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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2015

Insect Expo Wrap-up

  1. New position will be created to organize the Expo and other similar events – Outreach Coordinator.
  2. Lizz has created an “Expo checklist” – the Coordinator could use this to assign tasks to people as part of planning the Expo.
  3. Grow your own beetle kits – Alix is making a display of the beetles in various stages of development to show at the table that gives away the kits. We need to get some of our posters laminated. Suggestion to make each table a station, where the kids would earn stickers for visiting it, then if they collect all the stickers, they get a prize (like edible insects or the grow your own beetle kits). Please collect additional insects during your field work this summer. This will allow us to update the display boxes. Taxonomy students are also encouraged to donate their extras.
  4. Tracks of “insect music” to play during the event.

Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt

  • Breakfast has been moved to Friday, still at 7 AM – we can now stay in the kitchen classroom, since there is no class in there that day
  • Dinner options and vote – see the email Jenny sent regarding the pros and cons of each (the survey has closed as of Thursday at 1 PM)
  • Itinerary – Please sign up to meet!
  • Share Facebook event invite to spread the word
  • Check Google Drive document to confirm your appointment to meet with him (some appointments were cancelled due to his change in schedule)
  • Driving: Alix will reserve truck with Adam so that anyone scheduled to drive him has a vehicle available
  • Computer science and potentially engineering are also being asked to sign up to meet with him (but entomology gets priority)
  • Alix will also contact Whitman County Search and Rescue, as they may be interested in this talk as well
  • Daily Evergreen funding – we have ¼ page running three times to advertise this event


New voting process (open to changes or suggestions):

  • Rebecca is collecting nominations – please send your nominations or nominate yourself to Rebecca by Friday, April 10. This is also the deadline for statements!  Nominees that did not directly volunteer will be notified and asked if they would like to run for office.
  • Write a short paragraph about why you would be a strong candidate for the position.  Paragraphs will be distributed shortly after the 10th.  To allow for anonymity in the voting process, the votes will be collected via Survey Monkey and Dave will announce our new officers at the meeting on Friday April 17th.Offices open are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Faculty Liaison, Social Media Director, and Outreach Coordinator.New Social Media position will be responsible for taking photos at events, maintaining the EGSA Facebook Page, making event invitations, etc. Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for planning outreach events (the Expo, PCEI, etc.) and assigning individuals to specific tasks.

PB-ESA Updates

We are still the only group tabling. Alix will get a general sense of interest to determine to what extent we are tabling.

GPSA Updates

Have not had any meetings for awhile

  • There is a community service event, Sunday April 19th at the organic farm – Let Robbie know ASAP if you are interested in this event
  • Old Bookie into small Rec facility initiative: undergrads voted yes, graduate students voted no. This means graduate students will not be paying for these renovations. Future graduate students will have to opt in and pay to use this facility. More surveys will be done regarding the tobacco-free initiative.

Upcoming Events

  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • April 25th – Outdoor Biology Activities
  • May 1st – Department (with food science) BBQ
  • May 4th – Staff appreciation lunch
  • June 18th – PCEI “Insect Walkaround”, provide general insect information and displays, then go and collect
  • Megan was awarded Science Saturday money – so she will be doing bee education outreach (congratulations!)