January 9, 2017

The next Entomology Department Faculty Meeting will be on Friday, January 27 at 1:00-2:00 PM.  The AMS dial #is 5702017MLK day

WSU Departments will be closed this coming Monday, January 16th

in observance of Dr. Martain Luther  King Day. 


IMPORTANT MESSAGE From Facilities Operations:  We have been experiencing very cold weather lately, and next week, it is anticipated to warm up, thaw, and even rain heavily.  This has the potential to flood and cause other significant damage.  If possible, please take some time today to assess your building(s), ensure all the windows are closed and secured  tightly.  Our building mechanics will also be assessing most of the main campus facilities, but your help would be greatly appreciated.  I have a feeling it is going to be a big mess next week outside of our buildings, lots of slush so please encourage your folks to be careful.  Thanks Craig Cole, Director of Construction Services, Operations.  If you have concerns contact Adam Williams who will forward them on to Facilities Operations.


The Grimes Way fuel pumps will not be working during this weekend.  If you need to refuel today, there will be an operator standing by to take your departmental/budget information so purchases can be billed.  Thank you for your patience. Call the Motorpool at 5-9085.  If you have concerns.


Dr. Pete Landolt will be giving a presentation titled “Fun with Wasps” on Wednesday, January 18th at 10:30 AM from WSU-Prosser IAREC Hamilton Hall large conference room.  Peter J Landolt, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty in the Entomology Department is a Research Entomologist and Acting Research Leader at the USDA Yakima Agriculture Research Laboratory in Wapato. Dr. Landolt earned both his MS Degree (1976) and PhD (1978) from the WSU Entomology Department.  For more information about Dr. Landolt go to:  http://entomology.wsu.edu/blog/2011/06/20/landolt/.  The AMS dial # is: 5704453. 


Entomology Colloquium:  The speaker for January 23th presentation is Dr.  Bill Snyder. The title of his presentation is “Biodiversity as a Buffer Against Pests & Pathogens.”  To learn more about Dr. Snyder go to: http://entomology.wsu.edu/directory/faculty/william-e-snyder/. All colloquium presentations will be held in FSHN 354, the Entomology Department classroom and begin at 2:10 PM.  The AMS dial # is 5701680. 

Call for Abstracts to Faculty, Staff, Graduate & Professor Students.   Leverage the power of your ideas by sharing them with WSU colleagues at the 2017 Academic Showcase and GPSA Research Exhibitions.  Submit your abstract of up to 250 words and your contact information no later than Monday, January 23.  Detailed information about Academic Showcase, the GPSA Research Exhibition, and Abstract Submission Guidelines can be found online.  Academic Showcase and the GPSA Research Exhibition are celebrations of original scholarship, research, and creative expression by members of the WSU community and will be held Friday, March 31, 2017, at WSU Pullman.

CAHNRS Student Senate is excited to announce the call for nomination packets for the CAHNRS Superior Club of the Year Award for 2016-2017. Please visit the following link for more information on how CAHNRS clubs can apply: http://cahnrs.wsu.edu/academics/superior-club-award/. Packets are due to Alanna Ellis (acellis@wsu.edu) by February 1, 2017.  If you are involved in a CAHNRS club, please pass this information along.


Presentation: Industry Job Series: Networking with Dr. Isaiah Hankel (The Cheeky Scientist)

When: Saturday, January 14th, 10:00-12:00 pm      Where: CUB L60 (Butch’s Den)

Registration: https://orgsync.com/39017/forms/212000

The Professional Development Initiative (PDI) invites you and your students to attend our first evet of the semester. Dr. Isaiah Hankel, the Cheeky Scientist, will help graduate and professional students learn how to build credibility in industry and academia and become a more competitive candidate. In this workshop, Dr. Hankel will teach students networking strategies and how to build rapport for the job seeking professional. Dr. Hankel will provide detailed specific action steps that job seekers can take and specific scripts to use while networking. All PDI events will be available to sites other than Pullman through a web link that will be emailed to you before the event. Please make sure to register on the link below and indicate at which WSU site you are located. Lunch will be provided at all PDI events. We hope we can count on you again to help promote this event to graduate and professional students in your department


Eli Bloom is still collecting half-gallon waxed “milk” cartons until the first week in February 2017.  He is using these cartons to make trap-nests for cavity-nesting bees.  Cartons may be dropped by the Crowder Lab, FSHN building, room 360, at your convenience, and no number is too small (every carton makes a difference)! Moreover, if you would prefer that I come pick them up from you, please, write Eli directly at elias.bloom@wsu.edu.


