2017 EGSA Meeting Minute Archive


EGSA Minutes                                               Meeting #7 December 11, at 9:00am EVENTS Updates: Honey Sales

  • Sold out of honey! One bottle left – Adam’s!
  • Used Square and it was convenient
  • Two days are best – gives people a second chance in case they missed the first day
  • Alex Wild declined this year, but offered 2019 – working with Laura Lavine
  • José Sierra from Guatemala accepted! Working out details
Student Retreat
  • President’s Day Weekend – 8 people have confirmed
  • Location being figured out
Officer Reports
  • President (Adrian) – New committee heads: If anyone is interested in a committee head position please email Adrian over winter break.
  • Vice President (Ben) - na
  • Treasurer (Joseph) - na
  • Secretary (Alix) - na
  • GPSA (Kunle) - na
Primary Committee Reports
  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): Poster for advertising the Calendar
  • Faculty Liason (Rachel): Meeting coming up soon
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Calendars have been ordered and will be available soon! 33 pre-orders, 56 printed
  • Outreach (Abbey: Dane, Maggie): -
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): Last Coffee-Donut hour was last Monday – doodle poll for next month – Happy Hour at Nectar with UI students and faculty
Ad Hawk Committee Reports
  • Debates Team (Kunle): -
  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): Still waiting for Adam…
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): -
  • Linnaean Games (Alix): -
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Moving along, papers to be considered will be reviewed over break
  • Prelim study (Olivia): Reconvene after break
  • Student Retreat (Maggie): -
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email crilly@wsu.edu if you want links to manuscripts
Have a great winter break!!!

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EGSA Minutes                                 Meeting #6 November 27, 2017 at 9:00am AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586 Upcoming events:

  • Honey Sales
    • 10am set-up with an 11am start on December 1st
    • Joseph looking into labels for the honey bottles
  • Student Choice Speaker
    • March 5th selected as the date, invitation being sent to Alex Wild
  • Student Retreat
    • February 19th – a place with hotsprings or other outdoor activities
  • The calendar is complete! Pre-orders until December 5th
  • Patches?
Other updates:
  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15
    • Student authors have been assigned subtopics for the paper
  • Social fun things:
    • Happy Hour at Nectar – Wednesday 29 November at 5pm with UI students!
    • Donuts next Monday, 4 December
    • Holiday party for Entomology Thursday 14 December at 6:30pm
    • Our own holiday party with crafts on Friday 8 December?
    • Tuesday Art-Sci with Jeb
  • Good statistics course with R?
    • Ecological modeling in R with Jesse Brunner – check it out!
Next meeting: Monday 11 December at 9am

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EGSA Agenda                                                Meeting #5 November 13, at 9:00am AMS Dial-in: 771545 EVENTS: Recap: ESA went great, WSU was well represented in the awards ceremony. How was the insect feed? -good attendance; most came during morning session How was creatures of the night? -900 attendees! -U of I entomology booth complemented ours thanks to the separate rooms Upcoming: Honey bottling this week. Planning on Dec 1st and Dec 8th for selling dates. How much honey do we have? How much do we sell it for ($$/lb)? -May take 4-5hrs; 1:15-2:40pm Ben is in class; seem to have enough volunteers; need 4 total at a time; Last year we sold $8 per bottle or $15 for two; Need confirmation with environmental health and safety people; no idea about how much honey there will be; purchased glassware for 250 lbs -Need flyer (Megan and Rachel) and setup on Coug sync; we can accept cards; still waiting to decide on a date, preferably December 8th -solidified student choice speakers; two talks; Speaker in February or March to avoid overlap with Cinema Cult Classic -Alex Wild 1st and…. -Bill may be the contact for next year’s colloquium talks Officer Reports President (Adrian) Club is doing great, thank you all for volunteering for so many events. Vice President (Ben) -honey -books; all new for $1600 -Biocontrol book and group order   Treasurer (Joseph) -Need to talk to Adam for book funds -GPSA funding application in and awaiting response -Honey sales money will be directly available in a checking account; may have some restrictions for using it -Student grant or mini-grant system to fund anything related to research (travel, page charges, etc. w/ a student panel to read over and assess them); could give one out each semester; need to figure out more about how we pick the panel, how much we reward, etc.   Secretary (Alix) -out of town   GPSA-funding report (Kunle) -New tax waiver where we may have to pay tax on our tuition waiver -GPSA has phone lines for us to contact our local representatives Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): Going to work on Honey advertisement in next few days (December 1st and 8th, while supplies last)
  • Faculty Liason (Rachel): Tomorrow is fiscal year planning meeting
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Patches: need to decide how much to order (200 for $300, cost use $1.50 and will sell for $3.00); Calendars (insect mating theme): want to send out template and final photo selection by Thanksgiving, Robert knows a guy for sharing mating photos with Arizona; close orders after a week or two to have them sent out by finals week, sell for $10 each
  • Outreach (Abbey: Dane, Maggie): Creatures of the Night went well; no plans until Insect Fest in April; Ben with USB full of lessons to Coug Sync; Waiting for Live Insect Zoo
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): Today was our coffee and doughnuts; Metanalysis group going well; friendsgiving on Thanksgiving at Abigails (email her to RSVP; there will be turkey and ox-tail stew)
Ad Hawk Committee Reports
  • Debates Team (Kunle): Need to finish revisions; great job for winning first!
  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): Waiting on Adam
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): Have book list
  • Linnaean Games (Alix): Texas A&M undergrads blew us out of the water; undergrads have more time; we should incorporate some undergrads in our group to provide them with opportunities to attend conferences and prep for grad school; mentorship program, but not necessarily with the students who work for us
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Doing well, collaborating with Christina
  • Student Retreat (Maggie): Looking for hot springs; maybe going to be during the first two months of Spring semester
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email crilly@wsu.edu if you want links to manuscripts
  • Career Fair: contact Ben for the networking opportunity
Next meeting: Monday November 27th at 9am

