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Posted by | January 27, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – October 28th, 2015

Dec 9th: last meeting this semester. Robert is our interim president.

  1. Courtney to Meg: Are there American Girl Dolls in Canada?
  2. Insect Feed: Went great! We got crunk on mead.

Affiliate Funding

  • Eli & Karol: got Affiliate funding in. Will put together a worksheet on how to do it next year. Anyone in the RSO club can submit funding request. It is a conflict on interest for a GPSA budget committee member to submit the funding request. We asked for $1,500 and it will go directly to our account. They are making us track what we spent our money on and how many people show up to the events.
  • Constitution committee: will write GPSA funding rules into constitution.

Honey bottling

Eli is heating the honey. Need two to three people for filtering. Will take 2 to 3 hours. Philip will assist. Rachel and Courtney volunteered to help with bottling. Do we have EGSA labels for the honey bottles? We need to find a weird box thing with labels in it.


Email Robbie if you want to help with event.

Bioquip Bugs:

  • Talked to Brent about getting pupae at the appropriate time so they will emerge during our events. For some insects you need a permit and for some you don’t. Helpful to have a permit if you need anything more exotic than Darkling beetles. Can’t transport certain arthropods across state borders w/o permit, including some native insects.
  • Eli: maybe we should do a trial run and get more common insects the first year.

Faculty Meeting Update:

  • Change from 34 to 15 credits for PhD students is going into effect in a few weeks
  • Change your password or you will be locked out of your WSU accounts
  • AMS in 164 is being fixed
  • Talking about updating the entire AMS system for the department b/c it is 3 years old.

GPSA Updates

  • Nov 12th Strategic Planning Community Forum in the Junior Ballroom. FREE FOOD!
  • Presidential Debate Night Tonight at Rico’s.
  • Karol has a cool power point on where all the university finances go
  • Graduate tuition waivers- we might not get as robust a tuition waiver for fees in the future because they have been scalping us in the past and now it is going back to how it used to be
  • GPSA is collecting personal stories from graduate students to send to senators. Topics: student loans, research funding, international visas, access to documents..

Merchandise Community:

  • Caleb is designing the tablecloth and it is looking better every day.
  • Nobody has asked Jake for honey bottling money yet.
  • Select a target date for honey sales for before the holidays

BUGSS Reception:

  • Everything went well and Wyatt Hoback had a good time. He really liked that he got a chance to talk to everyone.
  • Jenny thinks the location and the room was good but the catering wasn’t worth the money
  • Consensus that the food was not that good, but it was way cheaper than Black Cypress (about half as expensive)
  • Not able to mingle with different people as easily at Black Cyprus
  • If we plan further in advance we could book a private room at Swilly’s
  • Jake: we have lots of things we want to do and we may not have as much money as we think
  • Alix: could ask faculty to chip in on funding

CAHNRS Program:

  • We can get another $500 if someone is willing to attend a meeting twice a week.

Student Choice Speaker

  • Jared wants to arrive March 8th, do colloquium on the 9th, and do a public event on the 10th and leave on the 11th  
  • We need to think about different options that showcase the best of Pullman. Need a travel authority for speaker. Ask Jane. Use CTA card to purchase flight through the school after the TA is approved.

Advertising Committee:

  •  Need honey sales advertisements

Outreach Committee:

  • Robbie is contacting the Pullman public library to talk about reading days

Constitution Revision:

  • Ongoing

Social Media:

  • Send Rachel insect feed pictures

Wenatchee Beekeepers:

  • Doing a half-day symposium next semester.They will provide a van, housing, and meals.