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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – September 16th, 2015

Minutes for Sept 16 meeting, typed up Sept 17 by Megan Asche.

Dial in:  5709990 for all sites. Phone: (509) 335-9445, Meeting ID 09990

In attendance:

  1. Pullman: Robbie, Rachel, Jake, Megan, Karol, Joseph, Courtney, Jenny, Adrian, Emily, Jonathan and Adekunle
  2. Wenatchee: Alix, Robert

Vote on starting at 4 start time

The vote was proposed by Courtney and seconded by Karol. Unanimously “Yes” vote for starting at 4 in Pullman. Next EGSA meeting will begin at 4pm.

Congrats to Megan, our new club secretary!

Thank you for participating in CAHNRS Festival – any feedback?

  • We can request shade at the CAHNRS Festival. We requested it ahead of time, but our table was in the wrong place. However, we did request it at the event and they accommodated the request. Almost all the grad students participated. Megan took photos, if you have pics please send them to Rachel and we will use them for our social media pages.

ESA survey for feedback

  • Photography services at meetings: Would you be willing to pay $10 for that service or only use it if it is free? It would be a professional photographer and they might do general make-up. The group agreed that they would be interested in that service.
  • Insect order stickers: Would an ID sticker with our name and your Order be helpful at the ESA meetings? What about non-insects? Arthropoda or mites would be used? Would this increase confidence? Jake thinks that it would need a social event as well. Robbie suggested an “Order Social”. Rachel thinks this would prevent people from talking to each other.

Upcoming Events

  1. Potluck:  Karol and Jake think we should do a graduate student “picnic in the park.” Jake suggested a monthly get together. Courtney suggested some time in October. It was agreed that we all wanted to do something, but we aren’t sure when.
  2. Honey bottling updates: We are being given 200 lbs. of honey! Jake found out we will be getting 70 liters of honey and we are currently ordering bottles. Steve is in Korea, maybe when we will find out more about bottling when he gets back? The bottles haven’t yet arrived. Megan talked to Brandon and he said he would like to order the bottles. When he gets back from Louisiana she will ask him if he is still interested in doing that.
  3. BUGSS Fall 2015 – look for signups in early October
  4. The talk for BUGSS is currently scheduled during our EGSA meeting time – feedback?
  5. The itinerary for Wyatt Hobeck is right when EGSA starts, can we skip it? The group agreed that we could skip it.

EGSA Committees – Reports?

Merch committee:

  • The flag banner has arrived!! We are going to give Caleb a “Thank you” card for helping.
  • Would we like to order a table cloth? They will put together a meeting later so Eli can participate in the table cloth discussion. Courtney suggested that maybe we might like to sell seeds. Perhaps to accompany the honey sales

BUGSS committee:

  • Rachel and Austin (at UI) are the new members of the BUGSS committee.
  • Feedback: we should send invites sooner. When Wyatt comes back they will be requesting nominations (in about a month). The Sonia Altizer said she would be interested in doing it next year, she will be going on the ballot. If there is a researcher you are interested in nominating, start making a case now so they can get on the ballot.

Outreach committee:

  • PCEI Animals of the Night event Friday October 30th at 5pm. They want us to talk about nocturnal insects, “scary bugs.” We already have a looping slide show, insects and sounds. Robbie is going to say we are interested and he is going to start a sheet for ideas. The event is in a month and a half.
  • Funding for live insects? Karol is going to check and Jake.

Constitution revision:

  • Those on the community are reviewing it and making revisions. The revised constitution will be reviewed as a group when they committee has completed their review. Eventually we will vote on a new constitution.

Social media: If you took pictures at the CAHNRS event, send them to Rachel

Upcoming EGSA goals/new event interest (Form committees, initial stages)

  • Welcome Back BBQ Sun, September 13, 12pm – 2pm
  • Fall Bowling Night Fri, October 9, 6pm – 8pm
  • Do we have any suggestions for volunteer events? Maybe something that the whole family can participate in? Talk with Karol if you have suggestions.
  • This would be a good opportunity for a club that could use GPSA backing
  • The “Outreach” committee will do some brain storming on this.

Student Choice Speaker Nominations

Jared Ali has two nominations so far. He does plant/insect interactions. Using molecular techniques.

Nominations close September 22 (this Tuesday). Submit nominations at

Faculty Meeting Updates

The next meeting is 9/23.

If you have any comments on Jeb’s form send them to Courtney.

Award Committee Liaison Position

  • The awards committee would like a student perspective to help evaluate faculty awards applications for departmental awards
  • This person would also communicate between the awards committee and EGSA regarding when faculty are being nominated for ESAawards, in case any of us in EGSA are interested in writing a letter of recommendation.
  • It’s a very low time commitment position and it’d be fun because they’d get to work with the two Vince’s and Paul.  Also, writing letters of recommendation can be hard, and this is good practice.
  • If you are interested in this position, contact Alix.

New Beekeeping Club!!

Emily is starting a bee keeping club, first meeting is 4pm Thursday in this room.Trying to set up this semester for bees in the spring. She is interested in recruiting undergrads. If you would like to promote the club in your classes, there is a slide. Courtney will send it around.


  • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!
  • Anthony Zera is coming next week: if you want to meet with him tell Robbie or Amy.
  • Make sure you sign the condolence card on the fridge.