate sales. Everything is free, small amount charged for each transaction to pay for the service. (could charge nominal fee for card use). Will need help for advertising and sales! Members can also buy honey. Will ask faculty and students if they want to buy any.

Event updates:

  • Any feedback for what you want Mary Barbercheck’s SCS talk to be about?
    1. Very broad knowledge on sustainable agriculture.
    2. Please go to her site and if there are any topics or papers you are interested in let Robert know.
    3. Also, other departments are probably equally interested in the talk. We should send out invites to those departments as well (Soil, Plant, Pathology, etc)
    4. Potentially get a larger room, such as amphitheater in FSHN. (check to see if T-101 is available)
    5. Adam believes department is willing to pay for student lunch with her and one hotel night. (Budget is Strong!!)
      • Affiliate funding could potentially help pay as well.

Upcoming events


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EGSA Meeting Minutes - November 3rd, 2016

(Fifth meeting of Fall 2016; 4:00pm)


Socialization (Olivia) -
  • Doughnut Worry, Free Coffee! 10am this Friday! Tomorrow! Abbie sent out an email for Friendsgiving, there is a sign-up sheet for food. Next happy hour will be TBD. Election night gathering at Paradise Creek.
BUGSS (Abigail):
  • Students from Idaho would be interested in getting on our list serves. Send students emails to Robert. We could put together a list of speakers for Idaho students to decide on and then they will pay for it.
Merch: Calendar
  • Looked at pictures of insects and sorted into Yes, Maybe, and No folders for the   camera.  Have a couple photos of bees, no beetles were deemed acceptable, butterflies done. Coccinellids taken care of. Dragonflies, robberflies, lacewings, true bugs, and mantid photos still needed.
  • Affiliate funding: Application is completed. Funding requested for: Insect expo, insect displays, outreach refunds, patch money.
Herma memorial (Jake):
  • Next step is to develop a full proposal to be presented at the next faculty meeting.
Faculty meeting (Emily):
  • Next one is 23rd of November. Sent out an email about extension bulletins. Gardening team is looking for graduate student authors/co-authors. Contact Catherine Daniels at cdaniels@wsu.edu
Linnaean Games Committee -
  • Sign up in the email Alix sent!
GPSA (Emily+Joseph):
  • Due to lack of representatives for other departments Joseph is now senator of Food Science and Bio-med. They are seeking people for presidents student advisory board, applications due 11/4/16. Any student can apply from any campus, graduate or undergraduate. Application is on CougSync.
  • Workshop Nov 8th - understanding diversity in the workplace and academia. Writing workshop series on literature reviews Nov 10th 1-3:00pm.
  • Call Congress Day is on Nov 16th, there will be a phone bank set up in CUB (snacks!!) from   9:00am-2:00pm.
Outreach (Rachel) -
  • “Our next upcoming event is the honey sale, I'll send out a doodle poll next week to get help running it!”
Notes: GPSA excellence applications for Spring 2017 close in March 2017, Robert will nominate EGSA

Event updates:

Honey sales (Robert) : tentatively still Nov 17 at 10:00am in Lighty. Advertising! Will put out flush fliers around Lighty. Approval from Lighty food court to set up there. Bottling update: Target is Monday afternoon (11/7/2016). Robert will send an email for volunteers. Insect Feed/Bug Appetit (Robert): Helping Dr. Zack. Nov 4th, 11AM-1PM. THIS FRIDAY! SCS: Mary Barbercheck accepted!, visit will be March 19-22. Any suggestions for her talk?

Discussion items:

  • Pioneer symposium?
  • People in crop sciences are organizing this. Theme is start-ups in agriculture (March 17th).
  • Grad students are supposed to raise money for it. Director of CAHNRS said he would match donations from the department. All departments have to contribute though.
  • How many departments still need to donate? (Robert)
  • Can see talks and meet industry people, but we will most likely not be giving presentations.
  • Robert will be asking why we should donate money to have them come. What are the benefits?
  • Organized by students, particularly Virginia. The theme was proposed by the students. Pioneer is donating to have the symposiums. Pioneer will only have one presenter all of the other ones are from start-up companies in agriculture.

