APRIL 28, 2017

If any of you have news to share or have upcoming events please send by Thursday noon to our SmartSheet notification page at: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form?EQBCT=b7c943ec39084d74a98410f50b4db935.



It is the faculty and lab manager’s responsibility to get all keys returned from their hourly employees who will not be with us after May 6thPlease make sure that your employees keys are turned in to the Entomology Office before leaving Pullman.  This will help us so that we will not have to use your budgets to have new keys made


Transportation Services will offer annual campus parking permit renewals for 2017-18 online beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 2nd through Monday, May 15th.  NEW THIS YEAR:


The proposed zone changes for 2017-18 have been approved. We urge permit holders to review the Zone Choices Map (see attached) BEFORE making a permit purchase. If you have any questions about which zone is the right choice for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at transportation@wsu.edu or (509) 335-PARK (7275).


Permit renewals is no longer a three-step process of multiple phases. This will make the process easier for current eligible* permit holders to select a different preferred zone and purchase all in one phase. All you need to do is log into your Parking Account to purchase your current permit or select a different zone. As in the past, the initial phase of renewal is restricted to current eligible* permit holders. Once that phase is completed, annual campus parking permits will be made available to other eligible* parking patrons.

NOTE: *students with current residence hall contracts are not eligible to renew during Phase 1.

There will be no increase in annual campus parking permit rates for FY18. Proposed zone changes will take effect at the start of Fall Semester 2017. For more information on parking rates, visit the WSU Transportation Services website and click on “Permits and Rates.”

A valid WSU Network ID is required to renew a parking permit. Anyone who has lost or forgotten their network ID can retrieve it by calling the WSU IT Phone Desk at 509-335-HELP (4357) or visit the WSU Network ID Account Manager website. Patrons should also ensure that their primary mailing address with the university is current. Mailing addresses can be checked through the “MyWSU” system.

For more information, contact WSU Transportation Services at 509-335-PARK (7275) or email us at transportation@wsu.edu.


Spring 2017 course evaluations are due by Friday, May 5, 2017.  Instructors will be able to view a list of students who have completed the evaluation through your myWSU account on May 6.


Deadline to Submit Final Grades via myWSU Tuesday May 9, 2017 by 5pm.  You must use Firefox for submitting grades.  Instructions can be found on the RONet website under the heading of myWSU FAQs for Faculty.  Instructions for importing grades from Blackboard can be found here:  https://elearning.wsu.edu/training_resources/tutorials/grades_blackboard_to_zzusis.aspx



MyFacilities notices May 5-21, 2017:

Begin Date Time 5/20/2017 10:00:00 PM End Date Time 5/21/2017 2:00:00 AM
Project No. 7836 Notice Type Utilities
Requesting Entity: FacOps Maintenance
Event Type(s) Electric Power Shut Down Work Location Affected buildings are noted.
Event Note(s) ————– Electric Power Shut Down Event Note ————–
The electric power will be temporarily interrupted in the areas noted. Please assess any critical office or laboratory equipment that may be impacted.

This will affect our greenhouse-bldg. 111, FSHN Bldg, and USDA greenhouses.  For more info go to: https://myfacilities.wsu.edu/SearchEventNotices.aspx?event=7836


The Call for Proposals for the Graduate Student grant program has been released. Deadline is May 17, 2017.

The full Call can be downloaded at https://wsaregrants.usu.edu/grants/docs/CFP_GSG.pdf .

The Graduate Student Grants provide a maximum of $25,000 and may last for up to two years. Those eligible to apply are masters or Ph.D. students enrolled full time (as determined by the institution’s requirements) at accredited colleges or universities in the Western region. An applicant is eligible for only one grant during his or her graduate program. After the May 17 deadline, proposals will assessed by a technical review panel in July. The Western SARE Administrative Council selects proposals for funding in July, and award notifications are made in August.  SARE is a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that functions through competitive grants conducted cooperatively by farmers, ranchers, researchers and agricultural professionals to advance farm and ranch systems that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities.



If you need your paycheck sent to a summer address and you do not live in university housing you can change your mailing address in MyWSU before May 5 to ensure that your paycheck is delivered to your summer address during the summer.  If you come back in the fall, you must again update your mailing address in MyWSU to your local address.Better yet… this is a great time to enroll in Payroll Services DIRECT DEPOSIT and not have to worry about where your pay check is getting mailed, it will be deposited right into your account on payday!  Just simply fill out the form http://payroll.wsu.edu/pdf/dep200.pdf and supply us a copy of your supporting documentation (a voided check or something printed from your bank with your FULL ACCOUNT and ROUTING number) and return it to Payroll Services, French 236, before April 27th.


