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Pullman Post Doc and Researchers

Post Doctoral Research Associates

Gengping Zhu, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Crowder Lab

Education: Ph.D. Zoology, Nankai University

Interest: Interested in distributional ecology and is familiar with applications of correlative ecological niche modeling in conservation biogeography. He is using this tool to resolve problems in invasion and conservation biology.


Kelly Kulhanek, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Hopkins Lab

Education: Ph.D. Honey Bee Health and Management Practices, University of Maryland

Interest: Her doctoral work focused on identifying beekeeping management practices to improve colony health and survival. She also addressed obstacles to best management, including Varroa treatment effectiveness and transmission of mites between apiaries. She is excited to keep working on commercial beekeeping management practices and addressing stakeholder needs here at WSU.


Rae Olsson Postdoctoral Research Associate, Hopkins Lab

Education: Ph.D. Entomology, Washington State University; B.S. Agricultural Sciences * B.A. Community Food System Development, The Evergreen State College

Interest: Several projects including exploring honey bee overwintering, pollination in blueberries, and how honey bees and wild bees interact in agricultural settings.


Saumik Basu, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Crowder Lab FSHN 358A

Education: Ph.D. Molecular Virology, Jawaharlal Nehru University; M.S. Biotechnology, Visva Bharati University;  B.S. Human Physiology, Surendranath College and University of Calcutta

Interest: Molecular and biochemical and physiological aspects of plant-insect virus interactions


Pfeiffer_VeraVera Pfeiffer, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Crowder lab, FSHN 358E

Education: PhD Environment and Resources, University of Wisconsin – Madison; MS Geography, Oregon State University; BAs Biology and International Relations, Boston University

Interest: Spatial and temporal processes in ecology, Landscape genetics, Ecosystem services, Influence of landscape management and heterogeneity on ecological communities



LavineMark Lavine, Research Associate, Lavine Lab FSHN 263

Education: Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, M.S. University of California, B.S. Northern Arizona University

Interest: Identification of mechanisms of insecticide resistance in pest insect populations.