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Entomology Department Mission Statement, Objectives and Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Entomology is to advance scientific knowledge in the field of entomology and to disseminate this knowledge through publication, teaching, and service. Entomology is a broad field that encompasses all fields in the life sciences from basic & applied ecology to basic & applied molecular biology to understand problems revolving around the effects of arthropods on issues as diverse as human health and agriculture. To advance our mission, the graduate program in the Department of Entomology emphasizes excellence in all scientific endeavors related to the research, teaching, and practice of entomology for students and faculty.

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To guide students in their development as professionals in their chosen fields of entomology.
  2. To prepare students to be effective scientists and practitioners in entomology.
  3. To establish a highly successful graduate program with a national and international reputation.


Outcomes for each of the program’s objectives are:

  1. To      guide students in their development as professionals in their chosen fields of entomology, the program aims to provide experiences that:
    1. Develop expertise in appropriate concepts, theories, and emerging methodologies from the fundamental disciplines of basic & applied biology, statistics, physiology, ecology, systematic, and molecular biology
    2. Attain fundamental experience in applying knowledge to ongoing, real-world issues in entomology
    3. Provide effective mentoring
    4. Encourages students to develop as scholars in their academic fields including publication, participation in conferences, workshops, and short courses as appropriate
    5. Encourages students to join professional organizations as appropriate to their specialization
    6. To prepare students to be effective scientists and practitioners in entomology
    1. Become independent, self-motivated researchers with the ability to recognize problems in their field of expertise and to formulate solutions to the problems
    2. Develop and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of research in their field of expertise through a proposal of research and a literature review
    3. Generate viable questions within their field and pose problems or hypotheses related to those questions
    4. Apply sound research methods to entomological problems and describe those methods