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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – December 2nd, 2014

Thank you notes are on the fridge in the graduate offices for people to sign.

These are to thank various people/groups that have helped EGSA this semester.

Merchandise Committee:

  • ESA sales summary: Sold $180 of department merchandise, $300 of cozies, need $23 more to break even, 40 coozies left to sell, $38 of wood crafts, need $18 more to break even. Will continue to advertise the sale of these items.
  • Sign in the elevator of FSHN. Glass case by the office. Will also sell them at Wiley Expo, Insect Expo.
  • Please send all ideas for new items to Eli
  • Request from the committee for photographs of insect sex for the “Insect Kama Sutra” Calendar, please send photos to the committee by September 2015, consider this during your field season. Photos will be compiled into a calendar to be sold at future events. Consider joining this committee next year, they would like to be a small group of 5 or less.


Please send ideas for new speakers to Cami, Lizz or Alix if you have anyone in mind.

Upcoming items:

  • Buy honey bottles to replace those we used this year (Alix, Brandon, Jenny).
  • Book Ensminger for Insect Expo – Alix will discuss potential times with Rich Zack.
  • Start finalizing SCS with Dr. Bozkurt – need to book a hotel once his visit time is scheduled.

GPSA Updates:

  • WSU has a Tumblr account “WSU Discoveries”
  • Call is out for Wiley Expo abstracts, check your email or GPSA website for details, it will be more competitive this year to enter (25% fewer spots)
  • Undergraduates will be allowed to compete for scholarships (funded by a different group, not GPSA)
  • There will be an exhibit hall at Wiley, EGSA will have a table. Affiliate funding for EGSA approved: $1,200.

Faculty Meeting Updates

  • None. Eli will send out an update before our first spring semester EGSA meeting

Spring EGSA Meetings

  • Alix will send out a survey in January to determine the best time to hold EGSA meetings


  • Eli is giving the colloquium talk this week, Matt will be presenting next week