EGSA Meeting Minutes – December 1st, 2016


4:00pm, Dec 1, 2016. EGSA meeting
AMS dial-in: 5704921.

Phone dial-in: passcode: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 04921.

Moved to approve minutes

  • Unanimous approval
  • Next time briefly list bullet points, only relevant items.

Treasurer Updates:

  •  31 bottles left for honey
  •  Net profit of $600 on honey sales after cost of speaker
  •  Set aside honey as a gift for Dave C. (advisor) and Mary B. (SCS)

Honey Update:

  • Eli sold some honey to pesticide office, seems our marketing did not reach them.
  • Honey is starting to crystalize, may need to sell soon or warm it in a nice hot bath.


Committee Updates:

-Socialization (Olivia)

  • Went to Rico’s got free fries!
  • Donuts and coffee tomorrow (Dec. 2).
  • December happy hour?
  • Potentially organize social hours in upcoming Herma memorial area.

-BUGSS (Abigail)

  • No organization of UI students. Asked for a list of their names, and have been in communication with a few students from plant insect interactions.
    • Plan for now is we each pick a couple names and then we have a vote on the final person.
    • Final choice will be given to UI students for them to host.


Calendar almost done, finalizing captions, should be to the printers soon. Printing at CougPrints

-Herma memorial

  • Presented two options to faculty. They will support either! Gave preferences to faculty based on committee. Options:
    • 1) Memorial either be on a hall corner on the second floor
    • 2) have it on the ground floor in atrium with Ferdinand bull memorial. Told faculty we want it on the ground floor due to being open. Things are progressing!

-Faculty meeting (Emily)

Have not addressed pioneer symposium contributions due to lack of time.

Very large pot of money in GPSA for professional development events, over budgeted by about $30k could potentially use for Pioneer Symposium funding.

-Linnaean Games (Alix)

  • Had our first meeting Monday, discussed general rules
  • Have 9 students interested in participating!!
  • Had our first practice Wednesday,
  • Last practice of semester next Wednesday. We will be meeting once/week next semester


-GPSA (Emily+Joseph)

  • Applications to be a senator due Jan 13th
    • Special election which opened today, there are still 20 seats GPSA needs to fill
    • Preference for seats go to departments which don’t have representatives yet
    • If you are really interested in completing the entomology overtaking of GPSA please apply.
  • Excellence award nominations are accepted until Feb 15th, teacher, research assistant, graduate student RSO, and academic advisor.
  • CougDay at the capitol application is open, due Dec 9th, event Feb 19-20th.
  • Ice Cream Dec. 7th @ Ferdinands, 1-3pm
  • Writing workshop: reference management software Dec. 8th 1-3:00pm
  • GPSA winter social Dec 16th 1:00pm at Banyans
  • Maybe reworking SCS to make it more professional development themed to get some of the GPSA over budgeted $30k. This would include more events besides the talk. Perhaps teaching short workshops?
    • Could be used for another event, need to know more details on when money can be used. May have to be used by May. Perhaps invite someone else as a PDI worker. Robert will email Pioneer about this opportunity.

-Outreach (Rachel)

Sold enough honey to not do another honey sale (~20 bottles left). Door to door business sales potentially.

Event updates:

Insect Expo will be March 18, 10AM-2PM, in Emsinger.

Reserved ensminger pavilion for insect expo. Currently day after spring break, need to change the date!

GPSA research expo March 31st and PBESA April 2-6th

Pioneer symposium

No Updates

Discussion items

  • Dave Crowder requests student feedback on PhD prelim exam expectations. Faculty idea is to have a rubric with different categories to make decisions more objective and have clearer expectations. (Robert explain)
    • Categories such as statistics, ecology, etc that they can give a rating to.


  • The way the prelims work right now is that questions are asked based on specialties of committee and nature of your research. This change would be dramatic.
  • Prelims are supposed to encompass all of entomology and not just your specialties.
  • Prelim is supposed to show other departments that the current student knows enough of broad entomology. It’s not supposed to be defense.
  • Right now the questions are very inconsistent, this would help categorize what students are expected to know.
  • Main change should follow graduate school policies- Only committee members can ask questions and vote. Should be brought up to faculty meeting.
  • Dave should send out an email looking for feedback to include students who aren’t here.
  • Anonymous feedback can go through Robert


-ICCC plan for next semester (Robert)

It is in our best interest to have Robert contact Dr. Sheppard to begin planning as soon as possible.


Final meeting of 2016?

-Last day of classes is Dec 9, finals ends Dec 16, next EGSA would be Dec 15.

-This will be the last meeting of the semester, discuss and decide yes/no


Probably fine if we don’t have a final meeting.


No need for a meeting, people who need to communicate can do so outside of a meeting.


Upcoming events/reminders

-Honey to buy (20 bottles left)

-CAHNRS Holiday Party! Dec. 8th, 4-6pm. Foods, drinks, and prizes (random)!

-Register for GPSA student showcase (win monies)! Google it.

-Register for PB-ESA (let’s sell merch there? Have more merch by April? Merch needs to think about it).

-Perhaps have a few extra calendars, patches, drink cozies, master seed mix, etc.

-Robert will reserve a table for our club.