Removing Pollutants From Urban Runoff

Researchers seek ways to trap toxins and improve water quality. John Stark, director of WSU Puyallup and the Washington Stormwater Center, leads the research and outreach programs that address stormwater issues.   To view this article, go to: » More ...

Old World Meets New

Brandon Hopkins explains in an article in the Fall 2016 Northwest Farm and Ranch Magazine, how the WSU bee program is now using cryopreservation to conserve bee’s genetic material, providing the program with an advantage for preserving bee’s genetic lines and continuing to diversify the U.S. honeybees.


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Researchers Travel World to Breed a Better Honeybee

Brandon Hopkins, Steve Sheppard, and Susan Cobey explain in a Capital Press article, how they want to improve the genetic diversity in the U.S. honeybee population, hoping to breed bees more capable of warding off pests and diseases, surviving over winter and pollinating in inclement weather.


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Norm Ehmann Urban Pest Management Award RFP

Norm Ehmann Urban Pest Management FRP – 2017 Award


Request for proposals: Researchers or educators involved with urban pest management problems which occur in the Pacific Northwest are invited to apply. Research may be conducted outside the Northwest if it involves pests that also occur in the Northwest, like bed bugs.

See Ehmann July 2016 RFP for 2017 Award for complete information.

Carol Black Receives The Sahlin Faculty Award for Outreach and Engagement

CAHNRS News, March 2016



Congratulations to Carol Black, this year’s Sahlin Faculty Awardee for Outreach and Engagement.   As director of the WSU Urban Integrated Pest Management and Carol Black 2Pesticide Safety Education Program, she provides training for the safe, environmentally sound, effective use of commercial pesticides. She delivers science-based education to people who use pesticides in their profession and are regulated by the state.  Black works with extension agents, health officials, chemical suppliers, government regulators, pest managers and safety equipment vendors. She has consulted with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture to enhance pesticide safety. Her work has contributed to policies and guidelines of the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s approaches to risk mitigation.  Learn more about her at  She will be receiving her award at the Celebrating Excellence Recognition Banquet that is part of Showcase, WSU’s annual celebration of faculty, staff and student achievement. Showcase also includes the Distinguished Faculty Address (March 24), the Academic Showcase display of faculty, staff and student work (March 25) and other events. See