We were saddened to learn of the passing of Wyatt Cone on Wednesday, on April 5, 2017.  Wyatt earned his PhD in Entomology in 1962 and was a long-time faculty member at WSU-Prosser from 1960-1999.  He also taught Agricultural Entomology on the Pullman campus.  In 1999 Wyatt received the C.W. Woodworth Award, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in entomology in the 11 western states served by the Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America.  Services will be on Saturday, April 22nd, at 3:00 PM, at the Prosser Methodist Church, at 824 6th St, Prosser, WA  99350.  


E. Paul Catts Newsletter picPaul Catts Memorial Lecture: It’s an important year for WSU Entomology. We have several retirements over the past few years (and ongoing) that the department will recognize with a special event. We have invited our emeritus and newly retired faculty to the 20th Anniversary of the E. Paul Catts Memorial Lecture. It will be an honor to celebrate their scholarly and scientific contributions at “A Celebration of WSU Entomology Past and Present.” As key members of our Department, past and present, the organizing committee (Steve Sheppard, Rich Zack, Adam Williams and myself) want to extend a special invitation to you. Our guest speaker is Dr. Mark Brown, who himself is a WSU Entomology alumnus. The two-day extravaganza events are:

  • Scientific Lecture: “Hormonal regulation of mosquito development and reproduction”

 April 20, 2017 | 2pm | Location FSHN Building – T101

  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic (ICCC): The first film starts at 6:30 PM.  Showing will be

“Mosquito” (1995) and followed by “Stung” (2015).   April 20, 2017 | 6pm | Location

TODD Building – 276

  • Public Lecture: “Mosquitoes have hormones too: why bother?”

        April 21, 2017 | 5pm | Location CUE Building – 203

For event details visit http://entomology.wsu.edu/events/e-paul-catts/  to RSVP for the Celebration Program & Dinner on April 21, 2017 at 6pm before April 16th, with the online form:


Looking forward to hearing from you and celebrating the incredible folks who have contributed so much to entomological science in Washington State, the nation and beyond. Laura Lavine.

You can join us at 5 p.m. on April 21, for the E. Paul Catts Memorial Lecture, live on the WSU CAHNRS Facebook page!  Mark Brown, professor of entomology at the University of Georgia will speak on “Mosquitoes have hormones, too: Why bother?”  A Facebook account is not required to access this live-streaming event, but if you are on Facebook, “like” the CAHNRS page to get reminders about this and other CAHNRS events.  The WSU College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CAHNRS/.


Cult Classic Fil pic 1

Cult Classic Fim pic 2

The 21st Annual Insect Cinema Cult Classic Film Festival will be on Thursday, April 20, 2017 in Todd Hall, Rm. 276.  This is a free event and Doors will open at 6:00 PM.  The first film starts at 6:30 PM.  Showing will be Mosquito (1995) and Stung (2015).  See the attached flyer




Plan to attend the Entomology & Food Science End of Year BBQ Celebration on Friday April 21, 2017 at 12:OO noon.  It will be at the outside area between FSHN and Clark Hall buildings.  (see attached flyer).


The WSU Pullman campus will test the campus communications system and practice a campus–wide lockdown Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 11:45 a.m.

During a lockdown, you should:

  • Run to a place of safety (Get away if it is safe to do so)
  • Find a space with a lockable door (classrooms and offices)
  • Lock the door
  • Cover the windows as well as possible
  • Silence all audio devices (phones)
  • Turn off lights
  • Quietly form a plan to attack if an intruder enters your space with hostile intent

In an actual emergency, incident updates will be provided as soon as possible using campus communication systems. Police will deal with the problem and work to clear and evacuate campus systematically. Expect the clearing and evacuation phase to take a long time because all campus areas must be addressed before an “all clear” can be sounded. If you are sheltered in a locked-down space, please stay there until police evacuate you or you hear an “all clear” over campus communication systems.


The Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC) is sponsoring the Leading Effective Teams workshop set for Wednesday, April 19th at 8:30 AM-10:30 AM in the CUB Jr. Ballroom.  It will be led by Kevin Parker (former WA St. Representative and adjunct faculty with Whitworth and Gonzaga Univ. MBA programs.  To register for this free seminar please RSVP to apac@wsu.edu by April 12. This event is open to all WSU staff and faculty.  For WSU staff outside of Pullman, APAC will provide a partial travel award for staff who would like to participate in person. Travel awards will be given to the first 20 people who apply and capped at $100 per person. You must send your RSVP and indicate your desire for the travel award by April 7. See attachment for more info.


