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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – October 14, 2015

Dial in:  5709990 for all sites. Phone: (509) 335-9445, Meeting ID 09990

Upcoming Events

  • Honey bottling updates: Stay alert. This could happen at any time.
  • BUGSS Fall 2015 – TOMORROW!
  • Talk in FSHN T101 at 4pm – reception at the Hilltop to follow. One open meeting spot left. If you can RSVP for the reception on the itinerary, that would be great.
  • PCEI Insects of the night – October 30th at 5pm. Robbie is sending PCEI a list of what we are doing.

If you have any ideas for crafts or fun projects let Robbie know and he will incorporate your idea into the plan. If you have more suggestions, send them to Robbie by Friday. That is when Robbie will be ordering them. Megan A. sent suggestions of bugs to buy. Alix emailed Bioquip to ask if they have any live insects for sale that aren’t listed online. Email Robbie if you want to participate in this event.

  • The Insect Feed is also October 28 at 11am, Ensminger Pavilion. We need volunteers. Setup starts between 10am-10:30am. Afterward volunteers will be working in shifts.

Faculty Meeting Updates – Courtney Grula

The next meeting is Oct 23

GPSA Updates – Eli Bloom and Karol Krey

  • There is a presidential Debate Oct 28 at Rico’s
  • Costume contest, dress as a president and get entered for a chance to win $20 on your Coug Card
  • Affiliate funding opens October 19-30
  • 5K to remember president Floyd Oct 17
  • National “Message Your Congress Person” day Oct 14
  • GPSA passed a vision statement and mission statement
  • GPSA voted in favor in giving President Floyd an honorary PhD degree
  • Dean. Dr. Andrefsky talked about a bunch of issues that grad students are dealing with..
  • A bill is going to Congress that will allow free access to federal research.

EGSA Committees – Reports?

Merch committee:

  • Table cloth(s) costs, it will cost about $150-200.
  • Templates are being drawn up. Send pics for the insect sex calendar!

BUGSS committee:

  • Reception is at the Hilltop – catered and all!

Advertising committee:

  • Thank you for advertising for Wyatt’s talk!

Outreach committee:

  • Do we know what critters we want? Purchase!

Constitution revision:

  • Ongoing updates soon

Social media:

  • Send photos of events

Student Choice Speaker Jared Ali

Confirmed yes – working on dates. Are there any dates we need off limits? Besides spring break.

  • Ecology Society of America Meeting. Email any other scheduling conflicts to Alix.

Alix will be in Sweden January-May

We need to discuss how we want to handle her absence. Perhaps Robert will serve as interim president.


Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!