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Posted by | February 14, 2017

EGSA 2017. Agenda #2

AMS #: 5702569. Time: 11AM, Feb 3, location FSHN164

Special guest Dr. Steve Sheppard may drop in via Wenatchee at any time (!!!)

Item 1: permanent meeting time Friday 11AM?

Committee updates


  • Made money from calendars
  • ~16 left over, give calendars to non-wsu speakers throughout semester (6 of them)
  • Placed one calendar in display case
  • selling them at a discounted rate ($8)
  • Still considering having a patch, looking for distributors.

Faculty meeting (Emily):

  • Seemed willing to pitch in for funding towards Pioneer Symposium
    • once they are aware of what they will be funding and who it affects.

GPSA (Emily + Joseph):

  • Two budget resolutions.
    • Both from transportation services
      • 1) $5/year to maintain existing bus service.
        • Project with this increase they can maintain existing service for another 7-10 years.
        • President is requiring balanced budgets due to deficit. Voted to put it on the ballot.
      • 2) Add express service and increase frequency of buses.
        • Would be an addition $5/semester
        • Vote: approved to put on the ballot.

General Elections:

  • Applications opened Wednesday (2/1/2017) to be a GPSA senator, executive member, etc.


  • Industry job Series Negotiating Feb 4th 10am-12pm
  • Excellence awards due Feb 15th
  • GPSA bowling night at Zeppos Feb 10th 7-9pm
  • Writing workshop series Feb 17th 1-3pm writers block
  • Student forum w/ president Schulz Feb 16th 4-5pm, Response to graduate student feedback he received from the drive to 25 townhalls.
  • GPSA is in the process of hiring a new coordinator.

Outreach (Rachel): no updates


  • Mary will give talk title to Robert monday

Socialization (Olivia):

  • Have happy hour at tapped, not many people showed up. (People not wanting to go to restaurants financed by cult, needs research)
  • Doughnuts and coffee this morning, huge success. Next happy hour at Paradise Creek.
  • Entom Prom: Have it towards the end of April (Friday/Saturday)? Will be sending out in email.
  • Taxonomy is planning a bunch of collecting trips, all are welcome.
  • Linnaean Games (Alix): Timing conflict with original time due to colloquium lunches. Rescheduled to Wednesdays at 9am. Practices are 8th/22nd of February, and 8th/22nd of March. Game masters know we will have a team.

BUGSS (Abigail):

  • Dave emailed schwardzlander, still hasn’t responded.
  • Emailed Ed Bechinski, Dave said he thinks BUGSS is dead…

PBESA (Alix):

  • Photo salon March 24th deadline, usually not many submissions,
  • Send to Lisa Brain,
  • $50 prize for 3 different categories.
  • Travel awards due Feb 8th, so far no submission.
  • Abstracts for student competition due Feb 8th.
  • Student leadership award has no applications yet, due Feb 6th.
  • Working on developing a fun run, earn raffle tickets for prizes, is there any interest? (Mixed approval).
  • T-shirt are sold/given away at these branch meetings.
  • Need anyone interested in spearheading the design of the shirt, contact is Sanford Eigenbrode.

Event updates

Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert)

  • Presentation will be colloquium time, campus-wide invitation (single talk).
  • Will open sign-ups for meeting
  • Will have a coffee hour, lunch for everyone, and intimate dinners for three people with speaker and it will be provided by club funds.

Should have talk title by Monday, then we can start advertising it. Please make sure you can make it, this is a big event and we should show the speaker our maximum respect.

Insect Expo (Robert): April 1st CUE Atrium

There is money for:

  • Live insects
  • Pinned insects
  • Edible insects
  • Insect displays
  • Mini observation hive

No one has approached with purchase orders yet. Have been in contact with Dr. Zack for updating displays, will be giving a list of needed items. Will need purchase order for snacks for kids at the Expo. Need special permission for edible insects and they are very expensive, so we are moving away from that.

Discussion: Should move towards cultivating a live insect collection, and being more proactive with outreach. Make a list of potential insects/arthropods.

I.C.C.C (Robert):

April 20 in conjunction with E. Paul Catts.

Josh Milnes volunteered to be point person. Thankyou Josh

Upcoming events

  • Insect expo April 1
  • PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now
  • E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown)
  • ICCC: a mystery