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Posted by | October 12, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – October 6th, 2016

Item #1: motion to close nominations for Student Choice Speaker and initiate a vote by online poll (Robert will create):

  • At least six options. Moved to close the poll, passed!

Item #2: motion to require membership on a committee in order to be an “active member of EGSA”:

  • If passes we will need to amend the constitution later.  Discussed this meeting. Motion moved and seconded. 1 obstained, 11 votes in favor (excluding presidents).

Discussion items:

Overview current committees to confirm chairs and add new members as desired. Committees should meet sometime the week of the Oct 10 and be prepared to report on current/planned activities for the next club meeting.

  • Merchandise Committee- Eli is Chair. (Calendar, seed packets, etc. )
  • Advertising- Rachel is Chair (Posters, fliers, emailing, etc. ) Robert: “Its Great!”
  • Megan is on committee
  • Herman memorial ad hawk committee- Jake, Emily, Alix
  • Social Committee- Olivia (Social hour, having coffee, etc. )
  • Executive Committee- All officers
  • Outreach Committee- Rachel is Chair
  • Maybe Megan can be in charge of one of the committee’s
  • Linnaean Games Committee (Coming next semester)- Alix is Chair
  1. CAHNRS Fest reflection–any comments to record for the benefit of next year’s operations? Went well, new millepedes, bee box very useful. Strongly suggested to buy our own (Joseph).
  2. How was ICE for those that went? Any advice or tips for those going to ESA next year? Over 6,500 entomologist, enormous. WSU students won poster competitions and an oral presentation.
  3.  Any interest in reserving a table at next year’s ESA? Could potentially sell merchandise, promote the club, meet people. Tabling will be happening, need volunteers at the meeting.

Selling honey updates (bottling, labeling, adverts, pricing, and sell date).

  • Occurs in November, potentially need help with bottling tasks (Need to ask Megan).
  • Robert needs to talk with Dr. Sheppard.
  • Need 3 weeks advanced notice for sale.
  • Potentially November 17th/18th (Thursday/Friday)?

Updates if any

BUGSS (Abigail):

  • Dave emailed person at Idaho, they are trying to rebuild graduate program. Need to speak with Dave again. Will be happening in next semester. Speak with University of Idaho students to get involvement.

GPSA (Joseph and Emily):

  • Graduate student health insurance is being affected by the Affordable Care Act. Our insurance is valid to Aug 15th, 2017. The university will be starting negotiations for other insurance offers early in spring Semester.
  • Message congress day is October 12th, phone bank with snacks in Cub 308 that day.

Professional development, writing shop for goal setting Oct. 14th, industry job series: creating a career strategy- Oct 22, writing workshop- Project Management on Oct. 28th. Bowling at Zeppos Oct 21st (6-8:00pm) FREE!! (Good beer, strong cocktails) Football tickets are $10 each with promo code EGSA (must reserve two weeks in advance)

  • Town Hall, next week Oct 12th 5:00pm CUE 419.

Outreach (Rachel):

  • No updates, go to google doc

Open Floor:

Laura and Doug are the contacts for next semesters colloquial talk reservations. Also let them know if you have any quest speaker ideas. Robert will put out the voting for student choice speaker, it will be closed next Friday.

Upcoming events

  • Oct 20: Cub scout presentation (contact Rachel) (Josh, Jim, Jake, Joseph will be volunteering)
  • Oct 28: Animals of the night (contact Rachel)
  • Oct 31: Lincoln Middle School Science Club (contact Rachel)

Meeting closed!!!!