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Recent Alumni


RAYL, Ryan










OLSEN, Matthew

M.S., May 2012


Sales position in Oregon.



Ph.D., May 2012

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Diversity by design: Exploring the use of trap crops and companion plants to control Phyllotreta cruciferae, the crucifer flea beetle, in broccoli.

Accepted a position with Rutgers University Extension Service.



M.S., May 2012

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Effects of Flight and Sublethal Pesticide Residues on Codling Moth, Cydia Pomonella (Linnaeus), Obliquebanded Leafroller,Chorioneura Rosaceana (Harris), and Convergent Ladybird Beetle, Hippodamia Convergens (Guérin-Méneville)

Working at WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center with Vince Jones.


DEL POZO, Alejandaro

M.S., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Describing the Natural History & Control of Two Defoliators (Orthosia hibisci & Gluphisia septentrionis) in the PNW Hybrid Poplars.

PhD Program at North Carolina St. at Raleigh


GONTIJO, Lessando

Ph.D., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Integrated Biological Control of Woolly Apple Aphid in WA

Post-doc position in Brazil


HOLLINGBERY (EAKIN), Erin – M.S. Student

M.S., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Effectiveness of Reduced-Cost Management of Green Peach Aphid in Potato with Single Treatment Seed-Applied Neonicotinoid Insecticide, and Definition and Linkage of Parasitoid Guilds of Aphids in Potatoes and Rabbitbrush in WA St.


WIMAN, Nikolai

Ph.D., December 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Ecology of Tachinid Parasitoids (Diptera) and Biological Control of Leafroller Pests (Tortricidae) in WA Tree Fruit

Post-Doc at Oregon State Univ



M.S., May 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Vector Efficiency of the Potato Psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli (Sulc) in Zebra Chip Disease Epidemiology: The Effects of Life Stage, Inoculation Access Period and Vector Density

Frito-Lay Co. doing potato research Rhinelander, MI



M.S., December 2013

Thesis/Dissertation title: Effects of Pesticides and three Sulfur-Based Products on Integrated Mite Management in Washington State

PhD program at UofI


Mustafa[1]MUSTAFA, Tariq

Thesis/Dissertation Title:




Ph.D., May 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Resource Partitioning by Predators Impacts Insect Communities

Post-Doc UC-Davis


VILAIRE, Auriel-Robert

M.S., December 2012

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Effects of Host Immunity, Pathogen Infection & Environmental Factors on the Fitness of the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Dermacentor andersoni).

Accepted a scientist position with Monsanto in St. Louis, MO.


ZHOU, Changqing

M.S., May 2011

Thesis/Dissertation Title: Identification of Lygus Bugs by DNA Barcoding for Integrated Pest Management

Lab Tech, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, School of Molecular Biosciences


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