Upcoming events:

Outreach signups: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mqZPIpqT8jfTxVvoMI3DPZJU2muzn6qEMyzB0awostY/edit Nov 17 honey sales.    

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 6th, 2016

Item #1: motion to close nominations for Student Choice Speaker and initiate a vote by online poll (Robert will create):
  • At least six options. Moved to close the poll, passed!
Item #2: motion to require membership on a committee in order to be an “active member of EGSA”:
  • If passes we will need to amend the constitution later.  Discussed this meeting. Motion moved and seconded. 1 obstained, 11 votes in favor (excluding presidents).

Discussion items:

Overview current committees to confirm chairs and add new members as desired. Committees should meet sometime the week of the Oct 10 and be prepared to report on current/planned activities for the next club meeting.
  • Merchandise Committee- Eli is Chair. (Calendar, seed packets, etc. )
  • Advertising- Rachel is Chair (Posters, fliers, emailing, etc. ) Robert: “Its Great!”
  • Megan is on committee
  • Herman memorial ad hawk committee- Jake, Emily, Alix
  • Social Committee- Olivia (Social hour, having coffee, etc. )
  • Executive Committee- All officers
  • Outreach Committee- Rachel is Chair
  • Maybe Megan can be in charge of one of the committee’s
  • Linnaean Games Committee (Coming next semester)- Alix is Chair
  1. CAHNRS Fest reflection--any comments to record for the benefit of next year’s operations? Went well, new millepedes, bee box very useful. Strongly suggested to buy our own (Joseph).
  2. How was ICE for those that went? Any advice or tips for those going to ESA next year? Over 6,500 entomologist, enormous. WSU students won poster competitions and an oral presentation.
  3.  Any interest in reserving a table at next year’s ESA? Could potentially sell merchandise, promote the club, meet people. Tabling will be happening, need volunteers at the meeting.
Selling honey updates (bottling, labeling, adverts, pricing, and sell date).
  • Occurs in November, potentially need help with bottling tasks (Need to ask Megan).
  • Robert needs to talk with Dr. Sheppard.
  • Need 3 weeks advanced notice for sale.
  • Potentially November 17th/18th (Thursday/Friday)?

Updates if any

BUGSS (Abigail):
  • Dave emailed person at Idaho, they are trying to rebuild graduate program. Need to speak with Dave again. Will be happening in next semester. Speak with University of Idaho students to get involvement.
GPSA (Joseph and Emily):
  • Graduate student health insurance is being affected by the Affordable Care Act. Our insurance is valid to Aug 15th, 2017. The university will be starting negotiations for other insurance offers early in spring Semester.
  • Message congress day is October 12th, phone bank with snacks in Cub 308 that day.
Professional development, writing shop for goal setting Oct. 14th, industry job series: creating a career strategy- Oct 22, writing workshop- Project Management on Oct. 28th. Bowling at Zeppos Oct 21st (6-8:00pm) FREE!! (Good beer, strong cocktails) Football tickets are $10 each with promo code EGSA (must reserve two weeks in advance)
  • Town Hall, next week Oct 12th 5:00pm CUE 419.
Outreach (Rachel):
  • No updates, go to google doc

Open Floor:

Laura and Doug are the contacts for next semesters colloquial talk reservations. Also let them know if you have any quest speaker ideas. Robert will put out the voting for student choice speaker, it will be closed next Friday.

Upcoming events

  • Oct 20: Cub scout presentation (contact Rachel) (Josh, Jim, Jake, Joseph will be volunteering)
  • Oct 28: Animals of the night (contact Rachel)
  • Oct 31: Lincoln Middle School Science Club (contact Rachel)
Meeting closed!!!!

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 8th, 2016

Thursday at 4pm works for everyone as a permanent meeting date.
  • Item #1: motion to make every Thurs at 4PM the permanent EGSA time for the semester
  • Item #2: record that Joseph Taylor is the treasurer, and Jake Asplund is not the treasurer
  • Discussion topics: Honey Sales, old bottles are still floating around and BUGSS - at UI this year.

Volunteer for BUGSS Council needed (involves organizing rides, etc):

  • Dave Crowder is WSU coordinator. Currently aiming for Spring. Abbigail volunteered as bug council representative.
  • Insect Feed with Dr. Zack: Involves feeding people food which contains insects.
  • CAHNRS Fall Festival: Next week! The festival is a showcase for the university community
  • Overview of student events for new students. Everyone formerly introduced themselves to each other. Introductions (as necessary).
  • Insect Expo
  • Flagship event, huge event with lots of outreach especially to children.
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic
  • Needs to be organized with Dr. Sheppard
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Student Choice Speaker

Start making nominations:

  1. Google document created for potential invitees
  2. CAHNRS Fall Fest plans and discussion. Date: Sept 15 (4-6PM)
  3. Would like three volunteers at a minimum throughout the event.
  4. Items provided: a table in the shade
Items needed:
  • Volunteer sign-ups
  • Displays from Dr. Zack (ask permission)
  • Karol will get permission
  • Live arthropods
  • Dr. Zack has tarantulas and roaches.
We could still use funding to purchase live arthropods. Use funding to potentially print out fact sheets, purchase edible insects. If anyone has any live insects feel free to volunteer it. Potentially obtain a display cage
  • Flag and tablecloth
  • Display Hive (Megan?) Megan will need help to set-up observation hive (Emily?) Currently the observation hive is very large, proposed we use single frame observation hive instead.
  • Departmental van: Karol will reserve van for transporting items.

How was honey extractions?

  • Was a success! What should be the pre-established way to plan the date next year? This event is usually a mad dash, is hard to have pre-planned. Should aim for it to not be the first day of school, rather have it later on in the first week of school. Connect with Megan a week or two before school starts to set a date.
What are the next steps (labeling? selling?): Buy bottles. Dr. Sheppard will have information on how much honey and when.
  1. Bottling and labeling: Doesn’t need a special date, volunteers are appreciated.
  2. Selling: will need an official event. Lighty café could be a potential partner.
  3. Decide on a date for selling (closer to holidays helped sales). Impose a limit on amount of honey that can be bought (~20 bottles/person).

Faculty retreat report from Emily:

  • Interest in the Herma’s memorial. A number of faculty are very interested in donating.
  • Need ideas from students of what they would like to see. Send Jake any ideas.
  • Need a deadline (End of this semester?), Have idea consolidated within 1 month (~October 6th)
  • Ask Dr. Walsh if he would like to be an advisor.
  • They also offered to donate images for our calendar.

GPSA funding report by Eli/Karol--we were awarded money!

Money is awarded in two portions: non-competitive and competitive. Came up with great ideas and need to spend the money now. Funded Ideas:
  • $250 Beneficial insects calendar (potentially still make insexsy calender?)
  • $200 Insect display
  • $125 Moscow-Pullman farmers market (sell beneficial insect seed mix)
Decide which projects we will move forward with by October 6th. Merchandise committee could work on calendar and seed mix. Adrian/Robert-
  • Form document (google doc) and create committees.
If interested in events listed below email Rachel Olsson:
  • Outreach opportunity for Lacrosse middle school kids: May involve a tour of Pullman labs and visit to Lacrosse before their February science night.
  • Outreach for Pullman Cub Scouts
  • Thurs Oct 20, 7:15PM: share knowledge and allow children to learn about bugs.
  • Lincoln Middle School Science Club- October 31, 2016. Rachel and Megan have agreed to give a one hour presentation about insects. Anyone else interested in joining contact either of them.
  • Creatures of the Night:  Most likely weekend before Halloween

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - April 22nd, 2016

We nominated 3 people as faculty advisor (Crowder, Nabity, Owen) and they all declined.
  • Robert moves to renominate Dave, Rachel second. We will ask Dave again.