A class (STAT-AFS 511) you may be interested in that is being taught by Dave Crowder.  See the attachment for details.





EMPLOYMENT:  See attachment for details on these positions at bottom of newsletter.

  1. Postdoc Research Associate I, Dept. of Entomology, Univ of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  2. Asst. Prof., Crops & Soils Dept., North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC
  3. Arborist (Nat Res Spec 4) St. of Washington Parks & Recreation, East Wenatchee, WA
  4. Research Assistant, Texas A&M AgriLife, College Station, TX
  5. Collection Manager, UNH Insect Collection, Univ Sys of New Hampshire, Durham, NH


  1. Assistant Professor of Tree Fruit IPM, WSU Tree Fruit R&E Ctr., Wenatchee, WA See attachment for details.



Important Dates and Deadlines


For Extension People:  Great opportunity to learn about Extension and applied research projects in urban and metropolitan areas in the US (many presentations by WSU).  It is very likely that WSU will be hosting the 2019 National Urban Extension conference in Seattle (decision to be announced at the May 7-11 conference).  The National Urban Extension Conference is less than three months away! Have you registered? Early bird pricing is available through March 17th.  If you have not yet registered, you can do so here: z.umn.edu/urbanext2017.  Keep the momentum going and join the Facebook group to learn more about what we’re planning!  We’re looking forward to seeing you in May!  Brad Gaolach Ph. D., Conference Co-Chair, Director, WSU Metropolitan Center for Applied Research & Extension & Director, Western Center for Metropolitan Extension & Research.   Associate Professor; Community & Economic Development, Washington State University Extension,  WSU North Puget Sound at Everett,  2000 Tower Street – MS 45, Everett, WA  98201-1390 (MAP)  (o): 425.405.1734 (f): 425.405.1601   gaolach@wsu.edu



If you engage in pesticide research, application, handling, or recommendation activities as part of your WSU employment, you must follow all WSU Pesticide Policy requirements as defined in the WSU Business Policies & Procedures Manual (BPPM). Refresh your knowledge of WSU Pesticide Policy requirements by visiting WSU Employee Resources at the Washington State Pest Management Resource Service (WSPRS) website. The Pesticide Policy training modules are available as videos, video transcripts, and podcasts.  Find the related WSU Pesticide Policy BPPM sections here:

WSU Pesticide Policy applies to ALL WSU EMPLOYEES (with or without a pesticide applicator’s license) who are engaged in pesticide-related work, including students, volunteers, faculty and staff.

If you have any questions about the training, pesticide policy, pesticide license requirements, or experimental use of pesticides, please contact Dr. Catherine Daniels, WSU Pesticide Coordinator, at 253-445-4611 or cdaniels@wsu.edu.


Signage clarification:  Below is a more detailed explanation of what changes are needed for signage to be posted at the entrance to laboratories:

  • Every lab (excluding computer labs for example) on campus should have lab signage posted outside the room in the hallway which is created through WSU’s Laboratory Signage Program. There is an SPPM which sums up the intent of the program, responsibilities, etc you can check out here:  http://old-www.wsu.edu/manuals_forms/PDF/SPPM/4-33.pdf.  Similarly the website for the program has information too: https://ehs.wsu.edu/labsafety/LabSignageProgram.html.
  • The signage shows emergency contact phone numbers, hazards in the lab, PPE required for entry, and other information one would need to be aware of to enter the lab in an emergency or non-emergency capacity.
  • In short, the signage is meant to communicate to staff, visitors and emergency personnel what types of hazards they can anticipate in the lab. This is very useful for Facilities or Emergency responders who have to enter the lab after hours to respond to an emergency, chemical spill, water leak, etc. Knowing the potential hazards inside (e.g. radiation, research animals, lasers, explosive, flammable, or toxic chemicals, to name a few) will affect the actions responders may take and may keep them safe.
  • As for the older entrance signs with the symbols crossed out, those are very outdated. In fact, those very well may be the first iteration of the signage program, which has been updated a couple times since, most recently with the newest hazard symbols (Global Harmonization System symbols for example). We recommend using the signage program to make new signs if you still have those very old ones posted.


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