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Entomology Fall Seminar Series

Posted by | September 27, 2012
All seminars at noon on Thursdays in FSHN 354, unless otherwise indicated


  • 6 – Viveka Vadyvaloo, Allen School for Global Animal Health, WSU, “Molecular mechanisms of bubonic plague transmission from its flea vector”
  • 13 – Robert Zinna, PhD student (Lavine), Proposal Seminar, “Horns. Horns! Horns!?!”

Past Seminars


  • 6 – Axel Elling, Department of Plant Pathology, WSU, “Host-parasite interactions and genomics of plant-parasitic nematodes”
  • 14 – FRIDAY NOON SEMINAR: Laura Lavine, Dept of Entomology, WSU, “Student centered undergraduate biology education: Implementing innovative pedagogy one class at a time”
  • 20 – Hiroki Gotoh, Postdoc Dept. of Entomology, WSU (Lavine), “Developmental mechanisms of mandible enlargement in stag beetle”
  • 27 – Cami Jones, PhD student (Owens), Proposal Seminar, “Ecological immunology of the Rocky Mountain wood tick-deer mouse system”


  • 4 – Hanu Pappu, Department of Plant Pathology, WSU, “Insect-virus pest complexes threatening crop production: novel approaches to breaking this alliance”
  • 18 – Amanda Meadows, PhD student (Snyder), Proposal Seminar, “Lethal and non-lethal effects of predators on Culex mosquitoes: implications for pathogen transmission”
  • 25 – Two PhD Proposal Seminars:
    Christine Lynch (Snyder), “Exploring consumption by two generalist predators in potatoes using molecular gut-content analysis”; and
    Rebecca Schmidt (Beers), “Examining the efficacy of predatory mite releases for control of phytophagous mites in Eastern Washington apple orchards”


  • 1 – EntSoc Meeting Practice Talks
  • 8 – Charlie Coslor, MS student (Tanigoshi), Exit seminar, “Management of Drosophila suzukii through systemic activity of neonicotinoids on highbush blueberry”
  • 15 – Entomology Meeting, no seminar