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Alan A. Berryman

Posted by | June 20, 2011

Alan A. Berryman

Research Interests

  • Ecology of bark beetles (Scolytidae). Field studies on the population ecology of bark beetles and associated organisms.
  • Conifer defense mechanisms. Studies of the defense systems of conifers against bark beetles and pathogens.
  • Theoretical Ecology. Contributions to a general theory of population dynamics, pest outbreaks, and food web interactions.


  • B.Sc. 1959 Imperial College of Science and Technology, London
  • M.S. 1961 University of California, Berkeley
  • Ph.D. 1964 University of California, Berkeley


Functional web analysis: detecting the structure of population dynamics from multi-species time series. Basic & Applied Ecology: 2: 311-321.

Population: a central concept for ecology. Oikos 97: 439-442.

Population regulation, emergent properties, and a requiem for density dependence. Oikos 99: 600-606.

On principles, laws and theories in population ecology. Oikos 103: 695-701.

Limiting factors and population regulation. Oikos 105:667-670.

Deciphering the Effects of Climate on Animal Populations: Diagnostic Analysis Provides New Interpretation of Soay Sheep Dynamics. American Entomologist 168: 784-795.


Principles of Population Dynamics and their Application. Stanley Thornes, Cheltenham, UK. [Get information]

Population Cycles: the Case for Trophic Interactions. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. [Get information]

Online Publications

The role of parasitoids in the population dynamics of forest caterpillars.

Analysis of steelhead trout ascending Snake River dams.

Dynamics of salmonid populations ascending the Columbia and Snake River dams.

Online Books:

Dynamics of Populations: Understanding the Forces of Ecological Change (Version III). Copyright ©2008 by Alan Andrew Berryman. Published on the Free Open Internet by Alan. A. Berryman, All rights reserved. This document may be copies for non-commercial purposes provided proper credit is given to the author. The text cannot be modifIed or changed without written permission of the author. This is an evolving work which will be added to, or modified, by the author as it progresses or as new information becomes available. Readers who wish to be informed about new versions or additions should register at the e-mail address above. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcomed, and will be acknowledged if incorporated into new verisons.

Computer Software:

Developer of the Population Analysis SystemPAS – A computer system for DOS used in analyzing population dynamics, diagnosing the causes of population fluctuations, and forecasting population changes. For details and free download go to

Emeritus Professor of Entomology and Natural Resource Sciences


Associate of the
Royal College of Science

Graduate Faculty