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Posted by | January 27, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – January 22nd, 2016

(First meeting in 2016)

Treasurer report by Jake:

Jake handed out the “EGSA Treasury Report” for January 2015.

  • RSO Account: $5,645.98
  • WSECU Checking: $96.00
  • WSECU Savings: $1,319.06
  • Cash Box: $56.13
  • Honey Sales: $1,682,00 (210 bottles)
  • BUGGS Speaker cost: $702.48
  • Outreach Cost: $21.00
  • Feather Flag Cost: $211.29

Cougsync training with Karol (item from last meeting minutes): The Cougsync training was canceled. Karol would like to do the Cougsync training with all the new grad students.

Student choice speaker update by Bert and Karol tentatively March 8:

Ali said he doesn’t know what state he is going to be in when he needs to fly over here. Karol wants to get the purchase the tickets as soon as possible. Eli suggested we purchase the plane tickets with insurance. That way we can buy the ticket now, while the cost is lower, then change the ticket if need be. Karol is going to email him next week to see if he has any additional information regarding the trip. We decided to cancel the student breakfast and do a “coffee hour” instead and a pizza lunch.

Merchandise committee updates/future plans:

  • Eli has done some research on the table cloth and there are quite a few price options. Next meeting, Eli will provide a summary of our options and then we will vote on which one to purchase.

Constitution revision update by Robert:

  • The committee’s revisions will be compiled by Feb 25 and then shared with all members when it is ready. Goal is to pass the revisions by the end of the semester.

Discuss future of the outreach committee:

  • Rachel is interested in becoming the “New Robbie”. Robert will check the constitution and see if she can be appointed or if there needs to be a vote. Rachel is going to work with Robbie to get all the outreach information and then she will put on Cougsync.

Who is going to the branch meeting and will we form a Linnaean Games team? (Crowder & Zack want to know):

  • Robert is going to email those people will individuals going to the meeting.

Faculty meeting update

  •  At the next faculty meeting Courtney will ask: Will Jeb still be meeting with the graduate students? Is there an alternate if Jeb is your advisor? Is the graduate student handbook that is online up-to-date? Who updates the main website?

GPSA update:

The mental health resources are now at the Washington Building. “Mental Health First Aid” training will be available in March and April. It is a national program, all day course.

Senate allocation may change so EGSA would have 1 representative instead of 2.

Events this year and time frames

Event and when it was last year

  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic Fall semester
  • Staff appreciation lunch May
  • Insect expo April 4
  • BUGGSS Spring March 13, and April 22
  • E Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner (does EGSA need to take any action?)

Discussion on event times and plans:

  • The faculty will be in charge of coordinating this year’s BUGGSS speaker.
  • We have decided to keep the Insect Expo in April.
  • We are thinking of having the Staff Appreciation Lunch on March 11, the day before spring break.
  • We will send out an email regarding the date to make sure that it works for everyone.
  • Cult classic: Take no action. We will discuss in two weeks.

Members can bring up other items for discussion. Robert is going to check the Doodle pole to see if there are any other times available to meet.


Ento colloquium Wednesdays 12:10-1PM

Deadline for submissions to ESA/ICE is Feb 1.

See recent Alix e-mail for opportunity to present at an NCWBA beekeeper association conference in Wenatchee