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EGSA Minutes                                        Meeting #4 October 23, 2017 at 9:00am AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586     Upcoming events:

  • Honey Sales
    • Adrian will email Brandon/Steve
    • Need to bottle and advertise (Lighty, flush flyers, etc)
    • Two selected dates: Nov. 16th (if ready) and Dec. 8th
  • Insect Feed
    • Thursday November 2nd – 11am-1pm
    • Sign up! Help out the TAs!
  • Creatures of the Night
    • October 30, 4-8pm
    • Make sure we have people to drive insects back, might not split shifts
    • 3 people signed up so far
  Officer Reports President (Adrian)
  • Nominations closed for Student Choice Speaker – vote soon!
  Vice President (Ben)
  • Laura Lavine found some free books we just have to pay shipping for
  • Other books listed – see an email from Ben
  Treasurer (Joseph)
  • Adrian and Joseph are working on a funding proposal
  • Robert, Abigail and Jessa (would like one more member)
    • Calendar (submit photos!)
    • Retro design t-shirt
    • Patches that are stick-n-peel
  Other updates:
  • Prelim Study Group – Wednesdays from 11am-12pm – deciding a format but already having great discussions
  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15
    • Farming services vary by landscape in conventional vs. organic management with Dave Crowder as advisor
  • Linnaean Games – Thursdays at 3pm, come check it out!
  Next meeting: Monday November 6thth at 9am

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EGSA Minutes                                           Meeting #3 October 9, 2017 at 9:00am AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586

  •  Pullman
    • Megan, Rachel, Maggi, Abbey, Kunle
  • Wenatchee
    • Adrian, Robert, and Alix
  • Yakima
    • Dane
  Upcoming events:
    • Insect Feed – date confirmed Thursday November 2 – sign up with Abbey or email Megan
    • Honey sales – two dates, Before Thanksgiving and after
      • Bottling and filtering coming soon
      • Perhaps some presales to extension centers?
    • Google doc for Student Choice Speaker – Nominate someone!
    • Funding – submit soon? No update yet
  Subcommittee Reports
  • Advertising – once dates are finalized advertising will begin
  • Faculty Meeting:
    • See Dave’s email about hiring – attend seminars and meetings
      • Add 10 potential questions to the google doc from Rachel
    • Merchandise – Badges are still on the menu
    • GPSA – See email from Kunle regarding PDI events
      • Student reps are needed for several GPSA committees
    • Outreach:
      • Insects of the Night with PCEI
      • Insect Feed
      • New Insects and terrariums are being planned for
    • Social events:
      • Donuts on Monday, November 6
      • Social at Zeppos, October 21
      • ‘Ben’s Event,’ October 20
      • Happy Hour at Nectar
      • Friendsgiving and a Christmas Party, date TBA
    • Debates: Abstract to EGSA for mock debate before EGSA
    • Herma’s Memorial – waiting on Adam’s approval
    • Library of textbooks – pricing, listing titles – some donated if we pay the shipping
    • Linnaean Games are Thursdays at 3pm
  Next meeting: Monday October 23th at 9am

