EGSA Minutes                                                          Meeting #15 May 4, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416

In attendance: Adrian, Robert, Abbey, Megan, Dane, Rachel, Joseph, Abigail, Kunle, Robert (acting secretary)


PBESA June 10-13. Would students be interested in using a department van to carpool to Reno? Ask Megan Asche to join van she will send an email

New officers- President: Megan Asche

Vice President: Joseph Taylor

Secretary: James Helper

Treasurer: Abigail Cohen

Faculty Liaison: Liesl Oeller

Communications Director: Abbey

Club Advisor: Dr. Zack

BUGSS Update: Mark Schwarzland is UI contact for university guest speaker vent. There was some confusion this year. Dave is WSU speaker. UI and WSU students will co-organize a guest speaker. One faculty and student will be on committee for each school. WSU: Crowder, Abbey and Abigail. Goal is to do event in Fall, but might be spring. I would invite a high profile speaker that will attract school of biological science department memebers.

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

I will be working on transitioning the new officers onto CougSync. Thank you all for helping this club run as efficiently as possible, it has been a great year.

Vice President (Ben)

Not present

Treasurer (Joseph)

GPSA is slow at updating funding but our club account is doing just fine. Dr. Zack donated some boxes for making displays. Kunle says we got funding

Secretary (Alix)

GPSA (Kunle)

Kunle suggests that Josh M (our new rep) has a person in Pullman to attend meetings. Joseph volunteered

It is good for students to attend PDI events

Abbey is going to communicate with the extension person who spoke at colloquium to make a database of grid research, interests, so they can solicit speakers for public talks

Kunle reports EGSA received funding. Not many groups got funding this year, meaning we are awesome. The packet was good- we followed instructions.

Faculty Liason (Rachel)

Laura Lavine is interim chair (announced by Dean) for 2 years because the dean recognized “division” in the department. Laura starts July 1st, Steve stays on until August, so there is overlap.

Two new students, both will be in Pullman In August

We are not getting the spousal hire after all

Good luck Liesl

Communications Director (Abbey)

We are making a twitter and Instagram

May 12th garden community fair, EGSA will be there


Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): na
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Rachel will join merch committee
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): Updates through Adrian, May 11 Zeppoz

Committee Reports

  • Debate team (Ben: Abbey, Abigail, Jim, Adrian)- The team is occurring
  • Library: Please check out books and allow people that are taking prelims privacy
  • Meta team
  • Mini grants: Sent applications
  • Linnean games: practices continue

Good of the Order

Jeb Owen wants greater participation in Art/Sci over the summer so email him if interested. Megan says it’s fun.

If you’re interested in giving an elevator speech at PBESA contact Kunle


EGSA Minutes                                                       Meeting #14 April 20, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416


Recap – ICCC and Insect Expo: Great job everyone, and thank you for all of the help! Insect Expo went great and had many attractions for the attendees. ICCC: Estimating approximately 30 people attending, with 22 who were NOT ENTOMOLOGISTS !   Insect Expo: Ran out of fossil stuff. Some people drove all the way from Spokane to attend! 200-250 estimated to attend.

  1. Paul Catts: Doughnuts and coffee with students after this meeting and another talk @ 11:00am (FSHN Pullman).

Entom Prom: Tomorrow dinner at Black Cyprus 6:00pm and dancing in Etsi Bravo @ 7:30pm

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

  • Nominations for officers are closed and voting is open. Follow link below and only vote once for each position. Voting closes Wednesday (4/25/18) and 2 officers will need to attend RSO officer training either Thursday or Friday at 8am in TODD 320.


Vice President (Ben)

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • How much we want to have carry over into next year? Revenue tied to honey – more honey in the last few years has been helping our budget. Books, live arthropods, etc have helped us use our money. Similar carry-over this year to last year despite these expenses. $2500 to Herma Memorial would still keep our budget at a good carry-over level.
  • Mini-grants could be a good annual expense – discussed later at this meeting.
  • Tabling at National and Branch meetings
  • Undergraduate involvement?

Secretary (Alix)

GPSA (Kunle)

  • Josh is our new GPSA representative after this meeting!
  • 5% budget cut all around (if you have questions ask Joseph!)
  • Travel grants for summer are currently open – check it out! Approval from advisor needed.

