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Orchard Cicada

Homoptera Cicadidae Platypedia areolata (Uhler)

The orchard cicada is the common cicada of the PNW Region. All cicada spp. have multi year life cycles ranging from 3 to 17 years as nymphs feeding on roots of trees and adulthood.

When the adults emerge both sexes make a loud stridulation sound that attracts the other gender for mating. This sound is species specific.The eggs are laid on young twigs of trees. The twigs break off and fall to the ground and 1st instar nymphs migrate down to the roots.

The noise made by cicadas is very distinctive and the observer will be able to use bi polar hearing to locate the stridulating insect, then focus on it. See photo taken by Peggy Bragg using a H2 Digital Camera.

Some species of cicada in the eastern USA appear in large numbers and their nymphs do economic damage to trees.

P. areolata is a solitary species with a 4 year life cycle.