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EGSA Minutes                                   Meeting #2 September 25, 2017 at 9:00am AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586  

  • Pullman
    • Rachel, Abbey, Maggie, Liesl, Ben, Joseph, Olivia, and Kunle
  • Wenatchee
    • Adrian, Robert, and Alix
  Review of recent events:
  • CAHNRS Fall Festival
    • Went well! Minus the rogue bees – thanks Rachel for handling the bee chaos well! Next time: SEAL THE HIVE
    • Also went well – we will show interest in student involvement to help future BUGSS events
  • Honey Sales
    • Adrian will email Brandon/Steve
    • Need to bottle and advertise (Lighty, flush flyers, etc)
    • May do presales depending on contacts
  Officer Reports President (Adrian)
  • Nominate Student Choice Speaker potential invitees
  • Reminder: sign up for committees – let Adrian know if you want to be moved to a different committee
  • Committee Chairs will be rotated annually or as needed
  Vice President (Ben)
  • Books! Dave suggested 12 books and handbooks for our library
  • Will look into book store donations, cost of used books through Amazon, etc
  • Joseph will ask Adam about matched funds to buy said books
  Treasurer (Joseph)
  • Our funds look good for the events/proposed purchases for this semester
  Secretary (Alix)
  • Writing Network: email Alix if you are interested
  • To get feedback on a paper/proposal/application, you must give feedback on a paper/proposal/application
  • ~2 week turnaround time – all links through google docs ‘suggesting’ mode
  Faculty Liaison (Rachel)
  • Hiring for Wenatchee position is upcoming – look for an email from Adam and participate
  • Adam is looking into additional classes for the UI co-op course list
  GPSA-funding report (Kunle)
  • GPSA funding – no new funding this year (we have money) but next year we will apply
  Outreach Coordinator (Abbey)
  • Live insects from Bugs in Cyberspace – maybe Dr. Zack will match funds?
  • Terrariums are the most expensive part, but we have some
  • Proposing an $800 budget to buy supplies and bugs
  • Proposing a new ‘colony care’ committee or a care rotation schedule to take care of insects
  Other updates:
  • Prelim Study Group – Wednesdays from 11am-12pm – deciding a format but already having great discussions
  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15 – deciding topic
  • Coffee and Donuts – 1st Monday of the month, will coincide with EGSA meetings
  • Happy Hour – was a success! More to come soon – bowling and other activities
  • Come to Bug Beer Friday with Jeb at 4pm!
  • We will have a Halloween party and a holiday party this year! Stay tuned!
  • Patches are STILL going to happen
  • Linnaean Games – Thursdays at 3pm, come check it out!
  • WSU’s debates team will hold a mock presentation before the Denver meeting TBA
  • Herma Memorial – Adam is getting approval on the two options we drafted
  Next meeting: Monday October 9th at 9am – WITH DONUTS

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EGSA Minutes                                   Meeting #1 September 11, 2017 at 9:00am AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586   Item #1: Motion to make every other Monday at 9:00am the permanent EGSA time

