Featured Image Above by Megan Asche

Northwest Biological Control Insectary / Quarantine facility

This facility at the Pullman campus represents the central component of the Department’s Biological Control Program >> more here.

The M.T. James Entomological Collection

insect displayThis museum is one of the largest in the west with over 1 million specimens. This collection supports research and advanced-level teaching. >> more here.



Apis Molecular Systematics Laboratory

The Department of Entomology currently maintains and operates over 250 colonies distributed in 10 research and teaching apiaries.  Field research in the apiaries is centered on projects addressing problems of major importance to Pacific Northwest (PNW) beekeepers. >> more here.

Food & Environmental Quality Lab

The FEQL works to ensure the quality and safety of food, the long-term sustainability of our food-producing lands and surrounding environment, and the economic viability of the agriculture and food industries of Washington State >> more here.