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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – January 21st, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • BUGSS – March 13th, Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th, Alper Bozkurt

This is still tentative, see below

  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th, Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd, Mary Gardiner

Student Choice Speaker

  • Alper Bozkurt, he has indicated he is available April 16-17, with possibility to stay the weekend
  • Tentative schedule: Breakfast on the 17th, Public talk evening of the 17th, potential for Banyans dinner during the weekend
  • The CUB is booked, Alix will look into booking one of the CUE auditoriums
  • If we haven’t received confirmation from him by mid-March, we will move on to planning a different speaker for the fall
  • Next year: will need list of names soon for potential speakers, start thinking of some to submit to the group

Merchandising Committee update

  • Some sales from display case, nearly at breakeven point and some discussion of website-based sales
  • Might make an Insect Expo shirt
  • Wiley table: need to limit focus on sales and focus more on the activities of the EGSA

Wiley Table: Sign-up sheet on refrigerator to run table. If a sufficient number of people sign up, Alix will book the table. Application deadline for tabling is due this Friday at noon.

BUGSS Updates

  • List of potential speakers coming soon. Please respond to the survey asking you to rank your preference for these candidates.

Honey sales

  • Buy honey bottles to replace those we used this year (Alix, Brandon, Jenny, et al.)

Insect Expo

  • Coordinate with Rich Zach on Insect Expo/Insect Feed
  • Add some additional food items to menu (Robbie, potentially)

Need to discuss details with Rich, since he has the food handler’s permit

  • Ideas for adding 1-2 new tables, carnival game related

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch

Will aim for a mid-March date and try to line up with student visits to department

GPSA Updates

  • Wiley abstracts are due January 23rd – remember, your advisor has to approve your submission
  • Application for student regent
  • Upcoming formal vote by senators to determine if the senator elections should become formalized

This has the potential to increase participation in GPSA in departments that do not have their own student groups. Let your senators know if you have an opinion on this so they can better represent you.

  • Presidential and District Representative election March 11-12th
  • Expect a health insurance survey via email
  • Expect an email regarding the “Old Bookie Referendum”

This would add $95 to your fees – be sure to vote when you receive the email. Would go toward renovating the Old Bookie. A previous vote indicated that student preference was to turn this space into additional workout area

New Doodle Poll for scheduling EGSA meetings

Can resolve conflicts with taxonomy/Rich’s independent study class. Increase number of officers able to attend meetings.

Linnean Games

Talk to Alix if you are interested in participating. We currently do not have enough students to field a team.