Faculty Liason (Rachel)

  • N/A

Communications Director (Abbey)

  • May 12th Pullman Community Fair – look for updates soon
  • Summer display boxes and educational materials – 12 ideas for highlighting arthropod definition. Pollination syndrome boxes, insect special ability box, defense displays, etc. Instagram and twitter for WSU Arthropods – can help with communication. We could have the community ask us to show up in classrooms etc. Could be a good outlet for people who no longer want their arthropod pets!
  • UI graduate student meeting: 6-7pm on Tuesdays. BUGSS: get revamped?! Faculty + students on the committee.

Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): na
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Pollinator mix seeds – possible have by May or June? Want NATIVE PNW seeds. T-shirts coming up with a call for designs?
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl):
    • Entom-Prom is figured out!
    • Saturday April 28 – Bowling Happy Hour at 6pm
    • Doughnuts and Coffee today = end of semester
    • Mini-Grants: Motion passed!

Committee Reports

  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): $2500 donation from EGSA – motion passed! Thank you all for your support!
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): Complete!
  • Linnaean Games (Jim): Roster all set, but PB-ESA is going to be lightly attended for Linnaean games. Megan is digitizing over 1800 LG questions!! She rocks!
  • Elevator Talks: Trying to get 2 volunteers from each school to participate in and event: elevator talks + impromptu public speaking.
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Going well but slightly behind – Dave is helping with an abstract and things are moving along. Hoping to submit by mid-June. Local level analysis for next year?
  • Prelim study (Olivia): Megan and Abbey will be leading next semesters’ charge! Quizlet Linnaean Games flashcards are good practice as well.
  • Writing Club (Alix): Who wants to take this over? Maybe BEN!
  • ESA Debate team: Ben (captain) + Abbey, Abigail, Adrian, Jimmy, and maybe a Canadian team member – topics will be assigned June 1st

Good of the Order

Next and final meeting: Monday May 4th at 9am


EGSA Minutes                                                          Meeting #13 April 6, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416

Adrian, Robert, Megan, Jim, Dane, Abbey, Alix, Josh, Joseph, Olivia, Liesl, Ben, Kunle, Abigail


ICCC: Tonight Todd Hall 276 @ 5:30pm – 4:30-5 to help set up, there will be popcorn!

Insect Expo: Tomorrow @ 9:00am-3:00pm, Ensminger Pavilion – look for an email reminder, Abbey + Megan will get key and bring everything over, setup at Ensminger at 9am, cleanup at 2pm

  1. Paul Catts: Dr. Rufus Isaacs (MSU) April 19th @ 5:30pm (Moscow) and April 20th @11:00am (FSHN Pullman) – see flyer in email

Entom Prom: April 21st dinner at Black Cyprus 6:00pm and dancing in Etsi Bravo @ 7:30pm – UI students are invited, some may come! Non-club members may pay a small fee. Dress formally, like a bug, or like a formal bug!

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

  • Opening nominations for officers as well as new faculty advisor at googledoc below. Will close in one week.
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LiLGCMGH7A7lbSLZY8nYeFMWKSzcYUdGhve-R1JJisU/edit?usp=sharing
  • If there are multiple nominations, write up a small bio
  • Faculty advisor: Currently Jeb Owen, maybe ask for a stronger relationship with the faculty via the Faculty Liaison and Advisor? At next meeting, ask anyone who is interested in a more robust role with our club.
  • Committee shuffle! Let Adrian know which committees you’re interested in!

Vice President (Ben)

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • We’re have approximately $5000
  • We have a good deal of fundraising with our merch, honey sales, everything has been very stable
  • Joseph will bring a year-end report for the last few years to see where we typically stand financially, then we will make a decision on how much to provide for the Herma Memorial. We need $5000 total for the bench.

Secretary (Alix) – see above with Joseph’s report

GPSA (Kunle) – GPSA is meeting with the University President soon, if you have issues that need to be voiced talk to your representatives by 5pm on Monday. GPSA proposed a budget to the president, including an overall cut of 2.5% + 10% with athletics – there is also a reduction in childcare funding (but was alleviated slightly, could have been a higher cut).  Transportation increase. Vote!

Faculty Liason (Rachel) – Next faculty meeting?

Communications Director (Abbey)

  • Community Garden Fair in Pullman May 12th
    • Pollinator education and advertise for bee hotels

Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): See flyers all over! They look great! It’s also free! ? Christine’s facebook posts are a hit, photos each Friday
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Seed packets are on the docket
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): Entom Prom! Coffee-Donut hour while Rufus Isaacs is here would be nice, working on the date. April Happy Hour for Bowling at Zeppos the 28th of April.