2017 Earth Week Fair:  Please come and join us, on April 21, 2017 at 11:00 AM-2:00 PM, on the Terrell Mall, in educating the public at Washington State University about environmental awareness and stewardship by tabling during our annual Earth Week Fair. This event is hosted by the ASWSU Environmental Sustainability Alliance.  We would like to bring together different groups of people that are working on similar causes and make a statement about how many conscious individuals and groups truly care about the environment, and the differences we can all make together. If your organization is interested in joining us for this event, please follow this link to register: goo.gl/Ur3hPn. The deadline to sign up is noon on April 14th.   FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: KATHERINE FEE @KATHERINE.FEE@WSU.EDU OR (425) 750 – 3759.  Flyer is attached.


EMPLOYMENT:  See attachment for details on these positions.

  1. Research Associated, Texas A&M AgriLife, College Station, TX
  2. Faculty Research Associate, Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR
  3. Biologist/Entomologist, Hunter International,k Research Triangle Park, NC
  4. Lands Resource Specialist (Forest Mgt), Idaho Dept of Lands, Deary, ID
  5. Extension Educator, Michigan St. Univ., East Lansing, MI
  6. Big Island Farms 2017 Internships


A scholarship opportunity for Master’s students. The Navy has a great scholarship for Entomology Students who are completing their Masters at Washington State University from 01 Oct 2018 to 30 SEP 2020.  The Health Service Collegiate Program scholarship provides:

All Active Duty pay and allowances while attending WSU, a guaranteed job after graduation and commissioning as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the Navy.

While attending WSU the student will receive:

Monthly Pay $2,435

Monthly Food Allowance $368

Monthly Housing allowance of $1,185 if single or $1,581 if married.

Full Medical and Dental Coverage

30 Paid Vacation per year and a 401K.

While receiving HSCP and attending WSU there are no military obligations, the student’s only obligation is to maintain good standing with their program.  They will not wear uniforms, attend any type of training, have any type of grooming standards and can focus on their studies at WSU. Time spent in the Navy as an Entomologist is 3 years.  Typical duty stations are Cairo Egypt, Bethesda Maryland, Atlanta Georgia, San Diego Ca, Lima Peru and Pearl Harbor, HI.


Important Dates and Deadlines

For Extension People:  Great opportunity to learn about Extension and applied research projects in urban and metropolitan areas in the US (many presentations by WSU).  It is very likely that WSU will be hosting the 2019 National Urban Extension conference in Seattle (decision to be announced at the May 7-11 conference).  The National Urban Extension Conference is less than three months away! Have you registered? Early bird pricing is available through March 17th.  If you have not yet registered, you can do so here: z.umn.edu/urbanext2017.  Keep the momentum going and join the Facebook group to learn more about what we’re planning!  We’re looking forward to seeing you in May!  Brad Gaolach Ph. D., Conference Co-Chair, Director, WSU Metropolitan Center for Applied Research & Extension & Director, Western Center for Metropolitan Extension & Research.   Associate Professor; Community & Economic Development, Washington State University Extension,  WSU North Puget Sound at Everett,  2000 Tower Street – MS 45, Everett, WA  98201-1390 (MAP)  (o): 425.405.1734 (f): 425.405.1601   gaolach@wsu.edu

2017 ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL CONTRIBUTION AWARD:  APAC is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 10th annual award that will recognize an Administrative Professional employee’s exceptional contributions to WSU/their area or unit.  The winner will be announced during the May 11, 2017 APAC meeting.  The nomination form can be found on the APAC website at https://apac.wsu.edu/awards-and-grants/ .  The deadline to submit your nomination is Friday, April 7, 2017.  For further information or to submit your nomination contact Gayle Anderson at anderson53@wsu.edu or 335-8350.

Red Polo


The prices on our Entomology Apparel have been reduced.  We still have lots of items in stock.



If you engage in pesticide research, application, handling, or recommendation activities as part of your WSU employment, you must follow all WSU Pesticide Policy requirements as defined in the WSU Business Policies & Procedures Manual (BPPM). Refresh your knowledge of WSU Pesticide Policy requirements by visiting WSU Employee Resources at the Washington State Pest Management Resource Service (WSPRS) website. The Pesticide Policy training modules are available as videos, video transcripts, and podcasts.  Find the related WSU Pesticide Policy BPPM sections here:

WSU Pesticide Policy applies to ALL WSU EMPLOYEES (with or without a pesticide applicator’s license) who are engaged in pesticide-related work, including students, volunteers, faculty and staff.

If you have any questions about the training, pesticide policy, pesticide license requirements, or experimental use of pesticides, please contact Dr. Catherine Daniels, WSU Pesticide Coordinator, at 253-445-4611 or cdaniels@wsu.edu.