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April 4, 2014

Posted by | May 29, 2014

Congratulations!  The Entomology Graduate Student Association has been selected as a 2014 recipient for the prestigious WSU President’s Award for Leadership!  This organization’s leadership, engagement and commitment to the community makes The Entomology Graduate Student Association deserving of this honor. We are cordially invited to the Leadership and Engagement Awards of Distinction (LEAD) Program on Thursday, April 24, 2014, from 5 pm to 7 pm, in the Senior Ballroom of the Compton Union Building on the WSU Pullman campus.  Here are some important details about the event and what we need from you to make this program as successful as possible:

  • Please confirm your attendance by April 10 to
  • Submit, via email to, three (3) photos to include in the program. Please offer high resolution photos that show you in action if possible.
  • Please arrive for the event no later than 4:30 pm. Please let us know if you will need to arrive later than this.
  • The event is open to the public, so please feel free to invite friends and family to celebrate with you.

 Call 509.335.LEAD if you have any questions.

Elias Bloom won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  For more info go to:



Tonight:  The 18th Annual Insect Cinema Cult Classic will be on Friday, April 4 at 6:00 PM in Todd 276. 

  • Mu Qiao will be taking her MS non-thesis final exam on Monday April 7th at 9:00 AM. 
  • The AMS/WECN dial # is:  5701379.  A copy of her journal paper is available in the Entomology Office and on the Entomology SharePoint site for faculty perusal.  She is advised by John Stark.
  • Amber Vinchesi will be doing her final PhD exam on Friday April 11th at 8:30 AM.  The AMS/WECN dial number is 5701299.  She is advised by Doug Walsh. 
  • Amelia Jordan will be taking her MS final exam on Monday April 14 at 11:30 AM.   The WMS/WECN dial number is 5702940.  She is advised by Doug Walsh. 
  • Brandon Hopkins will be taking his final PhD exam on Friday, April 18th at 12:00 PM.  The AMS/WECN dial number is 5701380.  He is advised by Steve Sheppard.

Entomology has created a unified list for communicating to all stakeholders. In the past few days everyone should have received confirmation emails that they have been added to at least one of the below mailing lists, if you have not please send an email to Adam at

Below are names of the various groups, email address to submit posts/announcements to for all in a group to see, and the individual list’s website in which users can subscribe and manage their preferences.

Mailing List Name Mailing List Email to Submit a Posting Website with General Information and links for Subscribing

While this information is going to be posted onto the SharePoint, and subscription link for the public list will be Posted onto the Entomology website, it may be worthwhile to save the information.

If you have any questions about using these group mailing lists please contact Adam.



  1. Assistant Professor, Extension Entomology,  Texas A&M, College Station, TX
  2. Research Associate (Insect Molecular Biology), Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, KS
  3. Graduate Assistantship, Iowa State University, Ames, IO
  4. Post-Doctoral Fellow, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
  5. Research Molecular Biologist/Research Entomologist, USDA, Maricopa, AZ


Events – Save the Dates:

  • The next faculty meeting will be on May 2, 2914 at 10:00 AM.  WECN/AMS dial in number to come. 
  • Our Spring Celebration BBQ is set for May 2, 2014 at 12:00 noon.  More details to come.  
  • Unless noted otherwise the 2014 Entomology Colloquium presentations are on Wednesdays in FSHN 354 at 12:10-1:00 PM.  The WECN dial # for each presentation is:  5702026.
  • The last day to schedule a final exam for May 2014 graduation is Friday, April 11, 2014 and must be submitted 10 day prior to the exam date.  The last day to take a final exam for May ’14 graduation is Friday, April 25, 2014.  Check with the Entomology Office to make sure rooms are available for the dates you want for your exam.  
  • Finals week is May 5-9. 
  • Commencement is Saturday May 10th in Beasley Coliseum at 8:00 AM. 


Students scheduled for spring 2014 exams are:

PhD Preliminary Exams are:

  • Adam Strong May 16, 2-5 PM*  5701318
  • Megan Taylor, May 9, 8:30 -11:00 
  • Katharine Buckley, May 5, 12:00-3:30 PM

Final Exams are:

  • Brandon Hopkins, PhD, April 18, 12:00 – 4:00 PM    5701380
  • Amelia Jordan, MS, April 14, 9:00 – 11:00 AM   5702940
  • Mu Qiao, MS non-thesis, April 7, 9-11:00 AM  5701379
  • Amber Vinchesi , PhD April 11, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM*  5701299