Committee Reports

  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): See above
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): G
  • Linnaean Games (Jim): Linnaean Games Question Bank – there isn’t one! Make your own! Could digitize the binder/garbage bag questions (THANK YOU MEGAN!). 5 Linnaean Games team members: 4 competitors and one alternate – alternate should record questions.
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Going well but slightly behind. Will submit to Nature Sustainability. Next year: enhance current data set and look at local diversification yield impacts
  • Prelim study (Olivia): Done for the year!
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email crilly@wsu.edu if you want links to manuscripts

Good of the Order

Last night’s event: Inclusiveness and Diversity – Publishing – Blog is a nice opportunity for students – Wanted more information on SAC involvement – Volunteer opportunities hard to get for pacific coast people

Doug Walsh has a student visiting soon – Kunle will communicate

African night Saturday night! During ICCC but starts at 4pm!

Next meeting: Monday April 20th at 9am


EGSA Agenda                                                     Meeting #12 March 23, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416

Adrian, Alix, Jim, Abigail, Liesl, Rachel, Megan, Abbey, Olivia, Melanie, Ben


ICCC: April 6th Todd Hall 276 – Update from Dane: Doors open at 5:30pm, film starting at 6pm. ‘The Deadly Mantis’ (1957 – supposedly family friendly?) followed by ‘The Thaw’ (2009 – Recent Movie). Advert is covered, we’re all set! Word of mouth to UI and others. Radio Station advertisement KQQQ and NPR. Museum opening that same night.

Insect Expo: April 7th 9:00am-3:00pm, Ensminger Pavilion – Poster for Insect Expo (Joint Marketing for Insect Expo and ICCC). Signup sheet: 9-12pm signed up, but other slots are open. 12-3pm empty. During the local elementary school spring break, but send info to Jeb to advertise to local schools. Peach Jar: Pullman School District posts flyers (free!). GPSA Approved our event.

  1. Paul Catts: Dr. Rufus Isaacs (MSU) April 19th @ 5:00pm (Moscow – 1912 Center) and April 20th @11:00am (FSHN Pullman) – Dinner at Hunga Dunga at 6:30 April 19th – Lunch with Graduate Students on April 20th.

Entom Prom: April 21st in Etsi Bravo @ 7:30pm – Update from Olivia: 20 people. Dress up (like fancy insects or just fancy).

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

  • Opening nominations for officers at next meeting as well as new faculty advisor

Vice President (Ben)

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • Mini Grants (Olivia) – 3 per semester, winners are on the awards panel for the following year. $100 each, but $600 per year. Application in email from Olivia – based on: dissertation or side project? If you’re funded or not. Scholarly merit.
  • $1000 asked for this round – for honey jars, cavity nests for bees in the fall

Secretary (Alix)

GPSA (Kunle)

Faculty Liaison (Rachel) – See notes from Rachel’s email. Discussion on budgets – buildings getting up to code. Christina Rede is our social media person, facebook twitter and Instagram – collect social media profiles so stories can be linked, plus #bugfactfriday. We have a store on the website for department merchandise (shirts, other merch). E. Paul Catts registration is on the store, see budget code from your advisor. If you’re interested in the Faculty Liaison position next year, see Rachel. Faculty Retreat is in Pullman this year and joint with UI. New Chair position is delayed – but a decision should be out soon. Spousal hire to our department for teaching insect ecology and some other courses.

Communications Director (Abbey)

Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan):
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Seed Packets to come
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): 4th April 9am donuts! May coffee hour may move – TBD. Happy hour 24th 10 am Mimosa Brunch!!! Sunday 25th – egg coloring + Moscow Mules (with peeps!) at 3pm at Olivia’s.

Committee Reports

  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): Update next week as far as how much our club will donate.
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): All books but one in the bookshelf on 2nd Will move to the 3rd floor in the big graduate office or live arthropod room.
  • Linnaean Games (Jim): Meetings are happening with good attendance, team is: Abbey, Dane, Jim, Megan, Adrian and Liesl.
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Analysis is going well
  • Prelim study (Abigail): Practices are helpful, a few more coming up. Ben’s on Tuesday.
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email crilly@wsu.edu if you want to be the contact person for this

Good of the Order

Congratulations to Megan!!!