  • Motion Passed – meetings Fall 2017 will occur Mondays at 9am
  Welcome! Especially new students: Liesl, Jessa and Dane!
  • Pullman
    • Rachel, Megan, Abbey, Maggie, Liesl, Ben, Joseph, Olivia, Jessa and Kunle
  • Wenatchee
    • Adrian, Robert, and Alix
  • Yakima
    • Dane
  Overview of student events: FALL
  • CAHNRS Fall Festival – ice cream and a great way to meet other CAHNRS students!
  • BUGSS – (alternates between WSU & UI) – Bi University Guest Speaker Series
    • Seminar followed by a reception, one-on-one meetings with the speakers, etc.
  • Honey Sales – our way to raise money and fund the events our club puts on!
  • Insect Feed with Dr. Zack – great outreach opportunity on campus!
  • Insect Expo – Our biggest event of the year! Outreach, education, and community members anticipate this event – it is very important!
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic – an insect-themed movie night
    • Needs to be organized with Dr. Sheppard
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch – a way to say thank you to our wonderful staff who help us!
  • Student Choice Speaker – a student-hosted seminar, sometimes with a dinner/reception
    • Start making nominations – at ESA, take notes on speakers you particularly enjoy or think our student body would benefit from hosting. Extra points for interdisciplinary talks that might attract students from other departments or the community.
  Upcoming Events: CAHNRS Fall Fest plans and discussion. Date: Sept 14 (4-6PM)
  • Items needed:
    • Volunteer sign up here
    • Displays from Dr. Zack (ask permission)
    • Live arthropods – we’ll get a table in the shade!
    • Flag and tablecloth!
    • Display Hive – probably not this year, but keep in mind for other events
    • Departmental van – might not be necessary but for other events where venues are far away, make sure we sign up to use!
  BUGSS – Bi-University Guest Seminar Series (In Entomology)
  • “Genetically Engineered Pests as Tools for Applied Entomology?” by Dr. Fred Gould
    • 3:30pm Tuesday September 19th at UI international ballroom, University of Idaho – reception to follow
  Honey Extractions
  • This is always hectic, but thank you for being flexible and volunteering! Honey is our major funding contributor and our club’s financial situation is looking good!
  • Next Steps:
    • Buy bottles
    • Talk to Lighty about a good date, complete SO paperwork, and advertise!
    • Limit on how much honey one individual can purchase? I don’t think we talked about this…
  Officer Reports President (Adrian)
  • Fall trip – look for a doodle poll from Adrian, Abbey and Maggie will be choosing a location for us to meet for camping and insect collecting! Student Retreat 2017!
  Vice President (Ben)   Treasurer (Joseph)
  • Current standing: We have money! $7476! We are in great shape to fund our events and could branch out a bit
  • Dinner for the Student Choice Speaker?
  • Live insects (Abbey)
  • A library (ask faculty for matched funds)
  • Other fun enriching things
  Secretary (Alix)
  • A writing ‘club,’ google-doc based, where we can post our manuscripts and get peer feedback. Look for a link soon.
  Faculty Liaison (Rachel)
  • Faculty retreat report:
  • CPR/First aid and mental health training – our new student orientation for the Entomology Department will be more holistic this year – be sure to attend this Friday from 10am - 2pm (RSVP by Tuesday if you want lunch!)
  • Equipment access and inventory – there will be more clarity of what equipment is available to us and where it is!
  • UI Co-op courses – transfer credits didn’t count towards GPA and weren’t listed as a grade – this has a temporary fix, but we might bring this up to GPSA to fix more permanently
  • Faculty-student relations – attend events Dave emailed us about
  • Green dot training – required for undergrads but not grads – if you are interested in receiving training for the identification of potentially violent or hate-related incidences, take the training! Look for a link from Rachel
  • University (unlike our club…) is in a poor financial situation. However, the entomology dept. has funding to hire two new faculty members, one in Wenatchee and one in Pullman. Students can be a part of this process
  • Scholarships and Awards! Apply! You cannot win if you do not try!!
  • There was a large donation made to the department that will be split into student scholarships, a museum improvement fund, and a seminar endowment.
  GPSA-funding report (Kunle)
  • Student insurance has changed (Again) – keep up to date online! Get your eyes checked!
  Outreach Coordinator (Abbey)
  • Creatures of the Night: Most likely weekend before Halloween – PCCI puts this on and is always happy we participate!
  • Live insects will be purchased (if interested in helping, talk to Abbey!) – we need a care protocol to make sure we can keep them alive
  Other updates:
  • Prelim Study Group – Wednesdays from 11am-12pm – see google doc and question bank (Thanks Megan!)
  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:!5-2:15 – the goal is to publish a paper!
  • Coffee and Donuts – 1st Monday of the month, will coincide with EGSA meetings
  • Happy Hour – FRIDAY September 22nd and Slice and Biscuit (free slice with your beer, or beer with your slice, YOU decide!)
  • Come to Bug Beer Friday with Jeb at 4pm!
  • We will have a Halloween party and a holiday party this year! Stay tuned!
  • Patches are going to happen (Thanks Merch club and Abigail!) If you have other merch ideas, talk to Abigail – calendars may happen again this year, get some photos ready!
  • Faculty meeting update next EGSA meeting
  • Linnaean Games – Thursdays at 3pm, come check it out! Advisor: Dr. Zack – Team: Rachel, Adrian, Robert, Alix and Jim. Great prelim studying! It’s entomological trivia, bug knowledge bowl!
  • WSU’s debates team will hold a mock presentation before the Denver meeting
  • Herma Memorial – Alix will get in touch with Emily, and work with Rachel to make this happen – thank you for EGSA’s support in making this happen.
  Next meeting: Monday September 25th at 9am

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  Note: Congratulations to Kunle, Karol, and Abigail, and Linnaean Games team for placing in PBESA competitions! Jeb visits to discuss Prelim expectations -Jeb and Dave want to work on a way to create standards for prelim exams and what is required to pass the exams. -They have put together a list of topics that summarizes what they think you need to know and be able to describe. They cover basic biology and key entomology topics with thresholds for what it takes to get a passing vote. -These standards are being put in place not arbitrarily, they are based on current troubles graduates and post-docs are facing. History -There used to be 3-4 written subject exams, and were written by people who were not specialists. Rationale was to make sure exams are not too difficult for anyone. -Over time, no correlation was found between oral exam performance and written exam performance. -So they switched to writing a proposal (grant) and having an oral exam, however, there is still great variability between lab requirements. -Another issue is there has been too much variability between quality and execution of exams which has resulted in almost no exam failures showing almost no need for the exam in the first place. -On average there are only about 4 faculty who attend preliminary exams. Despite attempts no other faculty attend these exams. Current Dilemma -We are currently lacking courses to fully prepare you for the preliminary exams.

  • Requires more initiative on the students to find resources.
-There is extreme variation in robustness and quality of dissertation work
  • Need to have better defined expectations.
-Today post-docs and careers are not available to those who have not published -Some faculty believe this increase in work for students is too much work for faculty -Largest noticeable gaps in knowledge: Basic ecology concepts (Lotka-Volterra model, life table, etc.), basic biology (DNA replication, insects vs animals), Describing the processes of evolution and natural selection, mutation causes and rates, IPM concepts and pillars. Solutions -Idaho is hiring people, so potentially more classes there. However, the graduate school is refusing to give credit for classes from Idaho. -Make book of previous questions available to everyone. -Give each other harder mock exams the better, actual prelim should be easier than you expected not the other way around. -Read textbooks from classes that are not offered.   ----------Conclude Meeting with Jeb and Begin EGSA Meeting--------------   Item #1: Voting for officers will start April 14 President: Adrian Marshall Vice-prez: Josh Milnes, Ben Lee Secretary: Alix Whitener, Maggie Freeman Treasurer: Joseph Taylor, Josh Milnes, Abigail Cohen Faculty Liaison: Josh Milnes, Olivia Smith, Abbey Hayes, Jim Hepler, Rachel Olsson Communication Director: Abbey Hayes   Item #2: make nominations for next year’s Faculty Advisor to EGSA Nominated Dr. Zack, Dr. Owen, and Dr. Turner for EGSA faculty advisor next year.   Item #3: Insect Expo! Discussion/feedback for next year? Need more small plastic cups for mealworms, we have run out of mealworms for the last two years. Shoutouts: Alix is great at facepainting!! Thank you Rachel great job organizing!   Updates:   -Socialization (Olivia) ----Entomprom: Friday 21st (during E Paul Catts dinner) or Saturday 22nd in downstairs Vote for Saturday, will check to see availability for Saturday. Can do homecoming next year. -Last Donut and Coffee hour for the semester was today. -Etzi Bravo for April social hour   -Merch -Called both farmers markets: Want us to do informative booth where we don’t sell things. (It would be free). If we want to sell things it gets complicated. -The packets only carry 6 native seeds, our goal was to find 12. May look at new companies. -Getting on patches to have them by the end of the semester.   -Outreach (Rachel) ----Cub scout camp Wed. and Thursday, June 21st and 22nd. 50 min drive from Pullman, east of Potlatch, ID. Option for a rotation in daylong schedule or do a 40 minute presentation during lunch. (will be forwarded to Abby) - Megan agreed to do talks for Kathryn Daniels, will do girl scout presentation in morning and elementary in the evening. (April 19th-20th) Contact Megan if you are interested in joining. ROAD TRIP!   -Faculty meeting - Presentation in Wapato by Pete Landolt, fun with wasps. Will double check on date and time. Will need to reserve another room on campus. - Entomology BBQ is April 21st, it’s a potluck.   -GPSA (Joseph, Emily, Adrian) -Minutes are available to look at. There were some by-law changes.   Event updates:
  1. Paul Catts + I.C.C.C (Josh and Abbey)
-Laura sent out email with itinerary and sign up for everything you want to do (Dinner). Keep it on your schedule. [/textblock][list display_type="accordion" img_size="full" display_accordion="1" title="" tag="h2" headline_tag="h5" hide_excerpt="" hide_link="" posts_per_page="10" csshook="" bg_image="" source="feed" post_type="post" taxonomy="category" terms="EGSA" remote_posts_per_page="5"][/list][/column][/row][/section]

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[section title="Page Section" bgcolor="" fullbleed="0" csshook=""][row layout="single" bgcolor="" textcolor="" padding="pad-top" gutter="gutter" csshook=""][column csshook="" bgcolor="" verticalbleed="0"][textblock ]EGSA 2017. Agenda #4   AMS #: 5703232. Or phone: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 03232.   Time: 11AM, March 3, location FSHN164   Upcoming stuff --Pioneer symposium Friday March 17. Speakers might be interesting: a lot of industry and start up presentations. http://cahnrs.wsu.edu/pioneeringideas2017/home/schedule/ --Mary Barbercheck SCS March 19-22 --Student of year, Paper of the year, and Errett Deck Research Fellowships coming up: usually a small pool of applicants. Submission deadline is March 17th.   When should next meeting be? --2 weeks from now is March 17 (Spring Break) --Re-schedule to March 24? --Decided to reschedule to March 24th, and Dave & Jeb want to come talk with us about potential prelim changes.   Committee updates                              

  1. Merch
-Last talk was about patches and potential suppliers. Need to decide where we will get them and get a price. We will use the standard beetle badge. Trying to get them finished by PBESA. -Less than 10 calendars left, could bring them to PBESA and advertise at the table. However as of now don’t plan for that since PBESA usually doesn’t have tables. -Could sell Calendars at Insect Expo (Megan) -Working on getting the phone square to work for purchasing (Joseph)  
  1. Faculty meeting (Emily)
-No Updates
  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph)
-Next Monday election debates at GPSA meeting (5:30), however, there is only one candidate for each. -A new opening for student regent position, comes with tuition waiver but also a significant time commitment (Entire academic year). -Health insurance update. AmeriBen is no longer part of our plan, it will be just United Healthcare (probably initiating in Aug 15th-ish). -Bowling next week (probably Thursday)
  1. Outreach / Advertising (Rachel) - Insect Expo, send flyer to elementary schools in Pullman/Moscow: need time to be approved.
-Events have been approved!! Only serving packaged things from establishments with food handling licenses so we don’t have to deal with food handling hassle. (Mary Barbercheck and Insect Expo). -Need someone to start making a flyer for Insect Expo (Megan volunteered). Will be in contact will local schools to raise awareness.  
  1. Socialization (Olivia)
- Doughnut coffee hour today, next one is April 7th. Went to Paradise creek brewery great turnout, next one at Rants and Raves in Moscow 23rd of March at 5:30 cheap beer and wine! Spring EGSA hike? Suggestions: Step-toe, Coeur D’alene, TBD on date and time. (Probably towards end of April). Prom still working on date and budget, possible April 29th.  
  1. Linnaean Games (Alix)
- No Updates  
  1. Herma Memorial
-Official guidelines from Adam opened up the idea of having an outside memorial also. Looking for feedback if we should stay with the inside memorial or if you would prefer a outside memorial. Currently there is $1,000 + faculty donations. Need:  $2,000 for a tree or $5,000 for a bench. Discussion: -Really liked the idea of the memory book that everyone could contribute to because it embodied her personality by always providing a helping hand (Rachel) -Wants to stay with inside memorial since it is already well planned out, will stay clean, and be accessable for many students (Robert) -Will replace Jakes position on the committee (Rachel)   Event updates   Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert) --Wenatchee students are coming afternoon of 19th (Sunday), leaving morning of 21st (Tuesday) --Still need --Pickup from Pullman airport, 3PM March 19 (Sunday) [Josh Milnes] --3 meeting slots available Tuesday March 21 --More people welcome to hike at 2:30 PM on Tuesday March 21, Mary is all about it! Most students have class at that time however. --Room for going out to breakfast or more meetings Wednesday March 22 before 10:30 --https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JBmjhlJWX_03s5pbCulxV1gxRT0w-G4ZDAdsPPBjcQ0/edit?ts=5813bdaa --Currently working out room bookings for coffee hour and lunch, purchasing drinks and refreshments, catering, etc. -Cougsync search and reach out to other clubs that might be interested, tell undergrads, tell the world.   Insect Expo (Arpil 1st) -We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want -Rachel has been working on paperwork       I.C.C.C (Josh) --Josh met with Dr. Sheppard! -Dr. Sheppard will be checking into movies he wants to watch that day, working on getting permission for the movies. -Suggested using KQQQ for advertising, should be free. -Dr. Sheppard will take the lead and Josh will be supporting his efforts.     Upcoming events   There has been concern about E.Paul Catts and ICCC being on the same day. It turns out the night talk is Friday, and the day talk is Thursday so there is no conflict. Working on developing a shirt for PBESA: Currently looking for an insect that represents Portland:
  • Suggestions: Oregon Swallowtail butterfly, or the Symbolic Bumblebee
  New presentation opportunity EARThS conference Theme: Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Environmental Issues Date: Saturday, April 1st Location: Washington State University: CUE 518 Keynote Address: Dr. Dan Spencer, University of Montana Abstracts due March 10 Event is April 1 (Same day as Insect Expo day!!) Seems focused on how to help the environment in some way.   The interdisciplinary Spring 2017 EARThS Conference seeks papers that address such questions from graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and biophysical sciences at University of Idaho and Washington State University. Ideal papers will focus on case studies or cross-sectional analyses of (1) creative approaches to examine the past, present, or future of environmental issues or (2) interdisciplinary efforts that seek to address or adapt to such problems in local, regional, national, and/or international venues.   --SCS March 19-22 --Insect expo April 1 --PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now --E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown) --ICCC: April 20?[/textblock][/column][/row][/section]

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EGSA 2017. Agenda #3   AMS #: 5702895. Or phone (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 02895.   Time: 1PM, Feb 17, location FSHN164   Special appearance: Benjamin Derrick explains his water monitoring project and need for insect-knowledgeable volunteers on Saturday   Stream protection in town, two transects east and west. Both in city limits. Habitat assessment: recommended once a year, biological assessment: three times a year (looks for macroinvertebrates, Spring, Summer, Fall), physical chemical assessment: once a month. Prefers to do it on Saturdays, but is flexible. Probably towards twilight at night (5 or 6pm) Will probably need waders, not very fun without them especially in winter. Joseph has helped before. He has a lot of the supplies that are needed. Doesn’t take a long time, and can be very fun. Great opportunity. Would like interested people to contact him and schedule when they would like to help. (Joseph was in the Seattle Times!!)   Committee updates                                              

  1. Merch - Talked about patches, knows a person with an embroidery shop, just need to work out a budget. Potentially have stickers.
  1. Faculty meeting (Emily) - No updates except Jeb will be coming to our March 17th meeting to talk about student evaluations. Pioneer symposium – a letter was delivered to Adam, so we are progressing.
  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph) - Elections are coming, Joseph will be running again. March 6th, people will be giving speals who are running for executive positions. May not be useful to attend because there probably wont be any contested positions.
PDI on Stem academic Job market Feb 23rd 10:30-1 Writing workshop: submitting your thesis March 9th 1-3  
  1. Outreach (Rachel) - Fundraising event (Would need a lot of people min. 20 people) 15% of profits go to club. Pattys and Rants & Raves have a fundraiser where we reserve a time slot and 15% of the funds they make during that time go to the club. Potential outreach event, may be hard to get enough people. Could co-locate it with another event, but time slots are scarce.
  1. Advertising
  1. Socialization (Olivia) – Wednesday 22nd going to paradise creek get a dollar of your beer, the more you buy the more you save! March 3rd doughnut worry drink coffee. Entom Prom still happening! Friday March 31st (coincides with GPSA Research Expo) or Friday April 21st (coincides with E. Paul Catts, and ICCC). Could rent Minh’s!!!
  1. Linnaean Games (Alix) - Next meeting is Wednesday 22nd. We talked about a roster, but next week will be nailing down a roster.
Event updates   Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert) --Sign up for slots/volunteer (5 still available, 1 dinner, 1 lunch slot, volunteers for drivers) --Advertising is coming made an amazing flyer!! --Soon it will be open to faculty, and public   Insect Expo -We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want   I.C.C.C (Josh) --Josh met with Dr. Sheppard! -Was a great meeting and has a lot of great information, sounds like he will be working everything out. -April 20th   Upcoming events --SCS March 19-22 --Insect expo April 1  - Getting an assassin bug, and a vinegaroon. Dr. Zack very excited to update collection boxes. --PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now --E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown) --ICCC: April 20? --RIP B.U.G.S.S. (wants to restructure department first, we are very disappointed)     Next Meeting:  Returning to 11:00am on Friday’s