Quarterly lobbying reports must be filed online by Wednesday, January 18, 2017, covering WSU employee activities between October 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016. For your convenience, you can report your lobbying activities through an online submission form found at governmentrelations.wsu.edu/Lobbying.html. The reports will be reviewed and forwarded to the state Public Disclosure Commission and proper federal agencies. Note that you do not need to file a “no activity” report online if you did not lobby this quarter. In the future, to help you facilitate interaction with elected officials, it is best that WSU employees consult with Government Relations staff in advance of any lobbying activity to ensure that we send a coordinated message from our institution. Meetings of this nature can be multilayered and touch many parts of the WSU community; therefore communicating with Government Relations can provide for a more organized legislative outcome. Additionally, Annie and Michele on our Government Relations staff are available to help you determine appropriate and legal ways to communicate with public officials and external stakeholders on political issues:

Federal Relations:   Michele McCarver: 509-335-5756

State Relations:        Annie Manning: 360-534-2332


EMPLOYMENT:  See attachment for details on these positions.

  1. Plant Protection Specialist, Kansas Dept of Agriculture, Shawnee County, KS
  2. Assistant Professor of Poultry Science, Penn St Univ., Univ. Park, PA
  3. Postdoc Researcher, Penn St University, Univ. Park, PA
  4. Prof of Entomology: Mosquito Transmission…, Dept of Entomology, Penn St Univ., Univ. Park, PA
  5. Clinical Prof: Aviation Diagnostics & Outreach Vet., Penn St Univ., Univ. Park, PA
  6. Field Biology/Entomologist, Pacific & Michigan Ag Research, Albion, MI


Important Dates and Deadlines


The Northwest Scientific Association announced that proposals for the 2017 Student Research Grants are due January 16, 2017.  The theme for the 88th NWSA conference is Understanding & Managing Diversity: From the Landscape to the Gene.  This year’s conference will be on the campus of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon on March 29-April 1, 2017Abstracts for oral or poster presentations are due February 16, 2017.  For more information about NWSA visit their website at:  http://www.northwestscience.org/


Several hard-to-award scholarships are available for academic year 2017-18If you fit the criteria please apply by filling out the general WSU Scholarship application by January 31 at http://admission.wsu.edu/scholarships/ and also e-mail Britta Nitcy at nitcy@wsu.edu with your name and the scholarship(s) you fit and she’ll watch for your name in the applications.

  • The de Weerd Memorial Fellowship for Excellence in Potato Research is for a graduate student who will be studying potatoes in the areas of plant science, plant pathology, economics, or marketing.
  • Lindahl Memorial Scholarship: For those full-time undergraduate and graduate students who will be working in a course of study relating to wheat research/grains.
  • R. C. McCroskey Scholarship: For a graduate student studying some problem connected with agriculture in the Palouse.
  • Rockie Family Scholarship: For students studying appropriate, nutritious and appealing food for hospitals and convalescent/nursing homes.
  • John and Maggie McDougell Scholarship: For a junior or senior studying agriculture who is planning to return to farming as a career.
  • Everett and Helen Kreizinger Scholarship: For graduate students planning to go into agricultural extension education


USDA NIFA announces funding for Organic Ag Research, Education & Extension Projects: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced the availability of $17.6 million for research and outreach activities to support the organic agriculture sector. The grants are funded through NIFA’s Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.  “The organic industry is the fastest growing segment of U.S. agriculture, with sales growing by $4.2 billion last year to reach a record $43.3 billion,” said NIFA Director Sonny Ramaswamy. “Over the past seven years, USDA has invested nearly $261 million in research to improve the productivity and success of organic agriculture, including seed-breeding. The Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative is one of the many ways USDA is helping this sector meet growing consumer demand.”  OREI funds high-priority research, education and extension projects that enhance the ability of producers and processors who have already adopted organic standards to grow and market high quality organic products. Eligible entities include Land-Grant and other research universities, federal agencies, national laboratories, state agricultural experiment stations, and research foundations and other private researches. Applications are due January 19, 2017.  See attachment for complete announcement.


GPSA Research Expo will be on Friday, March 13, 2017, 8:30 AM -12:00 PM in the Senior Ballroom in the CUB.  Abstracts for Showcase/WSU 2017 are due by 5:00 PM on Monday, January 23.  For more info go to: https://showcase.wsu.edu/gpsa-research-expo/.


Want to recruit excellent scholars to your program for Fall 2017? Consider nominating students for the Graduate School’s Research Assistantships for Diverse Scholars (RADS), which are intended to increase access and opportunities to graduate education for U.S. students from underrepresented/underserved communities and to increase graduate student diversity in our degree programs and Washington State University. Applications for RADS are due Monday, February 9th, 2017 at 5pm.  As an additional incentive, the Campus Visitation Program provides RADS nominees with a unique opportunity to visit WSU and meet with departments and communities on campus. The Campus Visitation Program has served as a powerful recruiting incentive for prospective WSU graduate students. Only students who are nominated for RADS or have been offered funding from the prospective department, will be eligible to participate in the Campus Visitation Program.  The campus visit will take place on the Pullman campus, March 5th– 8th, 2017.  For more information about guidelines and eligibility, and the RADS/ Campus Visitation Program nomination form, please visit our website: https://gradschool.wsu.edu/research-assistantship-for-diverse-scholars/ and feel free to send questions to gs.rads@wsu.edu.