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Entomology 361

Posted by | August 15, 2011

Honey Bee Biology (Beekeeping)

Prerequisites: None.
Instructor: W. S. Sheppard
Text: The Hive and the Honey Bee, Ed. Dadant and Sons, eds. Hamilton, IL 1992.


  1. To acquaint students with the insect sociality and its role in development of biological theory (kin selection, sociobiology, superorganism).
  2. To provide students with specific knowledge about honey bees and their crucial role in food production.
  3. To introduce students to concepts and practices in beekeeping.


Number of Lectures & Topic

1 —  Classification of Hymenoptera and bees
1 —  Insect sociality, genetics, kin selection
1 —  Evolution/phylogeography of A. mellifera subspecies, morphology
2 —  Colony life history, castes, behavior
1 —  History of beekeeping (Apis, non-Apis), importation and establishment of honey bees in the New World.
1 —  Pollination – importance to US agriculture
1 —  Beekeeping practices, modern and primitive equipment
2 —  Seasonal colony management
1 —  Diseases and pests of bees, allergies
1 —  Commercial products of the apiary
1 —  The beekeeping industry – commercial and hobbyist
1 —  Future considerations: urbanization, Africanized honey bees, colony reductions

14 one-hour lectures, three one hour exams


  • 3 (1 hour) Lecture Exams (20% each) 60%
  • 1 final exam 40%