Elections are over. Here is the 2016/2017 leadership team:

  • Prez: Robert Orpet
  • Vice: Karol Krey
  • Secretary: Adrian Marshall
  • Treasurer: Joseph Taylor
  • Comm. director: Rachel Olsson
  • Fac. Liaison: Emily Wine
Attendees: Robert, Karol, Jake, Adrian and Joseph.
  • We need at least 13 people to approve the constitution revision (3/4 of active students), since we don’t usually have that many people ever come to meetings, Robert will send an online vote request.
  • We will revise so that faculty mentor votes happen without knowledge of the faculty, once voted, we will ask president to ask faculty member to join so they don’t feel they are  competing with each other.
  • ICCC was a huge bust. No one came. We need to decide whether we want to continue this event. If we want to do it, we should try to do it in February rather than April  because it will be less busy. We will try to return it to its classic form, we need to communicate with Steve far in advance (August). We need to eat a little crow and then try to give  it back to Steve with our support.
Insect Expo is tomorrow!
  • Joseph and Rachel are on setup. We need more people to help set up and to get tables from Beasley. We need to remember to get our advertisement in the daily evergreen next year.

Events planning:

  • We really need to consolidate and organize our resources for event planning.
  • CUB advertising 2 weeks free.
  • Helpful documents should be placed in Cougsync.
  • We need a timeline.
  • Martin O’Malley- student involvement, we need to get approved 2 weeks ahead of events to get sanction.

Herma memorial

It seems like it will be really difficult to get something placed on university space, but that it might be easier to get something placed inside the building, or on space owned by CAHNRS. So perhaps at the new organic farm? Possibly somewhere in the building like one of the corners with tables and couches where students could gather. Robert’s plan  to move forward: form a committee, chair would propose an idea, work with Adam. Jake volunteers to lead that. Adam will help, Eli will help. Adam joins us!
  • Call from Martin Omalley: Insect Expo is not sanctioned by student involvement and x6152 509-335-6152. We can’t serve food because we aren’t sanctioned. Rachel will call  student involvement and MO and try to sweet talk everything into working.

GPSA updates

  • One more networking event May 14 from 10-12 in the CUB.
  • Cheeky Scientist.
  • Non-academic job seeking event.
  • Karol says super informative.
  • April 28 11-1 free ice cream at Ferds.

New health insurance carrier

  • same plan but premiums went up but covered by grad school. If you have dependents, they will have to pay the increase (~$1,000 per semester). Otherwise, same benefits. Blue Cross is new carrier? Not AIG anymore.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - March 25th, 2016

Dr. Sheppard visit to discuss Insect Cinema Cult Classic:

Steve Sheppard: First film perhaps should be one that is children friendly. Though for the second film can be more adult. The insect aspect of the films allows for a Q/A opportunity with the audience. Films need to be shown legally because reporters might pick up the “story” about the event.
  • New films are more expensive than old films.
  • So, we need to plan ahead and figure out the cost.
  • Don’t worry about limiting ourselves to 2 movies, Todd hall will let the event go long.
Next Steps for the Cult Classic: We need to figure out the date of the event and what movies we want to show. We need to figure out our advertising plan: Flyers, radio announcements, contact resident life, work with the chamber of commerce…Perhaps we should pick a theme? Robert will figure out which Fridays are available in April in May. Robert and Megan A will coordinate the planning for the event.

Thank you and feedback on recent events for next year?

  • Staff appreciation lunch: GOOD JOB EVERYONE! The event was well attended.Subway was affordable, way less expensive than Taco del Mar.
  • Rachel: we still need to have more communication with the staff so they know that the event is coming up. Perhaps: flyers, additional reminder emails, or hand delivered invitations.
  • Dr. Ali visit: GOOD JOB EVERYONE… ESPECIALLY KAROL! The coffee get together went really great. Maybe we can do a coffee get together monthly as a graduate student group. It might be fun to keep in touch with one another as a student organization.
  • We need to tell speakers to bring their talk on the a USB. However, Adam says a new system will be in place shortly that will accommodate USBs and laptops.

