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I want to give to Entomology

Featured Image Above by Megan Asche

 The Department of Entomology at Washington State University is proud of the number and variety of excellence, memorial, and scholarship funds established to aid students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of entomological excellence. We appreciate your generous gifts that help us continue this tradition. The Entomology Department has the honor each year of making awards to outstanding students and recognized scholars. Please take the opportunity to make a contribution to any of the funds below. Click on any of the headings and the link will take you to the specific gifting page for that fund.

  • Akre, Roger D. & Johansen, Carl A. – Scholarship Fund -The fund honors long time Washington State Entomologists Roger Akre and Carl Johansen. Funds are provided to an entomology student for travel, research, or other projects which enhance the student’s understanding of entomology.
  • Antonelli, Art – Endowed Fund in Entomology– Created to honor Art Antonelli and in memory of his many achievements in urban entomology. Supports students who are involved in one or more aspects of urban entomology, especially as they relate to cooperation with the James Entomological Collections.
  • Catts, E.P. – Memorial Lectureship– This fund sponsors an annual entomologist lecture honoring Paul Catts, a long time Washington State parasitologist and teacher of medical entomology.
  • Ehmann, Norman – Endowed Chair in Urban Pest Management– Created to honor Norm Ehmann who worked more than 50 years in the pesticide industry. Funds support research, outreach, and curriculum development in Urban Pest Management.
  • Entomology Excellence Fund – Funds used to advance the interests of the Entomology Department in the areas of education, research, extension, and international programs, including expenditures for equipment, foreign and domestic travel, special guest speakers, student awards, scholarships, public relations, and other activities.
  • Entomology Graduate Student Support Fund– Supports student scholarship for research and travel.
  • Getzin, Louis W. – Memorial Scholarship – Created to honor long time WSU-Puyallup Entomologist, Louis Getzin. The scholarship funds graduate student travel to regional and national scientific meetings.
  • Hallgarth, Howard and Hermina Scholarship – A scholarship fund which is awarded in alternate years to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Entomology. Funds are awarded as a graduate fellowship to a deserving student in any graduate degree program.
  • Harwood, Robert F. and Mary Lou Graduate Fellowship – This fund may be used to provide fellowship stipends to be used by the recipient for such things as tuition and fees, subsistence, research expenses and other educationally related costs.
  • Hastings, Donald F. Scholarship Fund – This fund honors longtime Yakima Valley’s Chevron Chemical Corporation fieldman, Donald Hastings. It consists of an annual scholarship awarded to Entomology undergraduates or graduate students bases on academic record and financial need.
  • Honey Bee Diagnostic Lab Fund– Supports research on honey bee colony health.
  • Honey Bee Mushroom Research – This fund supports WSU Entomology Dr. Steve Sheppard’s Lab in collaboration with Paul Stamets, owner of Host Defense and Fungi Perfecti (leading mycologist, visionary and TED Talk presenter), and WSU Bee Keepers Association who teamed up in a research initiative called BeeFriendly™ to help reverse devastating declines in the global bee population that are critically threatening the world’s food security.
  • Honey Bee Research Facility – These funds will help support bee research in the facility.
  • James, Maurice T. and Helen – Entomology Museum Fund – Created by Maurice and Helen James, the fund is used to support and promote the M. T. James Entomological Collection. Funds are used to maintain and promulgate the Collection, support visiting scholars, and enhance the museum reference library.
  • Tamaki, George – Memorial Scholarship Fund – Established to honor Yakima Lab., USDA Entomologist, George Tamaki. The fund is used to award an annual scholarship to a regularly enrolled graduate student in the Department of Entomology.
  • Telford, H. S. – Entomology Scholarship – This scholarship fund was established in 1975 in honor of Dr. Horace S. Telford, Professor Emeritus, former faculty member and Chairman of the Department o Entomology (1952-68) at Washington State University. One of more scholarships are awarded annually, primarily to undergraduate entomology majors, based upon outstanding academic achievements and financial needs. Occasional awards in the form of travel grants to scientific meetings or for research travel may also be made to deserving entomology graduate students.
  • Dr. Telford, Horace S. and Vilma G, and Family Distinguished Professorship – This fund was established in honor of Horace and Vilma Telford and will be used as a faculty Distinguished Professorship.
  • Thurber, Pomeroy F. “Roy” Distinguished Professor of Pollinator Ecology – This fund was established in honor of Thurber’s devotion to beekeeping and his seemingly unending energy to it’s promotion in the state of Washington. Dr. Sheppard’s research is currently supported by this fund.