CAHNRS – Department of Entomology

Dr. Laura Lavine

Outreach & Extension

We are wholly dedicated to engaging students in active learning through research projects and outreach activities. Everyone in our lab has a commitment to this and some of our activities include participating in:

  • Laura recently completed a POGIL Facilitator training ( and can now lead training workshops in Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning
  • Insect Expo (every Spring at WSU aimed at pre-K to grade 6 students)
  • Dr. Rich Zack’s Insect Feed (every Fall at WSU where we help serve and educate WSU students & their families on the nutritiousness of an insect diet)
  • WSU Entomology Museum tours for pre-K through higher ed more
  • reading at the Pullman public library
  • contributions to individual students through summer academic camps (WSU Upward Bound) and research experiences for high school students.

Dr. Lavine strives continually to keep her teaching and instruction up to date and current – not just in content but also in engagement and delivery. She has embraced several innovative teaching pedagogies (and taken courses on them) in order to reach out to as many students as possible in the classroom and outside of it.

Robbie Zinna explores the river ecology of the Clearwater river with the budding young entomologist Adrian Thomas, age 10.

Graduate student Jennifer Seagrave uses her amazing skills to paint a butterfly on Adrian Lavine at Insect Expo 2011.

In July 2007, the entire Upward Bound curriculum was focused on insects! Laura was invited (along with Beth Marshall from WSU Biological Sciences) to teach a course on general entomology to these high school students.

In July 2008 the Upward Bound science course was taught by Laura and this time it was on forensic science. Here you see two high school students intent on loading DNA into an agarose gel.


Laura helped Keriann Bennett and her son Adrian Thomas (age 7) put together an insect collection for his class project.

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