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Arthur L. Antonelli

Posted by | September 27, 2012

Specialization and Areas of Particular Interest

  • Major Research Interests: Adelgids and Spider Mites.
  • Responsible for IPM and affiliated entomological education programs for all agricultural crops in western Washington, including livestock (statewide); however, in some years, the greatest program emphasis is on urban entomology which addresses both ornamental pests and pests of humans (medical), pets (veterinary), structures, etc.
  • Also responsible for supporting Pesticide Education and Master Gardener programs and is Manager of Plant Problem Diagnostic Clinic in Puyallup.


  • B.S./Biology – Seattle University (1967)
  • M.S./Zoology – Central Washington State College (1969)
  • Ph.D./Entomology – University of Idaho (1974)

Selected Publications

  • 2007. Suomi, D.A., A.L. Antonelli and C. R. Foss. Structural Pest Inspector Training Manual. WSU – Misc 0562. 90 pp.
  • 2006. Antonelli, A.L., J. Stark and G. Chastagner. An Unknown Twig Borer in Grand Fir Christmas Trees. Christmas Tree Lookout. Winter. Vol. 39, pp 18-19.
  • 2006. Stahnke, G.K., A.L. Antonelli, E.D. Miltner and M.J. Johns. Controlling Crane Fly Larvae in the Pacific Northwest. Golf Course Management. May 2006, pp 111-116.
  • 2005. Stahnke, G.K., A.L. Antonelli, E.D. Miltner, M.J. Johns, P.R. Corpuz and N. P. Aviles. Application Timing of Insecticides to Control European and Common Crane Fly Larvae in the Pacific Northwest. Internat. Turf-grass Soc. Sports Journ. Vol. 10. 5 pp. (in press).
  • 2003. Vetter, R.S., A.H. Roe, R.G. Bennett, C.R. Baird, L.A. Royce, W.T. Lanier, A. L. Antonelli and P.E. Cushing. Distribution of the Medically-implicated Hobo Spider (Araneae: Agelenidae) and a Benign Congener: Tegenaria duellica in the United States and Canada. Journal of Med. Entomology. Vol. 40, No. 2:159-164.
  • 2002. Chastagner, G.A., A. Antonelli and K. Riley. Management of aphid transmitted virus diseases of ornamental bulb crops in the Pacific Northwest. Acta Horticulturae. 507: 297-300.
  • 1999. Landolt, P.J., H.C. Reed, J.R. Aldrich, A.L. Antonelli and C. Dickey. Social Wasps (HYMENOPTHERA: Vespidae) Trapped With Acetic and Isobutanol. Florida Entomol. 82(4):609-14.
  • 1999. Antonelli A.L. Sustainable Gardening. Master Gardener Handbook. Chapter 14, Basic Entomology. pp 301-316.
  • 1998. Antonelli, A.L., T.L. Whitworth, R.D. Akre, G.L. Thomasson and C.A. Ramsay. Pest Management Study Manual for Pest Control Operators. WSU Misc.0096 147 pp. (major rev.).
  • 1997. Landolt, P.J. and A.L. Antonelli. The Paper Wasp Polistes dominulus (Christ) (Hymanoptera: Vespidae) in the State of Washington. Pan-Pacific Ent. 75(1):58-59.
  • 1997. Chastanager, G.A., R.S., Byther, A.L. Antonelli, J. DeAngeles and C. Landgren. Christmas Tree Diseases, Insects, and Disorders in the Pacific Northwest: Identification and Management. WSU – Misc 0186. 154 pp.
  • 1996. Byther, R.S., C.R. Foss, A.L. Antonelli, R.R. Maleike and V.M. Bobbitt. Landscape Plant Problems – a pictorial diagnostic guide. WSU-DOE. Pollard Printing. 152 pp.


  • 2003, Entomological Society of America Recognition Award in Urban Entomology
  • 2003, WSU Master Gardner Foundation Award for the “World’s Most Experienced Faculty Instructor of WSU Master Gardeners”
  • 1999, Interstate Professional Applicators Association President’s Award
  • 1999, Entomological Society of America Distinguished Award in Extension- Pacific Branch
  • 1996-1997, Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award for Public Service
Emeritus Professor


Extension Entomologist