Next meeting: Monday April 6th at 9am


EGSA Feb 23, 2018

Attendees: Adrian, Jimmy, Robert, Abigail, Ben, Dane, Abbey, Kunle, Olivia, Joseph, Megan, Liesl


SCS itinerary

–He comes a week from Monday

–Link to a googledoc to sign up for meetings and meals https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cB-ZbP7LRjQnB6BE8ax9aZogiN-BLjTycm6OiguoNI4/edit

–Feel free to sign up to slots to double-up student meetings

–Dinner can have 5 attendees


–Date: Friday April 6 (day before Insect Expo; a ‘big bug weekend’

–Location: Todd Hall 276


–Sign-up sheets soon

–10 to 2 PM Emsminger

–activities: face painting, coloring, roach racing, grow your own beetle, NEW-fossil making,

Officer Reports

Adrian: nothing

Ben: PBESA is worried about meeting attendance because it during field season. They have increased the student travel awards to incentivize attendance. Perhaps there will be student drink tickets too. Ben with others is planning student career event. Event will be 5 minute spiels by people with jobs, followed by questions. If you know someone with a job who is going, it is not a big commitment and you could ask them to present at it.

Joseph: we are not paying for SCS hotel because Dr. Zack is hosting. Planning to get purchase orders for meals with students. If you want to buy anything, such as terrariums, we can buy it.

Alix: not present

Kunle: most of GPSA news is in our common emails from WSU or Dept. It costs a lot of money to maintain buildings. Kunle is disappointed that research stations do not get new buildings, have old buildings. There will be a vote during GPSA elections to make undergrads pay $5 a year to pay for Daily Evergreen. GPSA needs 15,000$ to keep 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM hours ??? Volunteers needed for GPSA research expo. Apply to run for GPSA.

Committee Reports


Faculty Liason: Faculty received a “Hyde endowment” which will pay for our fees, starting next year. This may save use a couple thousand dollars a year.

Merch: we could sell things /giveaway things at Insect Expo and ICCC.



  • gambling, bowling, and surprisingly good food at Zeppo’s. Broad support for Zeppo’s.
  • University of Idaho has a social movie night, request info from Abbey.
  • Donuts March 7 (first Wednesday of March)
  • EntomProm: Saturday of E. P. Catts. Probably will rent upstairs of Etsy Bravo again, and dinner.



  • Ben is busy, and studying, so minimal progress. Olivia and Joseph volunteered to take over and order books.

Linnaean Games

  • There was a doodle poll. Dr. Zack will be coach. Thurs 1-2PM will be the time.
  • Megan will get the list of questions from Dr. Zack so we can “extract” it when Dr. Zack can’t attend
  • Kunle suggests creation of a digital database of practice materials


  • Going pretty well. Moving from data collection to statistical analysis and writing of things which can be written. Goal to finish draft by end of semester

Prelim Study

  • Sessions continue.

Writing club

–email alix.crilly@wsu.edu and share your manuscripts for group review

Arthropod Collection

–We have primarily arachnids

–Madagascar hissing roaches





–Desert Millipede

–Desert scorpion





–Would like crustaceans

Good of the Order

Kunle: Debate team for ESA. Kunle is helping to organize. Think about if you want to be on the team.

Kunle: SCS could be a good event to get closer to University of Idaho. We should include them in coffee hour, talks, etc.

Kunle: suggests that a student close to graduating join the hiring committees for new faculty to gain valuable experience. Rachel brought this up at faculty meeting.

Future Events

–next meeting Monday March 9, 9AM

–March, outreach event

–Idea: collaborate with Idaho to make solitary bee nesting boxes and sell them / charge to have a workshop where people build them. Timing: spring?

