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Posted by | November 14, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – November 3rd, 2016

(Fifth meeting of Fall 2016; 4:00pm)


Socialization (Olivia) –

  • Doughnut Worry, Free Coffee! 10am this Friday! Tomorrow! Abbie sent out an email for Friendsgiving, there is a sign-up sheet for food. Next happy hour will be TBD. Election night gathering at Paradise Creek.

BUGSS (Abigail):

  • Students from Idaho would be interested in getting on our list serves. Send students emails to Robert. We could put together a list of speakers for Idaho students to decide on and then they will pay for it.

Merch: Calendar

  • Looked at pictures of insects and sorted into Yes, Maybe, and No folders for the   camera.  Have a couple photos of bees, no beetles were deemed acceptable, butterflies done. Coccinellids taken care of. Dragonflies, robberflies, lacewings, true bugs, and mantid photos still needed.
  • Affiliate funding: Application is completed. Funding requested for: Insect expo, insect displays, outreach refunds, patch money.

Herma memorial (Jake):

  • Next step is to develop a full proposal to be presented at the next faculty meeting.

Faculty meeting (Emily):

  • Next one is 23rd of November. Sent out an email about extension bulletins. Gardening team is looking for graduate student authors/co-authors. Contact Catherine Daniels at

Linnaean Games Committee –

  • Sign up in the email Alix sent!

GPSA (Emily+Joseph):

  • Due to lack of representatives for other departments Joseph is now senator of Food Science and Bio-med. They are seeking people for presidents student advisory board, applications due 11/4/16. Any student can apply from any campus, graduate or undergraduate. Application is on CougSync.
  • Workshop Nov 8th – understanding diversity in the workplace and academia. Writing workshop series on literature reviews Nov 10th 1-3:00pm.
  • Call Congress Day is on Nov 16th, there will be a phone bank set up in CUB (snacks!!) from   9:00am-2:00pm.

Outreach (Rachel) –

  • “Our next upcoming event is the honey sale, I’ll send out a doodle poll next week to get help running it!”

Notes: GPSA excellence applications for Spring 2017 close in March 2017, Robert will nominate EGSA

Event updates:

Honey sales (Robert) : tentatively still Nov 17 at 10:00am in Lighty. Advertising! Will put out flush fliers around Lighty. Approval from Lighty food court to set up there.

Bottling update: Target is Monday afternoon (11/7/2016). Robert will send an email for volunteers.

Insect Feed/Bug Appetit (Robert): Helping Dr. Zack. Nov 4th, 11AM-1PM. THIS FRIDAY!

SCS: Mary Barbercheck accepted!, visit will be March 19-22. Any suggestions for her talk?

Discussion items:

  • Pioneer symposium?
  • People in crop sciences are organizing this. Theme is start-ups in agriculture (March 17th).
  • Grad students are supposed to raise money for it. Director of CAHNRS said he would match donations from the department. All departments have to contribute though.
  • How many departments still need to donate? (Robert)
  • Can see talks and meet industry people, but we will most likely not be giving presentations.
  • Robert will be asking why we should donate money to have them come. What are the benefits?
  • Organized by students, particularly Virginia. The theme was proposed by the students. Pioneer is donating to have the symposiums. Pioneer will only have one presenter all of the other ones are from start-up companies in agriculture.

Upcoming events:

Outreach signups:

Nov 17 honey sales.