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We have two  ongoing projects in the lab that have to do with adaptation- the evolution and development of beetle weapons and the evolution of pesticide resistance.  We are excited to welcome Mare Sullivan and Lori Stanton, two outstanding high school science teachers & POGIL Facilitators to our beetle research group in summer 2015. Mare and Lori are both from Bellevue, Washington and will work to do authentic research as well as write POGIL activities and case studies around our beetle research project.   Our insecticide resistance work is in collaboration with Doug Walsh (WSU IAREC) and Joe Hull at the USDA ALARC.  Not pictured but hard at work in the lab are Abbey Hayes (new PhD student in 2016) and Jumpei Shinji (JSPS International Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2018).

MarkMark Lavine, is an Associate in Research. He manages the day to day operations of the lab and works with Doug Walsh and Laura Lavine on all Lavine lab projects. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 2001.  (Go Bucky!) He was a postdoc at the University of Georgia, the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology at University College London, and the University of Idaho before coming to WSU.





 Junpei 6_Jumpei Shinji is a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science International Postdoctoral Fellow in the Lavine lab. Jumpei has a PhD from the University of Tokyo and he joined us in April 2016. He is working to use genetic techniques to increase the overall body size and growth of crayfish. A project with very delicious potential results.








Kunle Adesanya, award winner at the ESA National meeting in 2015.

Kunle Adesanya, award winner at the ESA National meeting in 2015 and ICE 2016.

Kunle Adesanya is a PhD student in the Lavine & Zhu & Walsh labs. Kunle has a MS in Entomology from Auburn University and he joined the lab in summer 2015. He is working on spider mite resistance to acaricides.









Abigail Hayes is a PhD student in the Lavine lab. Abbey has a B.S. from St. Mary’s College of California and she joined the lab in fall 2016. She is interested in the evolution of modular  and exaggerated traits. Looking forward to seeing what her project will become!


20161209_150644Erin Knutson graduated from WSU in December 2016! Way to go Erin! Her work with us on beetle rearing and beetle immunity projects has been invaluable. She is still helping us when she can and we are so happy to have her around.










Mare SullivanMare Sullivan has taught K-12 science in public and private schools for the past 25 years, facilitated numerous inquiry-based science teaching workshops, and contributed to three published books of guided-inquiry activities for High School Biology and Chemistry. Named the 2013 WSTA Secondary Science Teacher of the Year and the 2012 Puget Sound Area ACS HS Chemistry Teacher of the Year, Mare loves helping peers increase the inquiry environment in their own classrooms. She is currently an adjunct faculty member in the SPU School of Education.







Lori Stanton is our NSF RET (Research Experience for Teachers) high school teacher from Bellevue Christian School. She is a certified POGIL facilitator and a fun person to have in our group!

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