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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – September 30th, 2015

Minutes for Sept 30 meeting, typed up October 1 by Megan Asche

Dial in:  5709990 for all sites. Phone: (509) 335-9445, Meeting ID 09990

Upcoming Events

  1. Potluck – October, no updates.
  2. Honey bottling, Jake is working on it.
  3. PCEI Insects of the night – October 30th at 5pm. Robbie let them know we would be involved.

Upcoming Minneapolis ESA Meeting:

Our Linnaean Games team is in need of another competitor! $300 of travel funding available. Jake and Jenny both said they might join the team. 

GPSA Updates – Eli Bloom and Karol Krey

  • Oct 9 is free bowling.
  • Affiliate funding is opening Oct. 19th
  • Applications for student regent representative are due March
  • GPSA wants you to “like” their Vox populi FB page. This FB page is going to become a primary resource for upcoming events.
  • The GPSA will be sending out a survey in the next month.
  • Make sure you fill out the surveys honestly and include everything you want from GPSA.
  • They will be surveying sub-populations, so the surveys should be shorter.
  • The GPSA is trying to improve the surveys so more people will take them.

EGSA Committees

Merch committee:

  • Table cloth. Looking to do something simple… a similar look/feel as the feather flag. Black table cloth material is preferred (it should end up looking like the departmental table cloth. We have broke even on the koozies, and we still have more. If you have any thoughts for new koozies, send them to Jake.

New merch items:

  • “Insect-sutra calendar”
  • If you have pictures of bugs in compromising positions, send them Jake.
  • Seed packet sales for pollinator awareness. Karol brought in a sample to the meeting.

BUGSS committee:

  • $500 flight, still have $200 for catering or other meals
  • What places could we rent? Banyons, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, or Cub. Karol will call a few places and get pricing information for us.

Advertising committee:

  • BUGSS Event Advertising. The advertising committee will take care of the flyers for BUGSS event. Jenny will help the committee navigate the flyer approval process. We need to make sure that the WSU biology department and the UI receive flyers for this event as well. Signups for fridge or in Entomology Department Office

Outreach committee:

  • We have $292 to spend on outreach stuff like live insects (and their feed) and posters (upcoming PCEI event). We have two terrariums in the big grad office and Adrian is willing to let us use them. We will brainstorm this week and figure out what types of critters we would like to buy. Maybe we should consider buy bugs that live a year or more.Send all ideas to Robbie.

Constitution revision:

  • Still on its way… Updates coming soon.

Social media:

  • Rachel made a FB page. If anyone else wants to be an admin, tell Rachel and she will add you.

Upcoming EGSA goals/new event interest

  • Campouts and insect collecting trips. It is going to be held late spring.
  • Mom’s weekend is April 8-10th Dad’s weekend? November 6-8th
  • Robbie- thinks Richard Zack is going to coordinate an “insect feed”. Jenny will double-check this. If Dr. Zack isn’t doing the feed we may do something on our own.
  • Reading days: Robbie wants to work on that next semester.
  • Community service day at the organic farm or community garden
  • In the spring: The GPSA will announce the dates it ahead of time. 

Student Choice Speaker Nominations

Jared Ali was the only nominee. Alix will email everyone a list of previous nominees. If you have a suggestion for a second choice nominee, send them to Robert.


  • Our next planned meeting is two Wednesday from now. The talk does not interfere.
  • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!