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Carol M. Anelli

Posted by | June 13, 2011

Areas of Interest

Current areas focus on the history of entomology and evolutionary thought, teaching of evolution, scientific literacy, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.  Other research areas include insect physiology and assessment of student learning.


  • B.A. Biology, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT (1975)
  • M.S. Entomology, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) (1982)
  • Ph.D. Entomology, UIUC (1988)

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Select Publications
(Links are pdf files. Please be patient, as some are rather large.)

Professional Entomology and the 44 Noisy Years Since “Silent Spring”, Part 1

Professional Entomology and the 44 Noisy Years Since “Silent Spring”, Part 2: Response to “Silent Spring”

Yucca Moths and Yucca Plants: Discovery of “The Most Wonderful Case of Fertilisation”

Information Literacy Instruction and Assessment in an Honors College Science Fundamentals Course

Darwinian Theory in Historical Context and Its Defense by D.B. Walsh: What is Past is Prologue

Benjamin Dann Walsh: Pioneer Entomologist and Proponent of Darwinian Theory

Forum: An Interdisciplinary Examination of U.S. Racism from “The Mismeasure of Man” to “Invisible Man”

Scientific Literacy: What Is It, Are We Teaching It, and Does it Matter?

Silk Batik Using Beeswax and Cochineal Dye: An Interdisiciplinary Approach to Teaching Entomology

Sub-Lethal Effects of Pesticide Residues in Brood Comb on Worker Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Development and Longevity

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