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Posted by | November 28, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – November 24th, 2016

(Sixth meeting of Fall 2016, 4:00pm)

New updates (Robert introduction)

  • Approval of Nov 3 minutes
  • Minutes were approved
  • Treasurer’s Report
    1. Going through how much money we got from honey sales. Sold more than last year. Still have   73 bottles to sell.
    2. Expense so far was for Halloween. $53. SCS still coming.
    3. Right now we have over $3500 available funds
    4. Has already factored in: insect displays, calendar funds, farmers market expenses.

Business item: discuss Pioneer Symposium

  • Josh Wemmer will start discussion
    1. Wants feedback and opinions from students.
    2. There is a poster presentation session for students. It can be on research or potential start up ideas.
    3.  Most people seem interested in at least attending the symposium.
      • They need to know by Thanksgiving on our decision.
  • Vote 1. Should EGSA formally support the Pioneer Symposium by “somehow” producing a monetary donation? Vote: Yes
  • Vote 2. Should EGSA donate $100 from our coffers. Vote: Yes
  • Vote 3. Should we ask the Department for a donation? Vote: Yes

Josh is the point person for future communication with Gina (organizer).


Socialization (Olivia) – Social TONIGHT! Rico’s! Half off drinks and specific foods! Come at 6:30pm. Email Olivia so she can save a seat! Next coffee hour is Friday December 2nd (last for semester) It gets Cray!

Merch: Chose final photos for calendar. Also received captions and attributions except for Megan. Strategy for getting it ordered to Pullman before break.

  1. 1st deadline is tomorrow for cheapest shipping. 2nd deadline is next Friday which is the   second cheapest. (Hoping to receive them by Dec. 9th if not by finals week)
  2. Decided to make desk calendars instead of wall calendars. (cuter, and works better with photos)
  3.  Looking to order 50. Should be under $10 after mark-up.

Herma memorial (Jake): No updates (Upon faculty approval will be working on getting in touch with facilities people)

Reminder: two proposals

  • upstairs = couch + picture
  • downstairs= picnic table

Faculty meeting (Emily): Next meeting is November 29th

GPSA (Emily+Joseph):

  • Grad student night at Rico’s tonight at 7pm
  • Poverty awareness week from now to Nov 27th. Seeking clothes and supplies for babies and toddlers, drop of CUB 308 ( go towards women’s resource center)
  • Nov 29th Networking Workshop
  • Dec 8th Writing workshop
  • Dec 16th winter social @ Banyans 6-9pm
  • Cancellations of journal subscriptions: libraries canceling $500K of journal subscriptions. If you are upset: notify administration through writing on the Drive to 25 website.

Application for CougDay at the capitol closes Dec. 9th includes a trip to Olympia and lobbying state representative.

Linnaean Games:

  • Introductory meeting Nov 28th in FSHN 164.
  • Talk about goals of team. Even if you just want to check it out please join us
  • Dr. Zack will be coach again this year.

Outreach (Rachel): Thanks everyone! Creatures of the Night saw over 200 kids. 500 people at trick or treat event. Megan and Rachel spoke with science club at Lincoln Middle schools and they want us back! No more events this semester.

Gearing up at beginning of next semester for Insect Expo and Insect Cinema Cult Classic??

Honey sales:

Comments/reflections for next year? Honey sale was today. Mis-informed about all advertising outlets. Newsletters did not pan out. Did not sell out, 73 bottles left. We sold around 200 today. Looking to do it again on Dec. 9th. Gives time for submitting paperwork again.

Potentially get EGSA card reader for phones to facilitate sales. Everything is free, small amount charged for each transaction to pay for the service. (could charge nominal fee for card use). Will need help for advertising and sales! Members can also buy honey. Will ask faculty and students if they want to buy any.

Event updates:

  • Any feedback for what you want Mary Barbercheck’s SCS talk to be about?
    1. Very broad knowledge on sustainable agriculture.
    2. Please go to her site and if there are any topics or papers you are interested in let Robert know.
    3. Also, other departments are probably equally interested in the talk. We should send out invites to those departments as well (Soil, Plant, Pathology, etc)
    4. Potentially get a larger room, such as amphitheater in FSHN. (check to see if T-101 is available)
    5. Adam believes department is willing to pay for student lunch with her and one hotel night. (Budget is Strong!!)
      • Affiliate funding could potentially help pay as well.

Upcoming events