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Posted by | March 28, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – March 25th, 2016

Dr. Sheppard visit to discuss Insect Cinema Cult Classic:

Steve Sheppard: First film perhaps should be one that is children friendly. Though for the second film can be more adult. The insect aspect of the films allows for a Q/A opportunity with the audience. Films need to be shown legally because reporters might pick up the “story” about the event.

  • New films are more expensive than old films.
  • So, we need to plan ahead and figure out the cost.
  • Don’t worry about limiting ourselves to 2 movies, Todd hall will let the event go long.

Next Steps for the Cult Classic:

We need to figure out the date of the event and what movies we want to show. We need to figure out our advertising plan: Flyers, radio announcements, contact resident life, work with the chamber of commerce…Perhaps we should pick a theme? Robert will figure out which Fridays are available in April in May. Robert and Megan A will coordinate the planning for the event.

Thank you and feedback on recent events for next year?

  • Staff appreciation lunch: GOOD JOB EVERYONE! The event was well attended.Subway was affordable, way less expensive than Taco del Mar.
  • Rachel: we still need to have more communication with the staff so they know that the event is coming up. Perhaps: flyers, additional reminder emails, or hand delivered invitations.
  • Dr. Ali visit: GOOD JOB EVERYONE… ESPECIALLY KAROL! The coffee get together went really great. Maybe we can do a coffee get together monthly as a graduate student group. It might be fun to keep in touch with one another as a student organization.
  • We need to tell speakers to bring their talk on the a USB. However, Adam says a new system will be in place shortly that will accommodate USBs and laptops.

Final report on affiliate funding (Karol and Eli):

  • The report was submitted Wednesday. Files will be uploaded to the EGSA Coug Sync. Future EGSA members should participate in this, not senators.
  • Our major funding requests…The CAHNRS Fall Festival, $500 requested: We ask for money to spend on “give-aways”, like pencils, seed packets, and “Fun Fact” sheets.
  • The Palouse Invertebrate Conservation Initiative, $900 requested: This request was for competitive funding (may not get it)
  • This request includes: Farmers market (In the Fall), Insect calendar (beneficial not sexy), and package/buying seeds.
  • This could provide a good opportunity for students looking to get more physically involved in conservation of beneficial insects. It would look very good on a CV.

Committee reports

  • We have a table cloth!
  • The constitution was emailed to the EGSA members for review: In the meeting two weeks from now we need to go over any changes/edits.
  • Pay special attention to: The “5 purposes of the club.” We exclusion of faculty as active members.We added new officer positions to better reflect our current organizational system. Now the bi-law has a more accurate description of how are elections are actually performed.

GPSA Updates:

  • Senator Murray REALLY wants debt stories from WSU graduate students. Currently, government officials don’t understand the need for graduate students or that they need financial support: Visit this website to tell your story, http://1/

Three professional development events are coming up:

  1. April 1: Noon-1pm CUE 518 – Financial Planning: Financial planning in the real world
  2. Cheeky Scientist Part 2. Terrell Room 4. April 15: 10-Noon, Job Search 1-3pm, Networking
  3. Cheeky Scientist Part 3. CUB 212. May 14: 10-Noon, Interviewing 1-3pm Negotiating

Other upcoming GPSA events:

  • April 22, end of the year party!
  • April 28, Free ice cream!! 11-1pm
  • April 4th-15th Travel Grant Applications open

Congrats to Eli! New Entomology dept. senate representative!

  • Special elections coming in September for ‘at-large’ senate seats

Insect Expo planning discussion (Saturday April 23, CUE Atrium)

Activities at the event: Collection displays (must get permission from Dr. Zack), live arthropods, Family-friendly activities, grow a beetle take-home and face painting.

To-do: Hang flyers in the elementary schools. We need to make adverts early. Need to check a data base of old flyers.

  • Maybe do radio advertising
  • Plate hat making party (pizza and drinks)
  • We have $300 we can spend on this event. Courtney will check supplies, produce an inventory.Things we often purchase: stickers, tattoos, plastic bugs.

Open floor

  • Megan will send out reference info from the May Berenbaum talk.
  • Rachel: “You guys are awesome!”
  • Jenny Finitzer is no longer the treasurer. Jake Asplund is the treasurer.
  • We need to do officer nomination soon. Robert will make a nomination form. Maybe we should provide some office training for the new officers.

We need to get more of the newer people involved. How do we do this?