Final report on affiliate funding (Karol and Eli):

  • The report was submitted Wednesday. Files will be uploaded to the EGSA Coug Sync. Future EGSA members should participate in this, not senators.
  • Our major funding requests…The CAHNRS Fall Festival, $500 requested: We ask for money to spend on “give-aways”, like pencils, seed packets, and “Fun Fact” sheets.
  • The Palouse Invertebrate Conservation Initiative, $900 requested: This request was for competitive funding (may not get it)
  • This request includes: Farmers market (In the Fall), Insect calendar (beneficial not sexy), and package/buying seeds.
  • This could provide a good opportunity for students looking to get more physically involved in conservation of beneficial insects. It would look very good on a CV.

Committee reports

  • We have a table cloth!
  • The constitution was emailed to the EGSA members for review: In the meeting two weeks from now we need to go over any changes/edits.
  • Pay special attention to: The “5 purposes of the club.” We exclusion of faculty as active members.We added new officer positions to better reflect our current organizational system. Now the bi-law has a more accurate description of how are elections are actually performed.

GPSA Updates:

  • Senator Murray REALLY wants debt stories from WSU graduate students. Currently, government officials don’t understand the need for graduate students or that they need financial support: Visit this website to tell your story, http://1/usa.gov/1ZSTEi4
Three professional development events are coming up:
  1. April 1: Noon-1pm CUE 518 - Financial Planning: Financial planning in the real world
  2. Cheeky Scientist Part 2. Terrell Room 4. April 15: 10-Noon, Job Search 1-3pm, Networking
  3. Cheeky Scientist Part 3. CUB 212. May 14: 10-Noon, Interviewing 1-3pm Negotiating
Other upcoming GPSA events:
  • April 22, end of the year party!
  • April 28, Free ice cream!! 11-1pm
  • April 4th-15th Travel Grant Applications open
Congrats to Eli! New Entomology dept. senate representative!
  • Special elections coming in September for ‘at-large’ senate seats

Insect Expo planning discussion (Saturday April 23, CUE Atrium)

Activities at the event: Collection displays (must get permission from Dr. Zack), live arthropods, Family-friendly activities, grow a beetle take-home and face painting. To-do: Hang flyers in the elementary schools. We need to make adverts early. Need to check a data base of old flyers.
  • Maybe do radio advertising
  • Plate hat making party (pizza and drinks)
  • We have $300 we can spend on this event. Courtney will check supplies, produce an inventory.Things we often purchase: stickers, tattoos, plastic bugs.

Open floor

  • Megan will send out reference info from the May Berenbaum talk.
  • Rachel: “You guys are awesome!”
  • Jenny Finitzer is no longer the treasurer. Jake Asplund is the treasurer.
  • We need to do officer nomination soon. Robert will make a nomination form. Maybe we should provide some office training for the new officers.
We need to get more of the newer people involved. How do we do this?

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - March 4th, 2016

Attendees: Adrian Marshall, Jonathan O’Hearn, Emily Wine, Karol Krey, Jake Asplund, Eli Bloom, Lea Fechon, Rachel Olsson, Robert Orpet, Joseph Taylor, Josh Milnes and Courtney Grula.

Dr Ali’s Visit

We’ve got his schedule all taken care of, though we need to fill one slot because Laura cancelled. We have one open slot either at 2:30 or 3:30. Eli will go to dinner Weds with Jake, Joseph. Social at PCB on Wednesday from 5-6:30. Getting him cougar gold, flour, and a koozie as a gift. We’re getting taco lunch for Wednesday 1:10pm. See email for full schedule.

Committee Updates

Merch: We bought a tablecloth! We still want the insect sutra calendar. Constitution: They don’t know what’s going on. Let’s check with Alix. Present changes at next EGSA meeting. Social Media/ Outreach: No updates

Faculty Meeting Updates

We will be using our student ID cards to get into 164 and 364. E Paul Katz- Schedule:
  • 4/28, 5-6pm Social, CUE 518
  • 4/28, 6-7 Public Lecture, Todd 276
  • 4/28, 7-9 RSVP Dinner, Banyans
  • 4/29, 3-4 Colloquium lecture, T101
  • 4/29 5- ? Informal social, location TBD
Steve wants to come to an EGSA meeting to talk about the insect cinema cult classic- Courtney will invite him to next EGSA meeting and talk about it at the top of the meeting.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

