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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – March 10th, 2015

Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt

  • Flight booked – Alix will pick him up Wednesday evening
  • Hotel booked –WSU Residence Inn
  • CUE 419 booked, campus-wide talk April 16th 6:30pm (CUE 419 from 6-9pm)
  • FSHN Kitchen booked April 17th 7am-8am, move downstairs to eat
  • FSHN 354 booked April 17th 8am
  • CUE 419 booked, entomology-only talk April 17th 5pm (CUE 419 from 4:30-6:30pm)

Still discussing restaurant options: South Fork, Fireside, Black Cypress, Thai Ginger, hotel banquet hall + catering

Advertising committee:  Also need to advertise for Insect Expo

  • Daily Evergreen – Lizz and Jenny
  • CUB TV and flash flushes – Lizz
  • Contact departments – Alix
  • Flyers – Alix
  • Facebook Page – Rachel
  • Pullman transit flyers – Alix

Insect Expo

  • Need to make new displays
  • We have money budgeted for this, Jenny will check how much
  • Will need to buy: live insects, paints for Jenn Seigrist, snacks, refill any supplies
  • Supplies need to be accessed to see if we need to buy more, Lizz will do this
  • Make hats!
  • Suggested to the termite activity again
  • Will buy the “super worm” mealworms, give “grow a beetle in a cup” to the first ~100 children to show up

BUGSS Update

Van will be available for use (only the truck is going to be used for Taxonomy that day). The truck will return after lunch, may use the van to go to Bill Snyder’s for the reception (will check with Adam). Alix needs a head count for the pizza lunch NOW, contact her if you plan on going. There will be a hike/collecting trip with Evan on Friday, contact Lizz if you would like to go.

Merchandising Committee Update

Eli showed samples of feather flags that we can order. The Cost is about $80 and very customizable. Will contact company for estimates but plan on using the beetle logo.

Table cloths estimate is $60-100. We will use similar design to feather flags and Eli will also get quote. Light colored (white or light grey) text on a crimson or black background.

ESA Updates

Student Debates: Contact if you are interested

  • No spots for debate teams remaining, but three introductions still available. All that is required is one 5 minute talk (counts as invited) at the meeting and a short summary of the issue you are introducing, which will be published in American Entomologist.

PB-ESA Updates

  • Program chairs are deciding between two options:
  • Tables in lobby near registration desk, 10am-3pm
  • Social hour with poster presenters
  • Will share space with a handful of other student groups
  • Will be very casual, table does not needed to be person-ed for the whole time

Affiliate Funding for Fall 2015 – Applied for supplies for new display boxes for the museum/outreach events, Fall Festival, live insects for EGSA events, BUGSS Funding

GPSA Updates

Vote: President/VP, CAHNRS Rep, our senators (Karol and Eli are running)

Excellence Awards Nominations

End of Year Party (May 2th)

  • GPSA/UREC Soccer Tournament
    • Our department can submit a team
    • 5 people per team
    • $20 to register
    • DOLA now a full time assistantship
    • Director of Communications will be an available position next year
    • Health Care Task Force is preparing a report to improve care in some areas
    • Ice Cream Social (April 30th)
    • 50% off at Rico’s (Mar 19th)
    • Residual tuition will be paid by graduate school ($173)

Shared Outdoor Event with Biology

  • They asked our preference, April 18th or 25th, We decided at the meeting to choose the 25th, will update with more details at next meeting.

Meet and Greet with new students

  • Tomorrow (March 11th) at noon with 3 incoming students, in conference room, and lunch will be provided.

Upcoming Events

  • BUGSS – March 13th Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • May X – Staff appreciation lunch