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Student Feature Friday with Megan Asche

On the last Friday of each month we sit down with an Entomology graduate student to get to know more about them, how they became interested in Entomology, and what their role is in the department. This month, we sat down with Megan Asche to get to know her a little bit better!

Megan Asche pinning insects in her lab
Megan Asche pinning insects in her lab

Q: Masters or Ph.D., and how far into your program are you?
A: Ph.D., second year

Q: What is your research project? 
A: Currently I am exploring whether paper wasps can be trained to learn a specific odor.

Q: How did you become an entomologist?
A: I got involved in entomology via macro insect photography. While I was working as a professional graphic designer, I was posting a bunch of insect photographs online and was able to make connections with the entomology community.

Q: Why would you recommend entomology as a career? 
A: I would recommend entomology as a career because entomologists have many career options.

You can work for: the federal or state government, a university, or private industry.

Q: What are your future career plans after graduation?
A: Since I have a diverse professional background, I am open to many options. My primary areas of interest are insect identification/imaging and teaching.

Q: What is your favorite insect?
A: I don’t have one