March 11, noon. Dory will send a reminder and add it to the ento news. Jake will buy the food. Let’s send a formal invitation- Rachel will put this together. Rachel will reserve a bigger room than 164. Either FSHN conference room or kitchen. Lets get the thank you cards signed- find them on the 3rd floor. Invite list:
  • Entom Admin
  • Business Center
  • Johnson Grad Center
  • Facilities
  • Entom grad students (total about 30 people)

Insect Expo

Big outreach event for the year! Ensminger pavilion is available April 11,18, or 25. These are all Mondays, which doesn’t work well for us because we are trying to reach kids. Can we look into other venues? CUB junior ballroom? Senior ballroom?

Affiliate Funding

Applications due March 9, can get up to $1,000. Fall Fest:
  1. Insects of the Night with PCEI
  2. Coloring pages
  3. Small bug toys
  4. Farmers Market Booth


Elections are closed, Eli ran and our seat is filled. Thank you Eli!
  • Only 21 people in grad community to run for senate. 40 at large senate seats in total
  • Travel grant period: April 4-15
  • Academic Showcase March 25 9-12pm CUB senior ballroom
  • Excellence Awards applications open March 2- March 18. Get money!
  • GPSA awards luncheon April 22 if you get an award
  • Debate Night for Exec Board- Monday March 7. CUB Junior ballroom, 5:30-7
  • Elections are March 8-9 unless extended
Get involved!  

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - February 5th, 2016

Treasurer’s Report (Jake)

We bought the plane ticket, but it hasn’t come out of the account yet. If you have any ideas about the budget, send that to Jake or Joseph.

Student choice speaker update (Karol update on plane ticket)

Jared’s schedule:
  • Tues. March 8: arrive in Pullman at 3pm, potential hike Kamiak?
  • Wed. March 9: coffee hour, meet with students, colloquium talk, pizza (or taco) lunch with students.
  • Thurs. March 10: Fly back home at 11am.
Thursday dinner reception, we need to decide how this should be handled: For people who are super interested in meeting the speaker.  2-3 people (including Karol).  Maybe submit a name and a reason why, and then a drawing. Or it is open to everyone and they have to pay for their own way. The hotel is booked, the department paid for it. In a few weeks, Karol will be sending out an email to all the students letting them know the schedule.

Committee updates

Eli presentation, voting and brought in pricing options for the table cloth. In two weeks we will vote on what to purchase. Once we order, it should come in 8-9 business days.
  • Constitution: Still working on it.
  • Social Media: We have had some activity. People are liking the page and following us.
  • Outreach: executive committee proposal to appoint Rachel as the New Robbie. Simple majority vote needed to confirm.
Rachel was appointed by Robert to be the “New Robbie”. The vote was unanimous. Congratulations to Rachel.

Faculty meeting update by Courtney

  • Jeb is going to schedule meetings with new students that are interested. He wants to make sure things are going smoothly.
  • Any problems with the website need to be brought up with Adam. You can either email Courtney or Adam. If we want to improve the website, maybe we need to make a plan. We should all review the site and make a list of our issues. Then we can discuss/compile them as a group and prioritize them. We will discuss at the next meeting.
  • Graduate student handbook: The hour requirement was one of the only changes. They will work on getting it updated.
  • Program of studies may become electronic.
  • The next meeting is the 19th, does anyone have anything they want to ask? Tell Courtney.

GPSA updates

The ratio is now 1:59, so we have 1 representative. Elections are March 8.
  • Affiliate funding: Applications are open March 9th
  • We usually ask for the fall festival. The events we promote has to be broad and have community impact.
  • They are looking to fund outreach
  • Maybe “Insects of the Night”, Rachel will be contacting the Palouse people about that. Speaker stuff probably won’t get funded here.
  • The “Professor is In” event is this weekend, you should check it out.
  • GPSA has been working hard to provide resources that will help graduate students get better placement.
  • Cougsync there is a calendar with all the GPSA event opportunities.

