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Financial Information

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Finding and applying for scholarships and/or financial aid can be overwhelming. We want to help you in this process.

First-Generation Freshman

Applications are now being accepted for the 2nd cohort of First Scholars at WSU-Pullman. This 4 year comprehensive support program for incoming first-generation freshmen includes a $20,000.00 scholarship.

If you know of a current high school senior whose parents have less than 2 years of education beyond high school, they may be eligible. Please visit our website for more information.

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 All Students:

  • Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships – To be considered for university, college or food science scholarships, apply before the January 31 deadline. To be eligible for WSU scholarships, you must first apply to WSU for admission, and then apply for the WSU Scholarships – It’s a two-step process and there are TWO applications – one for admissions and one for scholarships.
  • Campus-wide Student & Hourly Employment

 Graduate Students:

  • Graduate School Financial Funding Opportunities
  • Departmental State Assistantship – A research or teaching assistantship (RA/TA) is a 9-month assignment in a class or on a specific research project, requires 10-20 hours of work per week, includes a tuition waiver, a monthly stipend and a health benefit. When applying for a RA/TA, we must receive your graduate school application and all required materials by January 10 for Fall semester and July 1 for Spring semester. If applying for an assistantship, mark the appropriate box on the Graduate School on-line application and indicate your area of interest and/or faculty member you are interested in working with. The RA/TA’s are usually only offered for the academic year beginning with fall semester, however, we occasionally offer awards for spring semester. International studentsAs a policy, we usually do not award these assistantships to students for whom English is a second language during their first year of study in the United States.
  • Departmental Grant Assistantship – The same deadlines apply as listed above. Grant assistantships, if available, are under the discretion of each faculty member and you work 10-20 hours a week on research with your faculty advisor. The assistantship is for 9 months and includes a tuition waiver, a monthly stipend, and a health benefit. To apply, mark the appropriate box on the Graduate School on-line application. Once you receive notification that your file has met the admission criteria, you can contact appropriate faculty to inquire about open grant positions they might be offering.
  • Navy Health Service Collegiate Program – This scholarship opportunity is for Entomology Masters students graduating between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2020. The Navy provides all active duty pay and allowances while the student is attending WSU, a guaranteed job after graduation, and commissioning as a Medical Service Corps in the Navy. While attending WSU the student will receive: monthly pay of $2,435, monthly food allowance of $368, monthly housing allowance of $1,185 if single or $1,581 if married, full medical and dental coverage, 30 days paid vacation per year, and a 401k. While receiving HSCP and attending WSU there are no military obligations, the student’s only obligation is to maintain good standing with their program. They will not wear uniforms, attend any type of training, have any type of grooming standards and can focus on their studies at WSU. Time spent in the Navy as an Entomologist is 3 years. Typical duty stations are Cairo, Egypt; Bethesda, Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia; San Diego, California; Lima, Peru and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. For more information on the program see the HSCP website. If interested contact HMC (FMF) Shawn M. McDonough via email or call his main office in Montana at (406)-755-4738.


The Department Entomology at Washington State University is of a select few that receive annually funding and support from the ACRS Seattle Chapter. PhD student candidates seeking this prestigious fellowship are encouraged to apply early and communicate their interest to the department graduate coordinator and faculty.

Entomology Department Scholarships

The Department of Entomology at Washington State University are proud of the number and variety of excellence, memorial, and scholarship funds established to aid students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of entomological excellence.

  • Research Scholarship

    Our research awards include “Student of the Year”, “Research Award”, and “Paper of the Year”. These three awards are tied to separate endowments.  The “Student of the Year” award is tied to the Harwood endowment. The “Research Award” is supported by Entomology Support Fund to support expansion of a student’s research project. Funding from the Hallgarth endowment will be given for the “Paper of the Year”, in recognition an exceptional manuscript with an undergraduate or graduate student as lead author. For consideration of this award, the paper must be accepted for publication or has appeared in print over the 12 months preceding the application deadline.

  • Travel Scholarship

    There are four travel awards, each tied to one of our endowments where the donor asked that their money be used to support student travel. The student that wins each award receives the entire yield of that endowment, which typically ranges from $200-600 depending on market conditions and the size of the original donation. The goal is to highlight the generous gifts made by each donor by tying each award to a specific endowment.
    Two endowments, Hastings and Telford, fund travel for “Early Career” students. This would include exceptional undergraduates, MS students, or students on a “straight to PhD” track that are early in their training. Two endowments, Getzin and Tamaki, fund travel for “Later Career” students. The faculty review committee will judge whether students qualify as early or later career, based on each year’s applicant pool. So, students don’t have to specify which type of award they are applying for. Link to travel scholarship online form.