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Matthew Jones



JONES, Matthew

Ph.D., December 2018

Research: Dung Beetle- Mediated Pathogen Suppression



Whitener, Alix 1706


Ph.D., May 2018

Research: Behavior and integrated pest management of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Washington state sweet cherry.

Technical Services Manager for FMC



ASCHE, MeganMegan-Asche-e1460471076212-225x300

M.S., May 2018

Research: Comparison of pollination behavior and health of three Apis mellifoera strains

Ph.D. Program at Washington State University



Emily WineWINE, Emily

M.S., February 2018

Research: Long-Term Population Census and Nest Site Characterization of Managed Alkali Bee Population in Alfalfa Seed Production in South Central Washington




KLK in Lab (Lab website)KREY, Karol

Ph.D., June 2017

Research: Biological Controls, Integrated Pest Managed, Molecular Ecology






Ph.D., May 2017
Research: Plant-insect-virus interactions, using the pea aphid and legumes as a model system





GRULA, Courtney Grula in the field

M.S., August 2016
Research: Comparative Studies of pollinator diversity among crops and adjacent riparian habitats






Ph.D., May 2016

Research: Lethal and non-Lethel Effects of Predators on Culex Mosquitoes: Implications for Pathogen Transmission



megan taylorTAYLOR, Megan

Ph.D., May 2016

Research: Old World Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Populations: A Genetic Resource for U.S. Honey Bee Breeding




ZINNA, Robert

Ph.D., May 2016

Research: Proximate mechanisms of condition-dependent exaggerated weapon growth in the Asian rhinoceros beetle Trypoxylus Dichotomus (Kono)
CDC in Arizona



CastilloCarillo[1]CASTILLO CARRILLO, Carmen

Ph.D., December 2015

Research: Psyllid ecology and biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest

Returning to resume her position in Ecuador.


LANE, Janet

M.S., December 2015
Research: Modeling the Climatic Suitability of Fopius Arsinans and its Host Fly Bacteroceria Dorsalis



O’LEARY, Conor

M.S., December 2015




Schwarz[1]SCHWARTZ, Joseph

Ph.D., December 2015




Elizabeth D'Auria

D’AURIA, Elizabeth

M.S., August 2015

Research: Developing Decision-Support Tools for Insect Pests of Potato Crops in the Pacific Northwestern United States

Post Doc with Crowder Lab at Washington State University


MilosavljevicIvanMILOSAVLJEVIC, Ivan

Ph.D., August 2015

Research: Ecology, biology, and management of wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in Pacific Northwest cereal crops

Post Doc with Crowder Lab at Washington State University



M.S., May 2015

Research: Putting Limits on Larval Feeding Success for the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Dermacentor Andersoni)

Allen Institute of Brain Science in Seattle, WA




Ph.D, May 2015

Research: Ecological and Biological Stress Effects on the Ground Squirrel Flea, Oropsylla Montana (Siphonaptera: Certiphyllidae)

Returning to the U.S. military Navy/Air Force



Ph.D., May 2015

Research: Phytoseiids as Biological Control Agents of Phytophagous Mites in WA Apple Orchards

Post Doc researcher at Cornell University


LIU, Si-Pei

M.S., May 2015

Research: Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) from Europe and the US

Ph.D. program at a University in Germany




Ph.D., May 2015

Research: Biotic Factors Affecting Tick Blood Feeding: Exploring Interactions of Deer Mice and Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks




HUST, James

M.S., May 2015

Research: Functional Analyses of Fat Signaling Genes During Exaggerated Horn Growth in the Asian Rhinoceros Beetle Trypoxylus Dichotomus (Coleoptra: Scarabaeidae)

Government agency in Oregon



HERMA, Amalia

Posthumous, Ph.D., May 2015

Research: Characterization of Insecticide Resistance Mechanisms in the Western Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus Hesperus Knight (Hemiptera:Miridae)




BoyleNatalieBOYLE, Natalie

Ph.D., May 2015

Research: Pollinator-Mediated Gene Flow in and Among Fields of Alrfalfa Produced Seeds

Post Doc with Doug Walsh


Mustafa[1]MUSTAFA, Tariq

Ph.D., December 2014
Research: Comparative Biology of Potato Psylid Bactericera Cockerelli (Hemiptera: Triozidae) Haplotypes

Post Doc at USDA/ARS Wapato, WA



HOPKINS, Brandon

Ph.D., May 2014

Research: Artificial Reprodcutive Techniques in Honey Bees: Sperm Cell Phusiology, Semen Collection and Storage

Manager for WSU Apiculture Laboratory


Amelia JordanJORDAN, Amelia

M.S., May 2014

Research: A Qualitative Survey of Native Bees in and Near Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa) Seeds in Washington State

Ph.D. program at Oregon State University




M.S., May 2014

Research: Individual- and Population-level Toxicity of the New Generation Insecticide, Rynaxypyr to the Cladoceran, Ceriodaphnia dubia

Returned to China



Ph.D., May 2014

Research: Assessing Transportation Impacts to Alkali Bees (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) and Alfalfa See Production in the Walla Walla Valley

Post Doc at Oregon State University-Hermiston Ag. Res. & Ext Ctr.



