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Posted by | March 2, 2017

EGSA 2017. Agenda #3

AMS #: 5702895. Or phone (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 02895.

Time: 1PM, Feb 17, location FSHN164

Special appearance: Benjamin Derrick explains his water monitoring project and need for insect-knowledgeable volunteers on Saturday


  • Stream protection in town, two transects east and west. Both in city limits.
  • Habitat assessment: recommended once a year, biological assessment: three times a year (looks for macroinvertebrates, Spring, Summer, Fall), physical chemical assessment: once a month. Prefers to do it on Saturdays, but is flexible. Probably towards twilight at night (5 or 6pm)
  • Will probably need waders, not very fun without them especially in winter.
  • Joseph has helped before. He has a lot of the supplies that are needed. Doesn’t take a long time, and can be very fun. Great opportunity.
  • Would like interested people to contact him and schedule when they would like to help.
  • (Joseph was in the Seattle Times!!)

Committee updates                                            


  • Talked about patches,
    • knows a person with an embroidery shop,
    • just need to work out a budget.
    • Potentially have stickers.

Faculty meeting (Emily):

  • No updates except Jeb will be coming to our March 17th meeting to talk about student evaluations.
  • Pioneer symposium – a letter was delivered to Adam, so we are progressing.

GPSA (Emily + Joseph):

  • Elections are coming,
  • Joseph will be running again.
  • March 6th, people will be giving speals who are running for executive positions.
  • May not be useful to attend because there probably wont be any contested positions.

PDI on Stem academic Job market Feb 23rd 10:30-1

Writing workshop: submitting your thesis March 9th 1-3

Outreach (Rachel):

  • Fundraising event (Would need a lot of people min. 20 people) 15% of profits go to club. Pattys and Rants & Raves have a fundraiser where we reserve a time slot and 15% of the funds they make during that time go to the club. Potential outreach event, may be hard to get enough people. Could co-locate it with another event, but time slots are scarce.

Socialization (Olivia):

  • Wednesday 22nd going to paradise creek get a dollar of your beer, the more you buy the more you save! March 3rd doughnut worry drink coffee. Entom Prom still happening! Friday March 31st (coincides with GPSA Research Expo) or Friday April 21st (coincides with E. Paul Catts, and ICCC). Could rent Minh’s!!!

Linnaean Games (Alix): Next meeting is Wednesday 22nd. We talked about a roster, but next week will be nailing down a roster.

Event updates

Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert):

  • Sign up for slots/volunteer (5 still available, 1 dinner, 1 lunch slot, volunteers for drivers)
  • Advertising is coming made an amazing flyer!! Soon it will be open to faculty, and public.

Insect Expo:

  • We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want

I.C.C.C (Josh):

  • Josh met with Dr. Sheppard! Was a great meeting and has a lot of great information, sounds like he will be working everything out. April 20th

Upcoming events

  • SCS March 19-22
  • Insect expo April 1  – Getting an assassin bug, and a vinegaroon. Dr. Zack very excited to update collection boxes.
  • PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now
  • E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown)
  • ICCC: April 20?
  • RIP B.U.G.S.S. (wants to restructure department first, we are very disappointed)

Next Meeting:  Returning to 11:00am on Friday’s