CAHNRS – Department of Entomology

Dr. Laura Lavine

Curriculum Vitae


Current Position

  • Assistant Director of the WSU CAHNRS Office of Research
  • as of July 2016, Full Professor, Department of Entomology
  • Participating Faculty Member, WSU Center for Reproductive Biology


Selected Publications

  1. Gotoh, H, RA Zinna, Y Ishikawa, H Miiyakawa, A Ishikawa, Y Sugime, DJ Emlen, LC Lavine, T Miura. 2016. The function of appendage patterining genes in mandible development of sexually dimorphic stag beetle. Developmental Biology. Impact Factor 3.4
  2. Lin,X, Xu, Y, Yao Y, Wang B, Lavine MD, and LC Lavine. 2016. JNK signaling mediates wing form polymorphism in brown planthoppers (Nilaparvata lugens). Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 73: 55-61. Impact Factor 3.9
  3. R Zinna, H Gotoh, CS Brent, A Dolezal, A Kraus, T Niimi, D Emlen, LC Lavine. 2016. Endocrine Control of Exaggerated Trait Growth in Rhinoceros Beetles. Integrative and Comparative Biology doi: 10.1093/icb/icw042 Impact Factor 3.5
  4. Lin, Xinda, Yun, Yao, Wang, Bo, Lavine, M.D., and L.C. Lavine. 2016. FOXO links wing polyphenism and wound healing in the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 70: 24-31. Impact Factor 3.9
  5. Hiroki Gotoh, Robert A Zinna, Ian Warren, Michael DeNieu, Teruyuki Niimi, Ian Dworkin, Douglas J Emlen, Toru Miura, Laura C Lavine. 2016. Identification and functional analysis of sex determination genes in the sexually dimorphic stag beetle Cyclommatus metallifer. BMC Genomics 17:250. Impact Factor 3.867
  6. X Lin, Y Yao, B Wang, DJ Emlen, LC Lavine. 2016. Ecological Trade-offs between Migration and Reproduction Are Mediated by the Nutrition-Sensitive Insulin-Signaling Pathway. International Journal of Biological Sciences 12: 607. Impact Factor 3.0
  7. F Zhu, L Lavine, S O’Neal, M Lavine, C Foss, D Walsh. 2016. Insecticide Resistance and Management Strategies in Urban Ecosystems. Insects 7: 2. Impact Factor 1.94
  8. Mills, M.R., Nemri R.S., Carlson, E.A., Wilde, W., Gotoh, H., Lavine, L.C. and B.O. Swanson. 2016. Functional mechanics of beetle mandibles: honest signaling in a sexually selected system. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics & Physiology 325A: 3-12. Impact Factor 1.226

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