Event planning

  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic. Rob will politely e-mail Dr. Sheppard.—discussion?
  • Robert wrote a letter and shared it with the group. Courtney will present the letter at the next faculty meeting. The group voted, and it was decided that the letter sounded great.
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch: Rob will propose March 11 to the staff.
  • Insect Expo.: It will be in April.

New business

The GPSA might start offering groups discounts from BCU, could be 5% or 10%. Let’s send Robbie a Valentines day card from the club.  Jake will buy it and circulate it.

Next meeting

  1. Discuss the speaker’s dinner, and vote. Open to everyone or just a few?
  2. Affiliate funding: Applications are open March 9th
  3. Cougsync tutorial at the end of the meeting. Emily has volunteered to run it. Robert is going to look up the Cougsync requirements.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - January 22nd, 2016

(First meeting in 2016)

Treasurer report by Jake:

Jake handed out the “EGSA Treasury Report” for January 2015.
  • RSO Account: $5,645.98
  • WSECU Checking: $96.00
  • WSECU Savings: $1,319.06
  • Cash Box: $56.13
  • Honey Sales: $1,682,00 (210 bottles)
  • BUGGS Speaker cost: $702.48
  • Outreach Cost: $21.00
  • Feather Flag Cost: $211.29
Cougsync training with Karol (item from last meeting minutes): The Cougsync training was canceled. Karol would like to do the Cougsync training with all the new grad students.

Student choice speaker update by Bert and Karol tentatively March 8:

Ali said he doesn’t know what state he is going to be in when he needs to fly over here. Karol wants to get the purchase the tickets as soon as possible. Eli suggested we purchase the plane tickets with insurance. That way we can buy the ticket now, while the cost is lower, then change the ticket if need be. Karol is going to email him next week to see if he has any additional information regarding the trip. We decided to cancel the student breakfast and do a “coffee hour” instead and a pizza lunch.

Merchandise committee updates/future plans:

  • Eli has done some research on the table cloth and there are quite a few price options. Next meeting, Eli will provide a summary of our options and then we will vote on which one to purchase.
Constitution revision update by Robert:
  • The committee’s revisions will be compiled by Feb 25 and then shared with all members when it is ready. Goal is to pass the revisions by the end of the semester.
Discuss future of the outreach committee:
  • Rachel is interested in becoming the “New Robbie”. Robert will check the constitution and see if she can be appointed or if there needs to be a vote. Rachel is going to work with Robbie to get all the outreach information and then she will put on Cougsync.
Who is going to the branch meeting and will we form a Linnaean Games team? (Crowder & Zack want to know):
  • Robert is going to email those people will individuals going to the meeting.
Faculty meeting update
  •  At the next faculty meeting Courtney will ask: Will Jeb still be meeting with the graduate students? Is there an alternate if Jeb is your advisor? Is the graduate student handbook that is online up-to-date? Who updates the main website?

GPSA update:

The mental health resources are now at the Washington Building. “Mental Health First Aid” training will be available in March and April. It is a national program, all day course. Senate allocation may change so EGSA would have 1 representative instead of 2.

Events this year and time frames

Event and when it was last year
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic Fall semester
  • Staff appreciation lunch May
  • Insect expo April 4
  • BUGGSS Spring March 13, and April 22
  • E Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner (does EGSA need to take any action?)

Discussion on event times and plans:

  • The faculty will be in charge of coordinating this year’s BUGGSS speaker.
  • We have decided to keep the Insect Expo in April.
  • We are thinking of having the Staff Appreciation Lunch on March 11, the day before spring break.
  • We will send out an email regarding the date to make sure that it works for everyone.
  • Cult classic: Take no action. We will discuss in two weeks.
Members can bring up other items for discussion. Robert is going to check the Doodle pole to see if there are any other times available to meet.


Ento colloquium Wednesdays 12:10-1PM Deadline for submissions to ESA/ICE is Feb 1. See recent Alix e-mail for opportunity to present at an NCWBA beekeeper association conference in Wenatchee

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