Action Items

–Dane will request giant rolls of tickets from Dr. Sheppard

–Dane will look into putting ad in Mom’s day weekend flyer for ICCC


EGSA Minutes Meeting #8 26 January, 2018 at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416 Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416

Upcoming events:

Student Choice Speaker – March 4th: Evening talk about naturalism of Guatemala, Tuesday hike + student meetings; Alix will cover expenses and get reimbursed

Insect Cinema Cult Classic: Liason to Dr. Sheppard: Dane and Melanie

Insect Expo – April 7th all day: Abbey has live-arthropod information, more info soon

E. Paul Catts Memorial Lecture: April 19/20

  • Dually hosted with UI, Speaker Rufus Isaacs
  • Public talk Thursday at 5:30 in 1912 Center in Moscow (dinner and drinks)
  • Entomology only talk Friday at 11am in Pullman T101

Officer Reports

Ben – library is coming along

  • Donations from faculty? Lending? USB Files for a borrowed drive

Treasurer report: We got $1500 in funding for our outreach events

Megan and Rachel will advertise for events

Faculty Meeting:

  • TFREC Faculty Position: Tobin will be joining the Wenatchee TFREC!
  • Search committee for systematics position has started, complete next year
  • Expect 30-min talks from faculty chair candidates sometime mid-February
  • Teaching opportunity in summer – see email from Rachel
  • Very few applicants for PhD and MS positions – encourage your friends and interested undergrads to come to WSU!


  • 57 Calendars purchased, only have 16 left! Will be for sale for $8 ($2 off)
  • Shirts – Jim Hepler has joined Merch Committee to make this happen
  • Patches! For sale for $3. They are COOL!

Donuts February 7th at 9am in FSHN 164

Committee Reports

  • Happy hour: February bowling
  • Meta-analysis Group: Data extracted by February 28th, meeting Wednesdays 3-4:15pm
  • Prelim Group: Tuesday at 9-10am FSHN 164
  • Linnaean Games: email Jim if interested
  • Writing Group: email Alix if you have manuscripts ready for feedback

Next meeting: Monday 12 February at 9am


EGSA Minutes: Meeting #7 December 11, at 9:00am

Event Updates:

Honey Sales

  • Sold out of honey! One bottle left – Adam’s!
  • Used Square and it was convenient
  • Two days are best – gives people a second chance in case they missed the first day


  • Alex Wild declined this year, but offered 2019 – working with Laura Lavine
  • José Sierra from Guatemala accepted! Working out details

Student Retreat

  • President’s Day Weekend – 8 people have confirmed
  • Location being figured out

Officer Reports

  • President (Adrian) – New committee heads: If anyone is interested in a committee head position please email Adrian over winter break.
  • Vice President (Ben) – na
  • Treasurer (Joseph) – na
  • Secretary (Alix) – na
  • GPSA (Kunle) – na

Primary Committee Reports

Advertising (Megan): Poster for advertising the Calendar

Faculty Liason (Rachel): Meeting coming up soon

Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Calendars have been ordered and will be available soon! 33 pre-orders, 56 printed

Outreach (Abbey: Dane, Maggie): n/a

Social (Olivia and Leisl): Last Coffee-Donut hour was last Monday – doodle poll for next month – Happy Hour at Nectar with UI students and faculty

Ad Hawk Committee Reports

  • Debates Team (Kunle): –
  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): Still waiting for Adam…
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): –
  • Linnaean Games (Alix): –
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Moving along, papers to be considered will be reviewed over break
  • Prelim study (Olivia): Reconvene after break
  • Student Retreat (Maggie): –
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email crilly@wsu.edu if you want links to manuscripts

Have a great winter break!!!


EGSA Minutes Meeting #6 November 27, 2017 at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586

Upcoming events:

Honey Sales: 10am set-up with an 11am start on December 1st

Joseph looking into labels for the honey bottles

Student Choice Speaker: March 5th selected as the date, invitation being sent to Alex Wild

Student Retreat: February 19th – a place with hot springs or other outdoor activities


  • The calendar is complete! Pre-orders until December 5th
  • Patches?

Other updates:

  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15
    • Student authors have been assigned subtopics for the paper
  • Social fun things:
    • Happy Hour at Nectar – Wednesday 29 November at 5pm with UI students!
    • Donuts next Monday, 4 December
    • Holiday party for Entomology Thursday 14 December at 6:30pm
    • Our own holiday party with crafts on Friday 8 December?
    • Tuesday Art-Sci with Jeb
  • Good statistics course with R?
    • Ecological modeling in R with Jesse Brunner – check it out!

Next meeting: Monday 11 December at 9am


EGSA Agenda Meeting #5 November 13, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 771545


Recap: ESA went great, WSU was well represented in the awards ceremony.

How was the insect feed? good attendance; most came during morning session

How was creatures of the night? 900 attendees!