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EGSA 2017. Agenda #2   AMS #: 5702569.   Time: 11AM, Feb 3, location FSHN164   Special guest Dr. Steve Sheppard may drop in via Wenatchee at any time (!!!)   Item 1: permanent meeting time Friday 11AM?   Committee updates  

  1. Merch – Made money from calendars, ~16 left over, give calendars to non-wsu speakers throughout semester (6 of them). Placed one calendar in display case, selling them at a discounted rate ($8). Still considering having a patch, looking for distributors.
  1. Faculty meeting (Emily)
Seemed willing to pitch in for funding towards Pioneer Symposium once they are aware of what they will be funding and who it affects.  
  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph)
Two budget resolutions. Both from transportation services 1) $5/year to maintain existing bus service. Project with this increase they can maintain existing service for another 7-10years. President is requiring balanced budgets due to deficit. Voted to put it on the ballot. 2) Add express service and increase frequency of buses. Would be an addition $5/semester. Vote: approved to put on the ballot. General Elections: Applications opened Wednesday (2/1/2017) to be a GPSA senator, executive member, etc. Events: Industry job Series Negotiating Feb 4th 10am-12pm -Excellence awards due Feb 15th -GPSA bowling night at Zeppos Feb 10th 7-9pm -Writing workshop series Feb 17th 1-3pm writers block -Student forum w/ president Schulz Feb 16th 4-5pm, Response to graduate student feedback he received from the drive to 25 townhalls. GPSA is in the process of hiring a new coordinator.  
  1. Outreach (Rachel)
  1. Advertising
--Mary will give talk title to Robert monday  
  1. Socialization (Olivia)
-Have happy hour at tapped, not many people showed up. (People not wanting to go to restaurants financed by cult, needs research) Doughnuts and coffee this morning, huge success. Next happy hour at Paradise Creek. Entom Prom: Have it towards the end of April (Friday/Saturday)? Will be sending out in email. Taxonomy is planning a bunch of collecting trips, all are welcome.  
  1. Linnaean Games (Alix)
Timing conflict with original time due to colloquium lunches. Rescheduled to Wednesdays at 9am. Practices are 8th/22nd of February, and 8th/22nd of March. Game masters know we will have a team.
  1. BUGSS (Abigail)
Dave emailed schwardzlander, still hasn’t responded. Emailed Ed Bechinski, Dave said he thinks BUGSS is dead…  
  1. PBESA (Alix)
Photo salon March 24th deadline, usually not many submissions, Send to Lisa Brain, $50 prize for 3 different categories. Travel awards due Feb 8th, so far no submission. Abstracts for student competition due Feb 8th. Student leadership award has no applications yet, due Feb 6th. Working on developing a fun run, earn raffle tickets for prizes, is there any interest? (Mixed approval). T-shirt are sold/given away at these branch meetings. Need anyone interested in spearheading the design of the shirt, contact is Sanford Eigenbrode.   Event updates   Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert) --Presentation will be colloquium time, campus-wide invitation (single talk) --Will open sign-ups for meeting --Will have a coffee hour, lunch for everyone, and intimate dinners for three people with speaker and it will be provided by club funds.   Should have talk title by Monday, then we can start advertising it.   Please make sure you can make it, this is a big event and we should show the speaker our maximum respect.   Insect Expo (Robert) April 1st CUE Atrium There is money for --Live insects --Pinned insects --Edible insects --Insect displays --Mini observation hive   No one has approached with purchase orders yet. Have been in contact with Dr. Zack for updating displays, will be giving a list of needed items. Will need purchase order for snacks for kids at the Expo. Need special permission for edible insects and they are very expensive, so we are moving away from that. Discussion: Should move towards cultivating a live insect collection, and being more proactive with outreach. Make a list of potential insects/arthropods.   I.C.C.C (Robert) --April 20 in conjunction with E. Paul Catts. --Josh Milnes volunteered to be point person. Thankyou Josh   Upcoming events --Insect expo April 1 --PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now --E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown) --ICCC: a mystery

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