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Recent Alumni

HermaHERMA, Amalia 







M.S. awarded in May 2015

Thesis: Ecological and Biological Stress Effects on the Ground Squirrel Flea, Oropsylla Montana (Siphonaptera: Certiphyllidae)

Returning to the U.S. military Navy/Air Force


SchmidtSCHMIDT, Rebecca

Ph.D., May 2015

Thesis: Phytoseiids as Biological Control Agents of Phytophagous Mites in WA Apple Orchards

Post Doc researcher at Cornell University



Si-PeiLIU, Si-Pei

M.S. awarded in May 2015

Non Thesis

Entering Ph.D. program at a University in Germany





HUST, James

M.S. awarded in May 2015

Thesis: Functional Analyses of Fat Signaling Genes During Exaggerated Horn Growth in the Asian Rhinoceros Beetle Trypoxylus Dichotomus (Coleoptra: Scarabaeidae)

Currently works for a government agency in Oregon




Ph.D., May 2015

Thesis: Biotic Factors Affecting Tick Blood Feeding: Exploring Interactions of Deer Mice and Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks



whiteside WHITESIDE, Samantha

M.S. awarded in May 2015

Thesis: Putting Limits on Larval Feeding Success for the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Dermacentor Andersoni)

Allen Institute of Brain Science in Seattle, WA



BOYLE, Natalie

Ph.D., May 2015

Thesis: Pollinator-Mediated Gene Flow in and Among Fields of Alrfalfa Produced Seeds

Post Doc with Doug Walsh


RAYL, Ryan

M.S. awarded in December 2013

Thesis: Efficacy of Nanophyes marmoratus Goeze (Coleoptera: Brentidae) attack on Lythrum salicaria L. (Lythraceae) seed production and population dynamics in Eastern Washington

Currently enrolled in PhD program at Lincoln University in Lincoln, New Zealand







OLSEN, Matthew

M.S., May 2012


Sales position in Oregon.



Ph.D., May 2012

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Diversity by design: Exploring the use of trap crops and companion plants to control Phyllotreta cruciferae, the crucifer flea beetle, in broccoli.

Accepted a position with Rutgers University Extension Service.



M.S., May 2012

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Effects of Flight and Sublethal Pesticide Residues on Codling Moth, Cydia Pomonella (Linnaeus), Obliquebanded Leafroller,Chorioneura Rosaceana (Harris), and Convergent Ladybird Beetle, Hippodamia Convergens (Guérin-Méneville)

Working at WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center with Vince Jones.


DEL POZO, Alejandaro

M.S., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Describing the Natural History & Control of Two Defoliators (Orthosia hibisci & Gluphisia septentrionis) in the PNW Hybrid Poplars.

PhD Program at North Carolina St. at Raleigh


GONTIJO, Lessando

Ph.D., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Integrated Biological Control of Woolly Apple Aphid in WA

Post-doc position in Brazil


HOLLINGBERY (EAKIN), Erin – M.S. Student

M.S., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Effectiveness of Reduced-Cost Management of Green Peach Aphid in Potato with Single Treatment Seed-Applied Neonicotinoid Insecticide, and Definition and Linkage of Parasitoid Guilds of Aphids in Potatoes and Rabbitbrush in WA St.


WIMAN, Nikolai

Ph.D., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Ecology of Tachinid Parasitoids (Diptera) and Biological Control of Leafroller Pests (Tortricidae) in WA Tree Fruit

Post-Doc at Oregon State Univ



M.S., May 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Vector Efficiency of the Potato Psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli (Sulc) in Zebra Chip Disease Epidemiology: The Effects of Life Stage, Inoculation Access Period and Vector Density

Frito-Lay Co. doing potato research Rhinelander, MI



M.S., December 2013

Thesis/Dissertation title: Effects of Pesticides and three Sulfur-Based Products on Integrated Mite Management in Washington State

PhD program at UofI


Mustafa[1]MUSTAFA, Tariq

Thesis/Dissertation Title:




Ph.D., May 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Resource Partitioning by Predators Impacts Insect Communities

Post-Doc UC-Davis


VILAIRE, Auriel-Robert

M.S., December 2012

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Effects of Host Immunity, Pathogen Infection & Environmental Factors on the Fitness of the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Dermacentor andersoni).

Accepted a scientist position with Monsanto in St. Louis, MO.


ZHOU, Changqing

M.S., May 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Identification of Lygus Bugs by DNA Barcoding for Integrated Pest Management

Lab Tech, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, School of Molecular Biosciences


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