U of I entomology booth complemented ours thanks to the separate rooms


  • Honey bottling this week. Planning on Dec 1st and Dec 8th for selling dates. How much honey do we have? How much do we sell it for ($$/lb)?
  • May take 4-5hrs; 1:15-2:40pm Ben is in class; seem to have enough volunteers; need 4 total at a time; Last year we sold $8 per bottle or $15 for two; Need confirmation with environmental health and safety people; no idea about how much honey there will be; purchased glassware for 250 lbs
  • Need flyer (Megan and Rachel) and setup on Coug sync; we can accept cards; still waiting to decide on a date, preferably December 8th
  • Solidified student choice speakers; two talks; Speaker in February or March to avoid overlap with Cinema Cult Classic
  • Alex Wild 1st and….
  • Bill may be the contact for next year’s colloquium talks

Officer Reports

President (Adrian): Club is doing great, thank you all for volunteering for so many events.

Vice President (Ben)

  • honey
  • books; all new for $1600
  • Biocontrol book and group order

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • Need to talk to Adam for book funds
  • GPSA funding application in and awaiting response
  • Honey sales money will be directly available in a checking account; may have some restrictions for using it
  • Student grant or mini-grant system to fund anything related to research (travel, page charges, etc. w/ a student panel to read over and assess them); could give one out each semester; need to figure out more about how we pick the panel, how much we reward, etc.

Secretary (Alix): out of town

GPSA-funding report (Kunle):

New tax waiver where we may have to pay tax on our tuition waiver. GPSA has phone lines for us to contact our local representatives

Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): Going to work on Honey advertisement in next few days (December 1st and 8th, while supplies last)
  • Faculty Liason (Rachel): Tomorrow is fiscal year planning meeting
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Patches: need to decide how much to order (200 for $300, cost use $1.50 and will sell for $3.00); Calendars (insect mating theme): want to send out template and final photo selection by Thanksgiving, Robert knows a guy for sharing mating photos with Arizona; close orders after a week or two to have them sent out by finals week, sell for $10 each
  • Outreach (Abbey: Dane, Maggie): Creatures of the Night went well; no plans until Insect Fest in April; Ben with USB full of lessons to Coug Sync; Waiting for Live Insect Zoo
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): Today was our coffee and doughnuts; Metanalysis group going well; friendsgiving on Thanksgiving at Abigails (email her to RSVP; there will be turkey and ox-tail stew)

Ad Hawk Committee Reports

  • Debates Team (Kunle): Need to finish revisions; great job for winning first!
  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): Waiting on Adam
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): Have book list
  • Linnaean Games (Alix): Texas A&M undergrads blew us out of the water; undergrads have more time; we should incorporate some undergrads in our group to provide them with opportunities to attend conferences and prep for grad school; mentorship program, but not necessarily with the students who work for us
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Doing well, collaborating with Christina
  • Student Retreat (Maggie): Looking for hot springs; maybe going to be during the first two months of Spring semester
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email crilly@wsu.edu if you want links to manuscripts
  • Career Fair: contact Ben for the networking opportunity

Next meeting: Monday November 27th at 9am


EGSA Minutes Meeting #4 October 23, 2017 at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 5706586 Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586

Upcoming events:

  • Honey Sales
    • Adrian will email Brandon/Steve
    • Need to bottle and advertise (Lighty, flush flyers, etc)
    • Two selected dates: Nov. 16th (if ready) and Dec. 8th
  • Insect Feed
    • Thursday November 2nd – 11am-1pm
    • Sign up! Help out the TAs!
  • Creatures of the Night
    • October 30, 4-8pm
    • Make sure we have people to drive insects back, might not split shifts
    • 3 people signed up so far

Officer Reports

President (Adrian): Nominations closed for Student Choice Speaker – vote soon!

Vice President (Ben)

  • Laura Lavine found some free books we just have to pay shipping for
  • Other books listed – see an email from Ben

Treasurer (Joseph): Adrian and Joseph are working on a funding proposal


  • Robert, Abigail and Jessa (would like one more member)
    • Calendar (submit photos!)
    • Retro design t-shirt
    • Patches that are stick-n-peel

Other updates:

  • Prelim Study Group – Wednesdays from 11am-12pm – deciding a format but already having great discussions
  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15
    • Farming services vary by landscape in conventional vs. organic management with Dave Crowder as advisor
  • Linnaean Games – Thursdays at 3pm, come check it out!

Next meeting: Monday November 6thth at 9am