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The Snyder lab oversees the Biodiversity and Biocontrol Laboratory (BABL). This facility houses four new, large greenhouse chambers with computerized climate controls. The greenhouses are used to rear plants and insects, and to conduct experiments outside of the field season. A “dirt lab” for storing cages and other supplies, and sorting field samples, is adjacent to the greenhouses. Read more here.




sorting labSorting Lab and Meeting Room

Within our formal laboratory space, one room is used for lab meetings and for the sorting of insect samples. Pictured are undergraduate researchers Ashley Norberg, Sam Beck and Jen Madigan sorting insect collected from organic vegetable farms all along the west coast, as part of our BAN-PestS project led by PhD student Jake Asplund.





Modern genomics approaches have become increasingly more powerful and affordable; most Snyder-lab projects now complement fieldwork with a molecular biology component. Our Environmental and Ecological Genomics Laboratory (EEGL) is a fully-modern molecular biology facility, built through the hard work of postdoc Daisy Fu. Pictured is undergraduate Trevor Snodgrass, who used molecular gut content analysis to track the feeding habits of spiders in potato fields, working with PhD student Karol Krey.



Shown here is former PhD student Tobin Northfield, whose current office at JCU overlooks the northeast Australian rainforest — but we know he would rather still have views of the Palouse.

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