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Spring 2022 Colloquium

Spring 2022 Colloquium

Coordinators: Dr. Javier Illan & Dr. Jennifer Han
12:00 – 1:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 917 8363 1040
Passcode: 933848
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January 10 – Seminar cancelled


January 17No seminar, Martin Luther King Jr. Day


January 24 – Dr. Ge Zhang, Washington State University, “Impact of Prairie Strips, a Conservation Practice, and Beekeeping Management With Using Different Bee Hives on Honey Bee Health and Productivity” [Zoom Recording]


January 31 – Dr. Pilar Fernandez, Washington State University, “Human-Tick Interactions in Anthropogenic Landscapes: Lyme Disease as a Coupled Natural Human System” [Zoom Recording]


February 7 – Dr. Elizabeth Tibbetts, University of Michigan, “What Paper Wasps Can Teach Us About the Evolution of Animal Minds” [Zoom Recording]


February 14 – Dr. Rhiannon Peery, University of Alberta, “Are Survivors Just Lucky? The Effect of Host Genotype on Susceptibility to Mountain Pine Beetle” [Zoom Recording]


February 16 – WSU Bee Program Update [Zoom Recording]


February 21No seminar, President’s Day


February 28 – Dr. Robert J. Wilson, National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, “Detecting Refugia From Climate Change Based on Colonization, Local Extinction and Changes to Community Composition [Zoom Recording]


March 7Dr. Jenifer Walke, Eastern Washington University, “Honey Bee Gut Microbiome-Environment Interactions” [Zoom Recording]


March 14 – No seminar, Spring Break


March 21Dr. Kasey Fowler-Finn, Saint Louis University, “Insect Reproduction in the Face of Climate Change” [Zoom Recording]


March 28 – Dr. Phoenix Mourning-Star, “Graduate Studies as a Career and Finding Life & Meaning in a Career after Academia”, [Zoom Recording]


April 4Dr. Lauren Ponisio, University of Oregon , “Host Traits, Microbes and Disease in Intensively Managed Agricultural Landscapes” [Zoom Recording]


April 11 – No seminar, 2022 PBESA Meeting


April 18 – Dr. Karen Kapheim, Utah State University, “Causes and Consequences of Behavioral Plasticity in Bees” [Zoom Recording]


April 25 – Dr. Ted Schultz, Smithsonian Institution, “The Evolution of Agriculture in Ants” [Zoom Recording]