M.T. James Museum

The M.T. James Entomological Collection houses over 1.25 million specimens of insects and related arthropods as well as a significant library and collection of photographic slides.

Entomology notes
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Dr. Maurice T. James, distinguished WSU professor of entomology and late Professor Emeritus, was also curator of the insect collection that now bears his name. As an internationally-known systematist, he published many taxonomic papers on true flies or Diptera. His textbook, “Entomology in Human and Animal Health” (co-authored with RF Harwood) remains the standard reference for students of medical entomology. The list of students who studied under him is long and equally distinguished.  Dr. James, with his wife Helen, established an endowment fund for the James Entomological Collection. Funds from this are used to maintain and promote growth of the research collection and to support visiting scholars using the collection for taxonomic research. The James Collection ranks as on of the largest research and reference collections of insects in the Pacific Northwest and is an important and critical resource of the University and entomological community.

Dr. Richard Zack

You can hold a cockroach.

Insect Displays

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Dr. Laura Lavine

A Close-up Look at Butterflies

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An Amazing Collection

Entomology Museum

While the museum contains insects from throughout the world, its main concern is the fauna of the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington State.

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