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William E. Snyder

Posted by | June 13, 2011

William E. Snyder


Areas of Interest

Biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, agriculture and human health, predator-prey interactions, community ecology.


  • Ph. D. University of Kentucky, Entomology, May 1999
  • M. S. Clemson University, Zoology (Ecology), August 1995
  • B. A. University of Delaware, Biology, January 1992

Current Funding

2015-2020       WE Snyder et al. (with 16 co-PIs), USDA-NIFA-SCRI, “MAP-PSILDS-PNW: Mapping and Predicting Psyllid Sources, Immigration and Locality-Specific Disease Spread in the PNW”, $2,688,111

2015-2019       WE Snyder et al. (with 7 co-PIs), USDA-NIFA-OREI, “Avian biodiversity: impacts, risks and descriptive survey (A-BIRDS)”, $1,994,090

2014-2017       WE Snyder et al. (with 4 co-PIs), USDA-NIFA-ORG, “A natural approach to human-pathogen suppression: Can biodiversity fill the GAPs?”, $498,235

2013-2016       WE Snyder (with 5 co-PIs), USDA-NIFA-ORG, “BAN-PESTS: Biodiversity and natural pest suppression”, $747, 955

Representative Publications

Gontijo, LM, EH Beers and WE Snyder. 2015. Complementary suppression of aphids by predators and parasitoids. Biological Control, in press.

Gontijo, LM, EH Beers and WE Snyder. 2013. Flowers promote aphid suppression in apple orchards. Biological Control 66:8-15.

Gable, J, TD Northfield, DW Crowder, SA Steffan and WE Snyder. 2012. Niche engineering reveals complementary resource use. Ecology 93:1994-2000.

Crowder, DS, TD Northfield, MR Strand, and WE Snyder. 2010. Organic agriculture promotes evenness and natural pest control. Nature 466:109-112.

Northfield, TD, GB Snyder, AR Ives and WE Snyder. 2010. Niche saturation reveals resource partitioning among consumers. Ecology Letters 13: 338-348.

Finke, DL, and WE Snyder. 2010. Conserving the benefits of predator biodiversity. Biological Conservation 143:2260-2269.

Ramirez, RA and WE Snyder. 2009. Scared sick? Predator-pathogen facilitation enhances the exploitation of a shared resource. Ecology 90:2832-2839.

Finke, DL and WE Snyder. 2008. Niche partitioning increases resource exploitation by diverse communities. Science 321:1488-1490.

Dr. William E. Snyder

Department of Entomology
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6382

Office: FSHN 264
Phone: 509-335-3724