RAYL, Ryan

M.S., December 2013

Research: Efficacy of Nanophyes marmoratus Goeze (Coleoptera: Brentidae) attack on Lythrum salicaria L. (Lythraceae) seed production and population dynamics in Eastern Washington

Fellowship in PhD program at Lincoln University in New Zealand



M.S., December 2013 

Research: Acaricide Resistance of the Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus Urticae) in Pacific NW Hops



CoslorCharlieCOSLOR, Charlie

M.S., August 2013

Research: Effeccts of Neoicotinoids on Adult and Immature Drosophila Suzukii in the Laboratory and in an Experimental Blueberry Field

Ph.D. Program at Michigan State University


PearsonColePEARSON, Cole

M.S., August 2013

Research: Characterization and Correlation of Electrical Penetration Graph (EPG) Waveforms of the Psyllid Bactericera cockerelli (Hemiptera: Triozidae)

Marrone Biological Innovations, Davis, CA



Ph.D., May 2013

Research: Pheromone-Based Monitoring of Pseudococcus maritimus & Intra- and Interspecific Vector Efficiency of Parthenolecanium corni & Pseudococcus maritimus Among & Between Vitis x labruscana L and Vitis vinifera

Post doc at University of California-Davis


LYNCH, Christine

Ph.D., May 2013

Research: Exploring Consumption by Two Generalist Hemipteran Predators in Potatoes Using Molecular Gut Content Analysis and Behavioral Studies

Post doc at University of Hawaii


NiedbalaJohnNIEDBALA, John “Jack”

M.S., May 2013

Research: Biology of a Little Known Weevil Polydrusus impressifroms Gyllenhal(1834) Coleoptera: Curculionidae In an Irrigate Hybrid Poplar Plantation In the PNW

Research Tech in Crops and Soils at Washington State University



Ph.D., May 2013

Research: Terrestrial Insect Communities and Novel Pest Management Strategies in PNW Hybrid Poplar Plantations

Scientist at GreenWood Industries in Oregon


VanderVlietVANDER VLIET, Anne

M.S., May 2013

Research: Effects of Host Immunity, Pathogen Infection & Environmental Factors on the Fitness of the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Dermacentor andersoni)

Las Cruces, NM, Dangerous/Exotic Animal Control



M.S., December 2012

Research: Effects of Pesticides and three Sulfur-Based Products on Integrated Mite Management in Washington State

PhD program at University of Idaho


VILAIRE, Auriel-Robert

M.S., December 2012

Research: Effects of Host Immunity, Pathogen Infection & Environmental Factors on the Fitness of the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Dermacentor andersoni)

Software developer at Randstand


BoyleNatalieBOYLE, Natalie

M.S., May 2012

Research: Sublethal Effects of Brood Comb Pesticide Residues on Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Colony Health

Ph.D. Program at Washington State University


OLSEN, Matthew

M.S., May 2012


Sales position in Oregon.



Ph.D., May 2012

Research: Diversity by design: Exploring the use of trap crops and companion plants to control Phyllotreta cruciferae, the crucifer flea beetle, in broccoli

Accepted a position with Rutgers University Extension Service



M.S., May 2012

Research: Effects of Flight and Sublethal Pesticide Residues on Codling Moth, Cydia Pomonella (Linnaeus), Obliquebanded Leafroller, Chorioneura Rosaceana (Harris), and Convergent Ladybird Beetle, Hippodamia Convergens (Guérin-Méneville)

Working at WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center with Vince Jones



M.S, December 2011

Research: Manipulation of Soil Temperatures to Influence Brood Emergence in the Alkali Bee (Nomia Melanderi Cockerell)

Ph.D. program at Washington State University



DEL POZO, Alejandaro

M.S., December 2011

Research: Describing the Natural History & Control of Two Defoliators (Orthosia hibisci & Gluphisia septentrionis) in the PNW Hybrid Poplars

PhD Program at North Carolina St. at Raleigh


GONTIJO, Lessando

Ph.D., December 2011

Research: Integrated Biological Control of Woolly Apple Aphid in WA

Post-doc position in Brazil



M.S., December 2011

Research: Effectiveness of Reduced-Cost Management of Green Peach Aphid in Potato with Single Treatment Seed-Applied Neonicotinoid Insecticide, and Definition and Linkage of Parasitoid Guilds of Aphids in Potatoes and Rabbitbrush in WA State


WIMAN, Nikolai

Ph.D., December 2011

Research: Ecology of Tachinid Parasitoids (Diptera) and Biological Control of Leafroller Pests (Tortricidae) in WA Tree Fruit

Post-Doc at Oregon State Univ



M.S., May 2011

Research: Vector Efficiency of the Potato Psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli (Sulc) in Zebra Chip Disease Epidemiology: The Effects of Life Stage, Inoculation Access Period and Vector Density

Frito-Lay Co. doing potato research Rhinelander, MI



Ph.D., May 2011

Research: Resource Partitioning by Predators Impacts Insect Communities

Lecturer at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia


ZHOU, Changqing

M.S., May 2011

Research: Identification of Lygus Bugs by DNA Barcoding for Integrated Pest Management

Research Assistant at University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign


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