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David E. Bragg

Posted by | June 20, 2011

David E. Bragg

Washington State University
Pomeroy, WA 99347


Affiliate Professor of Entomology
WSU Extension SE District Entomologist

Specialist and Areas of Particular Interest

Agricultural entomologist with 100% Extension assignment in entomology of dry land crops of eastern Washington. IPM, biological control, and behavior of crop pests, natural enemies and beneficials. Utilizing “soft” insecticides to replace older environmentally harsh chemistry. Special interest and specialization in Hessian fly (Myetolia destructor) (Say) research in cereal and grass seed crops. Evaluation of antagonism between sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides and insecticides in crops. Barley yellow dwarf virus vectoring aphids in fall seeded dry land cereals. Grass seed crop IPM. Cereal Leaf Beetle Task Force. Alternative and minor crop IPM.


  • Ph.D. Entomology 1971 University of California, Davis
  • M. S. Entomology 1968 University of California, Davis
  • B. S. Entomology & Parasitology 1966 University of California, Berkeley

Extension Entomology Activities 2004-2005

Dr. David Bragg has been WSU Garfield County Extension Director since 1981. In his role as Extension Entomologist in the SE District, Dave conducted 7 research trials, published 5 refereed journal articles, the PNW Insect Management Hand Book, presented a symposium (refereed abstract), 2 presentations at National Meetings, and 8 presentations at regional meetings or invited presentations in other counties in Washington and Oregon during the CY. He also organized Extension meetings and tours, including 2 at which he presented on wire worm management.

Dr. Bragg is regarded as an expert diagnostic Entomologist and identified 494 individual specimens during the CY for counties in all of the 4 regions of Washington plus Idaho and Oregon. His knowledge has been crucial in developing the “Bug Information” resource . He continues to support Master Gardeners though education on arthropods. His work in pulse crop entomology resulted in a major practice change in the Walla Walla Valley in field personnel trained to sample for pea weevil and thus prevent yields losses up to 50% in commercial fields. New research on aphid management in crops led to an increase of 12 bushels/acre average in wheat = $48/acre average by 150 growers. He serves on 2 faculty committees, Faculty Senate, plus being an executive board member for 3 professional societies.


  • Entomology Society of America
  • Pacific Coast Entomological Society
  • Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference, Secretary/Treasurer 1996 -2001.
  • Entomology Society of Canada


Bragg, D. E. New record of the beetle Scymnus fenderi Malkin from the Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko). Pan-Pacific Entomol. 70: 1994.

Bragg, D. E. Parasitoids of Platyptilia carduidactyla (Riley) (Lepidoptera:Pterophoridae) in transition zone SE Washington.
Pan-Pacific Entomol. 70: 1994.

Bragg, D. E. Teaching early adopters. J. Extension Summer 1992.

Bragg, D. E. Influence of methyl and ethyl parathion on parasitoids of Phytomyza syngenesiae in artichokes.
Environ. Entomol. 3: 1974. no. 3.

Bragg, D. E. Ecological and behavioral studies of Phaeogenes cynarae: ecology; host specificity; searching and oviposition;
and avoidance of superparasitism. Ann. Ent. Soc. Amer. 63. no 1.

Arthropod Management. Tests — ca. 5/year list available on request.

Non-Refereed Journal and Industry Articles

Bragg, D. E. Hessian fly in Washington cereals. Wheat Life. September 1997.

Bragg, D. E. Still scouting and spraying? Small Grains J. February 1997.

Bragg, D. E. Seed treatments can maximize yield. Seedsman Northwest. 2. no. 2. 1997.

Bragg, D. E. Hessian fly in Washington cereals. Seedsman Northwest. 1. no 1. 1996.

Bragg, D. E. Seed treatment aphid control in winter wheat. Seedsman Northwest. 1. no 2. 1996.

Bragg, D. E. Comparison oof sampling methods for Canola insects. The Canola Oil Press. Winter 1993-94.

Bragg, D. E., Murray, T. R., and Tanigoshi, L. K. Comparison of insect control on spring Canola in two SE Washington locations. The Canola Oil Press. Winter 1993-94.

Tanigoshi, L. K., and Bragg, D. E. (co-authors). Control of insect pests in Canola. The Canola Oil Press. Winter 1992-93.


Novartis $4000. 1999.
Gustafson, Inc. $4000. 1999.
USA Pea & Lentil Comm. $4000. 1998.
Gustafson, Inc. $4500. 1998.
Zeneca Ag $2500. 1998.
Novartis $4000. 1998.
FMC $2000. 1998.
WSCPR Canola $4000. 1997.
WSCPR Pulses $2500. 1997.
Elf Attochem $2000. 1997.
Gustafson, Inc. $2000. 1997.
USA Pea & Lentil Comm. $1000. 1997.
Gowan Crop. $1500. 1997.
Elf Attochem $2000. 1996.
Gustafson, Inc. $1000. 1996.
Gowan Corp. $1000. 1996.
FMC $2000. 1996.
Elf Attochem $1000. 1995.
FMC $1500. 1995.
Elf Attochem $2000. 1994 shared with Dan Mayer.
Western Canola Development Council $5000. 1993.
InterMountain Canola $5000. 1992.