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Joseph E. Munyaneza

Posted by | June 20, 2011

Joseph E. Munyaneza

Research Entomologist, Adjunct Faculty

Areas of Interest

Integrated pest management of insect pests of potato, with emphasis on insects vectoring potato diseases. Current research includes management of aphids, leafhoppers, potato leafroll virus (PLRV), potato virus Y (PVY), and phytoplasmas. Also, studies to enhance biological control of green peach aphid using predator attractants and habitat modification and to assess the effectiveness of biorational insecticides to reduce virus spread in potatoes are an integral component of my research.


Ph.D., Iowa State University (1996), Entomology (Plant Pathology, minor)
M.S., Southern Illinois University (1993), Entomology
B.S., National University of Rwanda (1984), Biology

Recent Publications

Munyaneza, J. E. 2004. Leafhopper-transmitted diseases: emerging threat to Pacific Northwest potatoes. Proceedings of the University of Idaho Winter Commodity Schools – 2004, pp. 141-150. Pocatello, ID.

Lee, I-M., K. D. Bottner, J. E. Munyaneza, G. A. Secor, and N. C. Gudmestad. 2004. Clover proliferation group (16SrVI), subgroup A (16SrVI-A) phytoplasma is a probable causal agent of potato purple top disease in Washington and Oregon. Plant Disease 88: 429.

Crosslin, J.M., J. E. Munyaneza, A. Jensen, and P. B. Hamm. 2005. Association of the beet leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) with a clover proliferation group phytoplasma in Columbia Basin of Washington and Oregon. Journal of Economic Entomology 98: 279-283.

Munyaneza, J. E. 2005. Purple top disease and beet leafhopper transmitted virescence agent (BLTVA) phytoplasma in potatoes of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, pp. 211-220. In: A. J. Haverkort and P. C. Struik [eds.], Potato in progress: science meets practice. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Munyaneza, J. E., J. M. Crosslin, A. S. Jensen, P. B. Hamm, P. E. Thomas, H. Pappu, and A. Schreiber. 2005. Update on the potato purple top disease in the Columbia Basin. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Washington State Potato Conference, pp. 57-70. Moses Lake, WA.

Munyaneza, J. E., and J. E. Upton. 2005. Beet leafhopper (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) settling behavior, survival, and reproduction on selected host plants. Journal of Economic Entomology (in press).

USDA, ARS Yakima
Agricultural Research Laboratory

5230 Konnowac Pass Road
Wapato, WA 98951

Phone: 509-454-6564