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Lynell Tanigoshi

Professor and Entomologist
Extension Specialist E-4

Areas of Interest

  • Agricultural Entomology/IPM, biological control
  • Spider mite biology, ecology, and control
  • Biology and ecology of predaceous Phytoseiidae
  • Pesticide resistance of the Acarina
  • Crop protection in cereals, legumes, tree fruits, citrus, small fruits and vegetables/horticultral crops grown in greenhouses


  • Bachelor of Science 1963 California State Univ., Long Beach, Zoology
  • Master of Arts 1968 California State Univ., Long Beach, Biology
  • Doctor of Philosophy 1973 University of California, Riverside, Entomology/Plant Pathology
Close up image featuring Lynell Tanigoshi
Lynell Tanigoshi

Washington State University
Mount Vernon Research
& Extension Center

16650 State Route 539
Mount Vernon, WA 98273-4768
Phone: 360-848-6152