CAHNRS – Department of Entomology

Dr. Laura Lavine


Photo by Hiroki Gotoh

Photo by Hiroki Gotoh

In the Lavine lab, we investigate at diversity of topics aimed at understanding the evolution of adaptive phenotypes. To this end we have two main projects in the lab.


PROJECT 1: The EVOLUTION of EXTREME TRAITS. We work closely with Doug Emlen at the University of Montana on the development and growth of the exaggerated traits of sexual selection in the beetles. In particular we have focused on the sexually-selected horns and mandibles of beetles.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, our expertise overlaps to help us put together the bigger picture.  We also collaborate with Ian Dworkin (Michigan State University), Toru Miura (Hokkaido University) and Teruyuki Niimi (Nagoya University) on different aspects of this work. This work is funded by the NSF.

PROJECT 2: Pesticide resistance is a fascinating trait to study because of its rapid development and importance to society. I am working with Doug Walsh on this important project.  We are funded by several commodity commissions in Washington state as well as the USDA Pest Managements Alternative Program. Our collaborators on this work include Rose Fang Zhu at WSU, Frank Zalom at UC-Davis and Joe Hull at the US Arid Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa, Arizona.


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