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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – February 23rd, 2015

La Cross School Outreach event

  • Successful event, with more similar events likely in the future

Wiley Table

  • Tabling accomplished, some interest from students/judges in attending Insect Expo

Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt

  • Flight booked
  • CUE 419 booked, campus-wide talk April 16th 6:30pm (CUE 419 from 6-9pm)
  • FSHN Kitchen booked April 17th 7am-8am, move downstairs to eat
  • FSHN 354 booked April 17th 8am
  • CUE 419 booked, entomology-only talk April 17th 5pm (CUE 419 from 4:30-6:30pm)
  • Still discussing restaurant options: South Fork, Fireside, Black Cypress, Thai Ginger, hotel banquet hall + catering

Advertising committee:  Also need to advertise for Insect Expo

  • Daily Evergreen – Lizz and Jenny
  • CUB TV and flash flushes – Lizz
  • Contact departments – Alix
  • Flyers – Alix
  • Facebook Page – Rachel
  • Pullman transit flyers – Alix

Merchandising Committee update

Discussed possibility of making a table cloth/flag with “EGSA” and unique logo on it, separate from department. The committee has been developing vision documents describing the purpose of the committee and potential projects they would like to take on. One likely project is building a website solely for EGSA updates and merchandise purchasing. Discussed getting a table for the group at PBESA, Alix will talk to Lisa Neven about the most appropriate venue for this (likely the Career Fair).

ESA Updates

Student Debates: Contact if you are interested, spots for teams are filling up quickly.

PB-ESA Updates

  • Registration extended! See email from Lisa Neven and register ASAP
  • Linnaean Games – Alix, Robert, Robbie, Rebecca (if she has to)

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch

Discussed having this event the first week of May

Affiliate Funding for Fall 2015

Will apply for: supplies for new display boxes for the museum/outreach events, Fall Festival, live insects for EGSA events. Please contact senators if you have other ideas for things we should apply for by this Thursday (Feb 26th)

GPSA Updates

  • Vote! March 10thVoting for GPSA President, Vice President, and District Reps

As well as our senate representatives for EGSA:

  • We currently only have one person (Karol) running for senate and we have two empty seats to fill. Please consider running for senate so that our department has full representation. If you have questions about how to get on the ballot, contact Karol, Lizz, or Robbie.
  • No one is currently running for CAHNRS district rep. Consider taking a higher leadership position at WSU to become more involved (and it will be good experience to list on your CV).

Old Bookie Referendum: Vote as to whether or not you support the Old Bookie being turned into a recreation/socialization space. If a majority of graduate students do not approve, then graduate students will not be required to pay the yearly fee for the use of this space (but will not be able to use it).

  1. Bowling Friday (Feb 27th) at Zeppos
  2. Soccer game, March 28th
  3. Coug Day at the Capitol – state politicians currently not interested in graduate education

Faculty Meeting Updates

  • Template for grant writing that is in-line with the student handbook standards is now available on SharePoint
  • Grad Center in Johnson Hall will be available sometime around summer
  • The purpose of this facility is to help build your program of study
  • The all-faculty retreat is August 13th-14th
  • April 9th-10th is E.P. Catts speaker event. Major professors should pay for students to attend the dinner (can provide a budget number)
  • TA allocations: talk to teaching faculty if you are interested in TAing
  • Annual Reviews involving a meeting with your major advisor, followed by a meeting with the department chair will be held this year. This is your opportunity to review your progress, make plans for the future, and discuss any problems you are having.
  • There will be more opportunities for extension publications in the future, which will be hosted primarily online.

BUGSS Updates

Sign up sheet to meet with Evan Preisser will be available soon. Plans are to carpool over to U of I for the talk, etc.

Upcoming Events

  • BUGSS – March 13th Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner